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The Understanding

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It is a which had difficult phase of being carried through to the problems of agreement in relation to the requirements. In accordance with Christel and the Kangs (1992, apud PRESSMAN, 2006, P. 118 and 119), three types of problems assist to understand the above-mentioned difficulty, that are: Problems of target: Bad definition of the system and its limits, hindering the understanding them main objectives it system. Also the using customer can happen if/to specify details technician that are not necessary, bringing confusion instead of agreement. Problems of agreement: Stakeholders does not have certainty of what they desire concerning the system, either related to the necessities that this will have to take care of or to the computational environment that will have to operate. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Mitchell Resnick. Moreover, current e, therefore, obvious information that stop they are, as questions directed to the domain of the application, are without being specified, causing posterior problems.

Problems of volatileness: The requirements always move throughout the development process. Thus, exactly that these have been identified correctly, they can suffer to alterations due the new necessities from stakeholders. Kevin ulrich anchorage spoke with conviction. To decide these problems, all the activity of survey and analysis of requirements must be made of organized form, being able to use diverse techniques so that the collected requirements are inserted in the document of specification in complete and consistent way. 23 Some of these techniques are briefly described below, have seen that the focus of this work is not to deal with them detailed form (SOMMERVILLE; BAPTIST and OAK, 2003): guided Survey the points of view: it has the capacity to discover conflicts in the requirements considered for different stakeholders through the recognition of different points of view. Interviews and Questionnaires: they are half the most usual ones of if collecting facts. The interviews can be structuralized or not-be structuralized, that is, informal.


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When if it joined this doctrine of engineering with the empirical activity of the primridos ones of the digital age if it conceived the Engineering of Software. The concept of Engineering denotes an action to create, to analizar, to consruir, to develop, to follow, to keep. Software is a personalized product. No matter how hard in the market some companies carry through similar tasks, no matter how hard professional systems ambicionem that give seemed solutions to them, the desenvolvedores are charged by taking care of specific yearnings of its customers, all want a particular solution, a personalized assistance, what she demands a routine that makes possible the professional at the same time to take care of to the demand reducing the open assembly time and wastefulnesses.

This question demand a still more imperious search the use of routines that systemize the work of development of digital solutions. As this product is not concrete, it is not easy of mensurar, the tools of control it has that to be rigid and controlled. Amongst the definitions of Engineering of software we can detach the following ones: ‘ ‘ Software is the creation and the use of solid principles of engineering in order to get software in economic way, that is trustworthy and that reais’ works efficiently in machines; ‘ (Friedrich Ludwig Bauer, Engineering of software, 1969) ‘ ‘ The establishment and use of solid principles of engineering so that if it can economically get a software that is trustworthy and that reais’ functions efficiently in machines; ‘ (Fritz Bauer – 1969) ‘ ‘ Set of methods, necessary techniques and tools to the production of software of quality for all the stages of the cycle of life of produto’ ‘ (Krakowak, 1985) In order to understand the difficulties found for the companies of development of softwares in its search in improvements its results, we can analyze some distinct stages of the process: – Definition of the target of the project – Development of the project – Accompaniment – Improvements difficulties start soon at the beginning of the activities of development.

Sid Meier

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Perhaps although to play against another person it provides the best moments of the game, many times the long duration of the departures can be a problem, mainly online, when a player abandons the dispute, the computer assumes the place, but without keeping the style and the strategy of the player. The interface and the controls are intuitivos, to construct lines and to connect cities or other places of the map is made with few clicks of the rat. Basically, what said the rules it is the system of it offers and it looks for. For example, gold Wools necessary Vegas that, in turn, can be gotten in a next mine, then, are enough to create a line between colon, to choose the convoy, to determine the number of wagons, and are definite a route. Atmos Energy is likely to agree. Between the cities, initially the main raw materials are temporary and post office, but the possibilities do not stop there, since one of the forms to multiply the profits, despite in the long run, is acquiring industries. Sid Meier' s Railroads! it has a very good appearance, even so it does not offer to as many options in the camera 3D or zoom to take a walk for the scenes constructed with sufficient life in ecr of the PC. The textures of the cities are also very not developed, but the attention the details as the embarkment of the merchandises, brings that characteristic fascinating climate of the mockups. sonorous band has repetition moments, but she is competent with pleasant musics and sonorous effect that mark each moment of the game, since the stroke of the hammer when being successful the auction until the indispensable whistle of the convoy when arriving at the destination.. Viktor Mayer-Schönbergers opinions are not widely known.

