The World

We wonder what is happening? The answer is very sencilasomos followers not leaders! The failure comes from the hand of fear, the fear of failure is just an excuse, the real fear is in the criticism. The bad reviews hurt us, harm us for the day, but the solution is creating something that critics criticize, they are people that also have needs and should work on something. Have you ever wondered by that leadership is scarce? First, it is uncomfortable to stand against strangers. Secondly, it is uncomfortable to propose an idea that can fail. Third, it is uncomfortable to resist change. But if you’re currently feeling comfortable in your work is that these not doing your job as a leader.

If you would like to become a leader? Confidence can change to be leaders, but for this are not asking permission, change becomes apology afterwards! People have the power: a person creates, changes, or destroys industries. Faith leads to the hope and this is due to fear, we cannot live without it, reinforces the faith: without it does not alcanzaras success. as you create your movement 1. Your manifesto: how you see the world. 2. Ensures that your followers can be in contact with you.

3 Ensures that your followers can be in contact between if. 4. The money is not the goal of a movement. 5 It keeps track of your progress. the principles of a leader 1. Be transparent. 2. Your movement should not be more big that your. 3. The movements grow and thrive. 4. The movements become more you trasparentes when compared with those who are going in the opposite direction. 5 Excludes the intruders. the position of a leader if you know my ideas but you don’t believe in them is not fault is mine. If you see my new product and do not purchase it, it is my fault, not yours. If you attend my presentation and do not like, it is my fault. If not with Yes you put in practice your faith to be a leader, is due to my lack of passion.