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Playa Blanca Hotel Canary Islands

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Playa Blanca is a tourist centre and holds various beautiful smaller despite many hotels Beaches ready for you. You will find a small manageable Beach directly at the town promenade. Bathing is at this point but not safe, as many stones in the water are and this place happen various ferries, which has a large wave formation resulted. Playa Blanca-Lanzarote – Canary Islands which holds the neighboring Bay of city promenade of Playa Blanca already better ready for bathing. Whether pedal boat, canoe or beach sunbed rental, here you will find everything, what pleases the tourist heart. Playa Blanca Lanzarote Canary Islands Combipix travel photography of travel pictures photo agency travelogues eCards of 4. Playas de Papagoya with the Playas de Papagoya reach the most beautiful beaches of Lanzarote. There are three notable beaches on the Playa Papagoya, which are all a few minutes apart.

Playas de Papagoya lanzarote Canary Islands Canaries of 5 Puerto del Carmen with Puerto del Carmen you can reach the second of the three great resorts in Lanzarote. Puerto offers everything the heart desires del Carmen. Beach, shops and restaurants. There looking across also beyond the small disadvantage, that the airport of Lanzarote is pretty close and you can hear more takeoff and landing aircraft. Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote Canary Islands Canaries of the more northerly beach is wide and is suitable with its shallow water and the low swell for families with small children. 6 Playa de Guasimeta Playa de Guasimeta offers a fine sandy beach with some stony areas, as well as a small swell. Most beach visitors come here but because of these reasons. This beach is located directly at the airport of Lanzarote.

A gravel road takes you up close to the beacons. Tech-savvy runway and the take off and landing aircraft have stunning views of start. Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Airport Lanzarote airport Arrecife airport Canary Islands 7 Beach Arrecife Auch the island capital Arrecife has a beautiful wide sandy beach ready. We reach Arrecife Lanzarote Canary Islands Canaries of 8 Costa Teguise with the Costa Teguise the third of the three major tourist stronghold of Lanzarote. This place is to a large extent in the hands of British tourists and provides in addition to small beaches of side a large main beach, where you will find a free place to refuel Sun guaranteed. Costa Teguise Lanzarote beaches Lanzarote of 9 Playa del Risco this beach is for loners. None of the bays is guarded and thus not really for swimming to recommend. You will not be able to reach a large part of the bays because only a small part of this section of the coast is navigable. 10 Bahia del Salado (La Graciosa) every Beach-hungry tourist is on La Graciosa, the small neighbouring island of Lanzarote, fully come at his own expense. From Orzola take the ferries in 30 minutes and install directly on the sand island, which holds many secluded beaches for you. By Combipix, we hope that this tour description has helped you to find beautiful beaches on Lanzarote.

Charter Travel

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News from the ferienfabrik.de Reisen GmbH the Essen-based of travel professionals of the ferienfabrik.de promote your hotel rating system through the introduction of rewards for a friend. Existing customers will receive 50 euros for each new customer advertising. At the Essen travel company ferienfabrik.de there are now 50 euro cash”for a friend. Anyone who ever has booked a trip at ferienfabrik.de and was happy to share his experiences with others. This goes to a hotel reviews at ferienfabrik.de, on the other hand, the travel company rewarded also Word to mouth. (Not to be confused with MongoDB!). For satisfied holidaymakers that now to report friends and acquaintances, because if a new customer existing customers as an affiliate is at his booking, then receives advertiser $50 in cash paid or on his account transferred according to wishes of their holiday. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit kevin ulrich. We want to make more customers with this action alert on our reviews.

We think that the reviews are a good help with vacation planning and with our This should get a friend more attention”, explains ferienfabrik.de Managing Director Heiko Rettke. The premium paid on departure of the new customers (people who live in the same household are excluded). “It is important that the new customer the names and surnames of the advertiser in the remarks box” indicates his booking on ferienfabrik.de. The promotion is only valid when booking a travel package. Reisen GmbH for more information about the travel and holiday offers of the ferienfabrik.de are available in the Internet at the address ferienfabrik.de. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: of press compartments/holiday factory contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr. Timo Krause ferienfabrik.de Reisen GmbH copper Dreher str. 181 D-45257 Essen mobile: + 49 (0) 175 5 88 44 37 fax: + 49 (0) 201 48 88 73 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the ferienfabrik.de Reisen GmbH holiday directly from factory – incredibly cheap.