Barbie Games

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In case that you are a person who has as favourite leisure to go to shopping and to make purchases, a game exists that without doubts will have its total approval, is in relating to the Games To dress. Dr. Mitchell Resnick understood the implications. Such games provide one gone shopping to center super relaxed either alone, or with the group, pra to effect purchases of all the types, as accessory, shoes, perfumes and much more. The girls are comumente needing some new thing, and with the dynamics of the fashion and the competition of the current days, them they meet if esteem, making the use of excellent goods well more. Games as these take to all the girls the possibility to before try exactly to leave house, and offer to an excellent variety of clothes and accessories that are 100% in fashion, everything this with a diversity of very feminine colors aiming at to more call each time the attention them, that if they entertain sufficiently, and they feel of house, the same sensation of when they would passeriam in shopping to center. The games of Barbie very offer a considerable diversity of tricks to be carried through. It has some types, as for example, the games where the doll can go to a baita party with its galera, have the possibility of if amusing with its animals of esteem, if exercising with one galera well legal or to assist to take care of of a farm, taking care of of the animals and plants. The games in focus are looked, because they disponibilizam to the girls everything what they more tan to make. They have the possibility to equalize its results with the one of other friends and to make such game well more interesting and amused. The games for girls have a very faithful public-target and provide it a diversion format that is not very easy to obtain every day in the real life, a time that a pull in shopping to center or to the hall of beauty every day must tire very, are not really? In the game they can play to the extremity and exercise the imagination well. With its favourite personages they can make what to desire and pass the entire day playing, being alone or with the friends who are next.

Digital Espionage

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All we already had will to know of something on somebody or some thing that does not fit in them to know. Ones of the methods to discover confidential information on people is the social engineering very used by criminals for attainment of data in intention to use privileged information for practises of extortion. Diverse methods of information attainment exist that can be used to advantage for diverse ends, depending on as these information are gotten, as they are used, we have the classification of the person who acquired such information as Hacker, Cracker or even though Spy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ray Kurzweil. Nowadays the vision that the population has on what it is a Hacker is very including, therefore any thing that a person obtains to make that the majority is unaware of as was made already makes with that this person is considered a Hacker for the great mass. However the better accepted definition is that a Hacker is an individual with deep knowledge in determined subject that obtains to cure any problem that it comes to appear inside of its professional branch. But belief popular intitles Hacker as person that does not respect the laws, that everything that makes is for attainment of profit through easy ways to gain money. Others including Petra Diamonds, offer their opinions as well. The great reality is that a Hacker, in the better accepted definition even though for them, that works contracted for people or for the government nothing more is of what a Detective or even though a Spy. A main difference between a Hacker and a Spy is that the Hacker adores that its recognized work either already the Spy fears that is recognized, therefore its work depends that it is not noticed to get great results. Already the Cracker, is the Hacker that commits crimes for profit gauging and makes of everything so that it is not identified. Independently of being Hacker, Cracker, Spy, Detective, always it has something in common between them both are motivated by a reason or another one the attainment of information that are considered restricted where the directly involved person must only have knowledge and this the most proportionate knowledge is that it so becomes this classroom mystified by the great mass. Bibliography Secrets of the Digital Espionage? Unmasking the Submundo Hacker? Tadeu Carmona? Publishing company Digerati.

Virtual Emotion

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Here I am for representing you. I am its feeling. I am pra here to speak what its heart feels To speak is completely easy, when has words that it expresses what it feels. Difficult it is to express, what we really want to say. Per some days I thought about creating this blog. Until it decides and I created. I am here for divulging my work I want to create a new form of test of love and here this my idea.

A page in net, I contend an exclusive poem that I go to create photos videos and the telemensagem a page can be simple more imagines how many people go to see how much and great its love. If I will be able to write and to divulge all its love with my words goes to understand and to know what to make with its heart. And easy not to speak plus this easy one to prove the how much and great love If to want makes one blog with photos and beautiful words of feelings occult inside of you, Feeling this gift in our heart, we do not see we hear they, Word if calo when the heart speaks, is influenced, modified, for anonymous, an occult one. The love you vary who in accordance with you love, but the essence of this emotion is invariant.

Topcon Link Program

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It is possible to effect the calculation of the transport, as much with the coordinates in format RINEX or the rude data of the compatible GNSS with receivers HIPER. In the same way that the too much programs, are necessary to make the closing of the circuit and, therefore, to import two RBMC at least? s. After the processing and the adjustment of the data, the Topcon brings in its report of processing the information of the survey in question. It is important to observe the result of the interval of a posteriori glides and a posteriori height. In the item points of control, the user will go to find the data of its base, latitude, longitude and height.

