Universal Wisdom


While Ting Chang helped Sergei heating the water they used to bring in a thermos of tea to the other side of the River, approached the master accompanied by Tenno that came out of the bathroom and Sergei told them: Venerables and noble Lords why not take, while the cardamom, cinnamon, nail, some pepper and a touch of ginger are rolled back so the teacher tells us what happened to the Indian master Narada? It came to pass, what judgemental you’re, Sergei, but while adding a pinch of honey because tonight it announces cold will tell you. Here comes the Sweeper of emeralds! We all are. Cheer up, teacher! It is the Indian Sage Narada was heading to the Vishnu Temple in the mountain and was made at night on the road. Welcomed it with great respect a very humble marriage, but childless. To say goodbye in the morning and receive the blessings of the Sage Narada, told with illusion Lord, we do not have children, ask the great Vishnu that us any grant for the solace of our old age. I will do it, he answered them Narada.

Indeed, it was the first thing asked Vishnu to reward that so kind marriage with him. Vishnu responded with this taciturn air that I used to have the full moon!Isn’t in the designs of heaven that this couple has offspring! It is your karma, is your destination. Without further ADO, she wrapped in his robe and stepped onto the pedestal. Master, not Vishnu, gets very well clear that Shiva would let me finish, melon. After a few years, Narada was right to go back through that way and saw some beautiful children playing in a garden that had been built in front of the House.

The marriage came out to greet him and asked Narada’s who are those children? They are ours, Mr. Five years ago, once you spend a Holy beggar arrived and hosted it the best we could. Before departing we blessed and not daring to ask anything, within of his time, the Lord blessed us with these children. Go with the beggar. Sergei, don’t be gross, was a Saint for those in India who roam the roads. The case is that when Narada was in the presence of Vishnu you snapped him almost before prostrate to him not me had said that the fate of that marriage was not to have children, according to their karma? It is now that they have two! Mira, Narada, take a seat and calm you. This should have been something of a Saint who went through there. Unlike the sages, Saints can change the destiny of the people.