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Breathing Techniques

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Level 2 – a combination of movements with breathing in a certain order that uses various types of breathing. Third level – the right combination of movements and breathing with the appropriate type of inside job consciousness, which is performed on the basis of certain provisions that are available in each exercise As a result of people not only perform the exercise, and practically insoluble in it, conscious of their wholeness identity and its unity with the world. Thus, in every movement of health qigong involves all three major components of our personality – physical, energetic and spiritual – that increases the efficiency of practices compared with conventional exercise ten times. Carrying out exercises of qigong health, we do not expend energy, but rather accumulate it for our physical, intellectual and spiritual activities through daily practice. And since the amount of energy depends on the duration of our lives, practicing qigong we extend their lives. Studies from China Association Wellness Qigong in 2007-2009. the practitioners of qigong have shown that a daily 30-minute practice is most effective. Classes are 60 minutes or more showed no significant change in the energy status of practitioners.

For comparison, the fat burning effects of normal aerobic exercise classes at any kind of cardio does not occur earlier than 45-50 minutes after the start of classes. In general, qigong for health characterized by sparing regimen is exercise, even in comparison with the practices of yoga, which makes it especially valuable for people in middle and old age. Any of the exercises of qigong as well as yoga asanas polished centuries-old practice of media tradition, so do not be surprised the natural physiology of these movements to within a micron of the ideal biomechanical model of human motor activity. Breathing techniques are an integral part of each exercise, fitness qigong, helps the body build up an additional reserve of energy during practice, allowing us to be impervious to stress, less tired, always radiate cheerfulness and warmth in communication with the outside world. Working with the psyche – as an integral part of the exercises of qigong – teaches us to manage their psycho-emotional condition, to use meditation to fill every day of his life spiritual meaning. There is a myth that qigong master health can only be under the guidance of a master who, day after day will reveal the secrets and nuances practice. This is misleading.

Of course, under the guidance of an experienced instructor very well in all respects. But this is not always possible. But perhaps attend seminars, which are readily available. For example, in September 2010 All China Association of health qigong sent an official delegation, which included seven qigong masters have been trained in several Russian cities. (The report of this event can be found here). But if you arrive at the workshop knowing and having already set a minimum level of practice, you'll get much more benefit than from the ground begin to learn the exercise. In the east, saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher." Catching practice you always find an opportunity to improve their skills or to get answers to vital questions. A wizard, you can search for life and not engage. By and large this is an excuse for insecure people. Regular daily practice of qigong health – your best and most reliable teacher.