Topcon Link Program


It is possible to effect the calculation of the transport, as much with the coordinates in format RINEX or the rude data of the compatible GNSS with receivers HIPER. In the same way that the too much programs, are necessary to make the closing of the circuit and, therefore, to import two RBMC at least? s. After the processing and the adjustment of the data, the Topcon brings in its report of processing the information of the survey in question. It is important to observe the result of the interval of a posteriori glides and a posteriori height. In the item points of control, the user will go to find the data of its base, latitude, longitude and height.

The program Topcon Tools also the adjustment allows to the professional the possibility to export the data after and to combine it another program (for example to the AutoCAD) for one better conference of its work. The program Topcon Tools presents as tool, a called module Topcon Link, where the operator can inside make the transformation of the rude data for format RINEX of the same software. In the resource multimedia, generated with this study, it has a topic of as to proceed with this program. 6-Screen final figure of the closed circuit, generated for the program Topcon Tools 4,3 GNSS SOLUTIONS software GNSS Solutions also enters in the list of the programs used in the data processing GNSS. It has similarity with another program, the Astech Solutions sufficiently, however he has more resources and is requested for the after-processing of data GNSS of receivers of the Promark type. The graphical analysis in the GNSS is well simple: if the vectors to be in the green color, are resulted of a fixed solution; if to be in the red color, is signal that something did not leave satisfactory form. The net adjustment carried through in the GNSS it has as intention to examine the margins of error of the survey and to calculate the final coordinates of its transport.