World War

As indicated the article: since the 2nd World War is going to break a rule that had been repeating itself generation after generation, whereby children were installed in a better world than their parents lived. Are they playing deal with more precarious conditions. They will have mobile with GPS, but it may only serve them to find the nearest unemployment office. This is very hard, and what I say, that thanks to the effort, work and dedication I think that I have good personal and professional conditions. I say this out loud because also I consider myself young, although it ended 9 years career and say this without resentment because what I want is that our young people, our future, smart and to do so they need to see that they going to be difficult.

I agree that they don’t have the blame for the situation in which are but if you have the tools to change it all. Social networks and use offer a spread of the excellent ideal. As he says Tohil Delgado is sometimes exaggerated (speaking of social networks). You can help spread the messages, but gains have been achieved in the street. A rebellion is not mounted giving button like on Facebook hopeful leo the first initiatives of young people as those of a group of locals who reside in the worker circuit of the Spanish capital, aged between 16 and 27 years with a combative speech errors of bankers and speculators have taken over our shoulders. Until now the youth has been very lazy, but soon we will hear. If you’re young and you’re reading this article, I would like to you reflexionaras about the future than is anticipated for you in the article of the Periodico.estructuralmente will be this: If decide to study after the Bachelor’s degree: will have to specialize, to specialize you will have to pay you a private Master, relying on your family can afford it, and after postgraduate training will charge an infimum salary as an intern to the 30.