The second anniversary of former POMADE is celebrated with a large expansion in the field of the mobile exhibition walls In February/March 2011 the trade fair presented EX POMADE on the EuroShop trade fair system. 2013 celebrates it therefore his second and can already look back on numerous missions and a large accessory range. Especially with the extension of the digital elements, the EX POMADE trade fair system also for the third year has undertaken a successful step into the future. 2011, the system impressed the trade visitors at EuroShop with innovative modular construction principle and the effective use of space. The outstanding 3, 50 m-high tower secured not just an attention-grabbing advertising presentation, but at the same time the use of a storage area on the inside of the tower. Due to the continuous Groove, the modular principle can be implemented and create an individual design for each appearance. But no matter the EX POMADE trade fair system was supplemented by what products, mobility was always in the foreground. A large part of the Product extensions is mobile transport and is enormous cost-efficient transport.

The maximum divisibility of all components is the main reason for the high mobility and thus flexibility of EX POMADE of trade fair system. As a result, even the 3, 50 m-high trade fair Tower in the appropriate Transportcases can be packed. The optimum use of space is achieved with each of the products by EX POMADE. While the tower can be used as a storage room cabin, the carrying case on site with shelves can also be used as storage space. In addition the Interior of bar systems can as storage space for advertising or brochures also used and so always make sure to provide sufficient information material.

EX POMADE promises not only the optimal presentation of printed, but also digital content in the digital age. With the expansion of digital elements such as the Tablet stele or the monitor Panel is the presentation area for the interactive content not only advanced but uncomplicated in the exhibition system. The increasing combination of real world at the booth and online virtual reality is the use of such interfaces such as monitors or Tablet-PC BBs more important. 2012 was extended so the spectrum of these interfaces and at the same time the website revised by Not only the different EX POMADE sets were presented with a new look, but also the accessories and mounting elements and the numerous references. 2013, you may be looking forward to new product enhancements. Especially in the area of the exhibition wall EX POMADE plans some extensions to enable a professional appearance especially on smaller footprint without losing the famous EX POMADE flexibility. So you stop by and visit us at. end of March we will be the new product showcase first.