The Dialogic

Complex thought is not intended to eliminate the simplistic thinking that seeks to engage in a dialogue that will integrate everything I can of this thought, rejecting all the mutilating and reductionist that he could find. While simplicity imposes the des-union the complexity proposes the religation. It is important to clarify that understand the complexity from the point of enunciation of the world of life in which I exist, for this reason conceive the complexity of transmodern way. In this first chapter will touch not the complexity analyzed from the transmodernity because, first, I must present what is complexity in itself to be able to then understand as transmodern, and second, because for reasons of the same development of the thesis seems to me more appropriate to place it in the second chapter, where I will develop the conceptualisation of theoretical structures. The question was raised to children at a school: what is complexity?, a student responded: complexity is complexity that is complex. Is clear that is the paradogmas were placed at a height that believed that they could see and sort everything according to your convenience; the Syrian of science and knowledge whose brightness could see and worship the mortals from anywhere on Earth is believed. From this conception the paradogmas created sempiternos principles whose creeds were rezados from generation to generation as dogmas of faith. Contrary to this, the complexity proposes an analysis and an interpretation of human beings and knowledge, not from Supreme points – reflection of dogmatic principles-, but since reality itself which seeks roads of encounter, dialogue and new paths of understanding. The Dialogic is not an invention of modern times, this goes back to the classical Greece in which dialogue was an filosofico-pedagogica expression that responded to a non-dogmatic way of trying to get closer to the truth. Hence Plato write his books using dialogue as a philosophy meaning, literary expression because he understood that man in your listening only individual is he encountered almost impassable trails, but in a joint search, the self in relationship to an alter, pushed most fertile pathways to reach the logos.