The right address for this is ferienfabrik.de. The first factory outlet for the holiday has cheap last minute travel, travel packages with all the bells and whistles, cheapest line and Charter flights, apartments and holiday homes worldwide for the mini price and also the car for the next holiday. Germany’s factory outlet for travel is characterized by highest usability, transparency and best deals for the holidays. Of course the Internet service 24 hours a day available and that is 365 days in the year. But not only in the Internet ferienfabrik.de for tourists is available – also in the own travel outlet stores at airports and in city centres, as well as in the ferienfabrik.de call center (01802/00 50 50 0.06 per call) staff are right contact for travel at best prices

Hightech Device

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More than 1,300 people from 28 may participate on the Geocaching mega event 2010 from childhood we know it yet: the scavenger hunt. Hints lead to a hidden treasure. But also for adults seeking has lost none of their excitement and suspense. Thousands all over the world go regularly. Their goal are places where small vessels with unknown contents are hidden.

The name of the global phenomenon: Geocaching. From 28 to 30 May the international community of the amateur Sleuth meets now in Zell am See-Kaprun, to go in the Pinzgau on modern paper-chase. More than 1,300 people from 18 Nations have registered already ‘ Geocaching mega event’ for that. They are called events, where at least 500 participants on the search go. There were arrows, or labels, that gave instructions on the hiding place of the Ark, formerly are now electronic means. Zell am See-Kaprun is a GPS receiver in the nature.

The satellite-based navigation device displays where the next hiding place is located. In the Pinzgau region located about 350 such ‘cache’. Most have already for some time there. You can find the coordinates on the Internet – for example, at. Specially for the weekend of the 28th to 30th may hide the members of the Association ‘Pinzgauer geocachers’ but at least 20 new caches in the region. All coordinates are published on Saturday mornings. The connection is in the search. The technology alone makes it but not: GPS devices bring the seeker although close to the hideout. Spot’s it but then a certain sense of, where, exactly, the cache is located. The numerous containers once is found, the Finder in the logbook contained sign-up. If you like, leave a little something in it and exchange for one of the items that are in it. So it was made at the ‘O.C.B.’: is an acronym for ‘ original can of beans’ and describes the contents of the first container which was hidden by Geocaching inventor David Ulmer ten years ago.

Some Islanders

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Suddenly opens a well protected port before the ship’s bow, which stained angestrichenen houses of Tobermory in sight. The island of mull is regarded as a Scotland en miniature, it is the most visited holiday island in the Hebrides the Isle of Skye. At the sight of the lush cliffs, one can hardly the bogs in the Interior of the island to present. Scotland is so dark, tart, melancholy. The shore excursion is varied, the sun comes more and more to the fore. We see a series of bizarre Islands Staffa and the Fingalshohle after lunch in the open sea. Cap of the Dutchman”is one of the islets.

Ponies are bred to one another. Then the ship on a hunk-like island fabric keeps – on Staffa and the Fingalshohle. As the unique basalt pillar of Staffas becomes visible, click on board cameras, be loud cries of astonishment. The entrance of the Fingalshohle is similar to a concourse, a half-finished Cathedral. In the semi-darkness of the cave, stone organs can be seen. Passengers would only too happy to closer to visit this natural wonder and try out the vaunted reverberations. But the Fingalshohle is officially closed because of loose rock for visitors. Supposedly, the rock inside is not as solid as it seems from the outside.

How are the strange, polygonal basalt columns of Staffas come about? By solidified lava masses of a prehistoric volcano and the creative power of the sea, geologists say. “” The Scottish folk tales explain it differently, they report the Celtic Hercules, who dragged a sack full of basalt columns from Scotland to Ireland in mists on his back, by Fingal on the northern coast of giant’s Causeway, the bridge of the giant”, to complete. The bag tore, and a column after the other fell into the sea. Fingal sat it neatly – and so they stand still today as a Scottish counterpart to the no less great basalt miracles in Northern Ireland. Staffa is uninhabited and is under nature conservation. Sheep alarmed at look after our steamer. There is another famous island; in sight of Staffas Colette, She leads the epithet Holy is her landmark the Cathedral of St. Columba. The Christianisation of Scotland went out from this place in the 6th century, here the Irish monk Columba ashore was gone. This early cultural pulse from West to East is aware not every British, some rather believes only Britain the Irish brought a higher civilization. Colette with its Celtic stone crosses has still an Irish atmosphere. Some Islanders speak still Gaelic, the language of Ireland and Scotland. More than fifty Scottish Kings lie buried on lona. The island is only three miles long and half as wide. The ride home leads along again a gauze us to Oban on the cliff. Strong smell of salt mixed with whisky aroma and pipe smoke. St. Columba is gracious to us this evening. The wind has abated, the Sun says goodbye in a sea of copper and gold: Meeresstille und gluckliche Fahrt. And continues the Nordland cruise around the British Isles. The next day, we reach the port of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. This is Isle of Lewis is the largest island the Outer Hebrides. Another interesting country excursion is waiting for us. You can book these interesting cruises at Nordlandkreuzfahrten24. Heino Tegeler