Wifi Printer


The networks wifi are winning the market of the electronic equipment and nowadays, almost all the peripheral ones of the PC can optimize with technology wifi, from the broadband keyboards and mouse to Ethernet and connections. The technology wifi, obvious, offers great flexibility to the user and avoids the disorder of the physical connections. One of last peripheral that no longer needs cables is the laser printers. Since peripheral ones of the PC carry out a roll much more practitioner who many other, the printers have gained a bad reputation by the annoying cloggings of paper and to remain without right red when we needed plus them. Nevertheless, the printers continue being an essential element in any office, for that reason to turn them into wireless printers is definitively a good idea. Some printers with blue tooth work with their own direction IP like a client of radio networks, whereas others settle like a component more than a network wifi already installed.

In any case, all operates of similar way. In order to install one printer wifi laser in your office or your house you need a few elements very just a short time and. Once you have your PC and your printer, you only need an adapter wifi (the majority of the PC has or it built-in), a disc of installation of driver in CD or DVD and a network wifi formed, which also or is installed in the majority of the offices and houses. In your PC, enters to Control Panel from the menu Beginning and chooses the Printing option and Faxes. You would make since it to install any printer, you click in Agregar a Printer in the menu Tasks of Impression and later you click Following in . Next, surely you will have to create a new port using the connection of Port Standard TCP/IP. It happens to the following page. Next step is to assign direction IP of your new printer, so that wifi is distinguished of other devices that your PC can use, and finally you click in Terminar to complete the action.

After installing any peripheral in your computer he is recommendable that you reinitiate the system so that it can identify the presence of the new hardware. Next, it inserts the disc of installation in your cd player or DVD and initiates it from the option My PC. It abre the disc and it looks for the file of installation of driver. It again executes east file and instlalo in your PC, reinitiating it after driver one has settled completely. Once as much your wireless printer as driver has been installed and recognized by your PC, it is hour to realise an impression test. If the test is successful, you already are about to finish, you only must find the best place to locate your printer. Obvious, the printers wifi offer a great flexibility you at the time of locating your printer in your house or your office, but it would have to occupy an accessible central place to all the users and a comfortable height for its use, ideally with a contiguous space for the paper and the red.