Typical Repair Laptop

Most of the used network adapter for laptop has the following electrical parameters: Vin = (100-240) V; fVin = (50-60) Hz Vout = (12-22) V; Pout 35 W In addition, many network adapters are in their part of a scheme charging batteries circuit solution is usually an order of magnitude more difficult than the adapter itself. The most common cause of failure of these devices are domestic electrical surges, the inclusion of electric network with no load, and the use of faulty batteries. The recommendations of our experts: – when using an unstable power supply is sometimes helpful additional surge protector or voltage regulator – turn on your computer at least an hour, if you were with him on the street in the winter – if your batteries let you work less than 5 minutes, remove the battery pack and replace the better – watch out for, so that the network adapter was not closed objects, hindering ventilation. Batteries Up to now manufacturers of portable computers do not come to the same standard of any constructive design, nor in electrical parameters of the battery. A variety of physical shapes and sizes, but not to the extent covered by their internal content. Any battery used in laptop, consists of a number of specially selected, cells in series with a standard voltage 1.2 V and capacitance of 1.2 A / h to 4.8 A / h. A common characteristic of batteries for laptops is a fast-charge mode (1.5 – 2) hours. .