The Attitudes

It evidences which to you is our set of attitudes before It, that is, if we are opened searchs it or we leave if It of side, from there we harvest the consequences of our attitudes before It, are they which will be. You walk losing the peace? He is overwhelming for not getting divine answers? If he feels insane and he is spreading these feelings with its words and attitudes: care, that is one indication of that it is lacking the hand to it of God, therefore it only is that in it grants supreme wisdom to them for our procedures before our contacts in the world, is they in our family, in our work, our friendships, at last, in any place! If it does not discourage, but it takes conscientious and definitive the attitude to come back to search the orientaes Mr., therefore Its mercy stops with each one of us, if it renews to each morning! ' ' You it is with you, while you stays with it, and, if searching you will find, it; however, if leaving will leave, you. Israel was per many days without the true God, and priest taught who it, and law. But when in its anguish they had come back Mr. Deus of Israel, they had searched and it had found, it. in those times did not have peace, nor for what it left, nor for what it entered, but many disturbances on all the inhabitants of those terras.' ' 2 Chronicles 15:2 b-5 Which has been its sincerity to search the Mr.? It only makes it to serve of example to that they are to its redor or it makes it with all its joy, confidence and animation, exactly when is facing situations that would discourage to the others? Or it is so well that the Mr. ignored the importance of the intense search? Redoubled attention, therefore the attitudes that we have reflect accurately what we have kept of respect the God, supplier of everything! ' ' had sworn the Mr., in high voice, with joy and trumpets and horns. .