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Design Training

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Qualification to the ‘Schreinermeisterplus’ from October in the BBZ Fulda Petersberg. A master training and earn at the same time useful additional qualifications: This nationwide opportunity offered future Carpenter craftsmen in the Berufsbildungszentrum Fulda BBZ short,. In addition to the exam-relevant knowledge is conveyed by the maximum of 16 participants in theory and practice, Schreinermeisterplus more useful skills in the focus are in the seven-month training course. Six so-called plus modules obtained useful knowledge for the profession. To be always up to date”, plays a decisive role in the world of work a Carpenter master. Therefore the master students in a course on current living trends be informed and learn how contemporary design and customizable set of rooms. The participants in the seminar of creative training learn how they promote their creativity, expand and use as a competitive advantage,”.

In addition to the development of creative ideas are also professional Design techniques for the formative Carpenter of great importance. Therefore the future master in design training find out”, how they can develop efficiently and accurately design solutions. “Create professional presentations and sketches is the focus of the additional modules: presentation drawing” professional drawing techniques be applied, which simply present even complicated spaces. All perspective basics for graphic representations of rooms and furniture are in the quick draw”conveys. Another training content is the seminar”marketing for Carpenter.

Here, participants using persuasive examples from practice learn how the right communication in connection with a clever strategy and a professional marketing leads to success. Upon successful completion of these six modules are integrated in the master training, participants receive a certificate to the object Designer. By the way: The modules may be also interested in master of the Carpenter, the want to improve their chances on the labour market, as complete day seminars.

Duden Publishing House

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How does a college accessible digital content and the knowledge of the Internet best for blind students? Mannheim, 27.01.2011. This issue focuses on a team of developers at the distance University Hagen. So blind with scientifically complex content can work, they must be printed in Braille. The button making Kit for a fee to cover the cost of printing the manuals Hagener Braille software (HBS) transfers therefore digital content in Braille and allows you to print the texts of the embosser. For example, an incorrect hyphenation is one of the stumbling blocks in texts resulting from the transfer in the Braille. The language technology solution of the Duden Publishing House now addresses these obstacles. The required features of this solution can be integrated into the Braille software. The Duden Publishing House provided its technology for the development of the Hagener Braille software system free of charge.

In the Braille words this way reduced that a stands for a syllable. This so-called reduction automatically makes the HBS. To do this, but the software must decide where a syllable ends and begins the next syllable. Because this task is not simple, words in the automatic transmission in the Braille are often torn apart in the wrong place. “” “” “” So many confusing combinations arising from syllables such as food “and esaal”, rice “, ehead” clean”and establish” or after “and tessen”.

From these examples it is clear how a false separation between words must be irritating on a blind reader. The irritation of the tactile reader interrupts the reading flow. The language technology solution of the Duden publishing house recognizes but compound words, so-called composite materials. In the translation in the Braille “the Duden software of translation software, displays a separation of syllables is where in the word right in linguistically as well as possible. Thus, words are no longer truncated in the wrong place.