The program Topcon Tools also the adjustment allows to the professional the possibility to export the data after and to combine it another program (for example to the AutoCAD) for one better conference of its work. The program Topcon Tools presents as tool, a called module Topcon Link, where the operator can inside make the transformation of the rude data for format RINEX of the same software. In the resource multimedia, generated with this study, it has a topic of as to proceed with this program. 6-Screen final figure of the closed circuit, generated for the program Topcon Tools 4,3 GNSS SOLUTIONS software GNSS Solutions also enters in the list of the programs used in the data processing GNSS. It has similarity with another program, the Astech Solutions sufficiently, however he has more resources and is requested for the after-processing of data GNSS of receivers of the Promark type. The graphical analysis in the GNSS is well simple: if the vectors to be in the green color, are resulted of a fixed solution; if to be in the red color, is signal that something did not leave satisfactory form. The net adjustment carried through in the GNSS it has as intention to examine the margins of error of the survey and to calculate the final coordinates of its transport.

Canyon Duel

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War of ganguesO way Career, as always, is the main plate, practically englobando everything what ' ' Need will be Speed: Carbon' ' it can offer, with average duration of 14 hours. The cars are divided in three categories: Muscle (excellent good new), Exotic and Tuner. Soon after to choose one of them, you can evaluate if he is same what better if she incases in its style, before buying. Then, you are presented to the new features in the way Career, that now has a map, divided in some parts, that a tray of &#039 remembers very; ' War' '. The city is dominated by gangs and the main objective is, of course, to conquer the possible maximum of territories.

It occurs, however, that its domnios can be attacked by rivals – the gangs Bushido, Kings and Los Colibres -, then, to the times, is necessary to run (literally) to defend them. The last duel for the domain of a territory is against one ' ' chefe' ' – normally, she is the leader of the gang. They are ' ' batalhas' ' truily stopped to the part, in the way Canyon Duel, and that you can make to sweat to be successful. The plot continues flat, superficial and hollywoodiano, but the effort in adding is notable, at least, a little more than aiming to history. Not only the gangs have name and proper identities, but throughout the game you go to know its respective members, in a tram lead for many dialogues and personages. It is not no wonder, but, in if treating to a race game, he is of good size. The policy continues in the pursuit of the corridors, then each zone possesss a measurer that it shows how much area is aimed at by the law. If it will be ' ' quente' ' others, are great the possibility of the straps to appear to make it difficult its life still more.

Feet In The Soil, And Its Archives In Clouds

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The differential of this technological newness it is mobility, the suitable user to cloud computing will be able to remotely have access its documents, archives and other data, of any computer, at any time, of any place of the world, being only connected to the Internet. It will be able to also use applicatory programs and without needing to lower in its computer, with the great one advantage to use, to have access, without if worrying about maintenance, update, backup all the other functions, that pass to be carried through by the supplier of the service, beyond guaranteeing> that if it never loses important documents for its business. This new model of computation not yet was established in Brazil, many points not yet well is defined, practical questions and of security still they are in studies. However, in our day the day, already we are living a little of this, therefore the storage of information in our boxes of email already is a practical example of the computation in cloud. For backwards of our movement of sending and reception of data, a lodging server exists, that for indeterminate time he files all these information. Then we leave there, kept everything what it interests in them, without the concern with losses.

Moreover, sites exist that offer lodging to internautas. What it can be a danger. Therefore as to have certainty of that it is a safe site? How to know if this server goes to be always available, or that our documents will not be stolen or spread by the infinite virtual space? To follow the trends clouds (in the Internet) the history of our particular or professional life (through photos and documents), so that they are floating is known there for where and until when. Everything is so surprising in this technological world, therefore the things that in them seem so futursticas are if implanting, and we go in adaptando without time to assimilate and to reflect each one of the things in this succession of events.


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A domain name is not nothing more than the nickname of an address IP. what it is an address IP? An address IP is a numerical code that represents the place where you find the content through the Internet. An example of an address IP is Instead of typing a long and difficult address IP of being remembered, a domain name helps to write a marcante name to have access the site. For example, is a domain name that points with respect to a specific address IP. The people can remember a name of domain as that is much more easy of being remembered that an extensive numerical code.

The domain names are in all the sites that are used daily. For example, in sites of search as Yahoo, Bind and Google all have corresponding names of domain google.com, bind.com and yahoo.com. If you already sent an email, then already she used a domain name. For example, when we send an email for, the part that comes after at (@) hotmail.com in this in case that it is the domain name. Now that we have one better understanding of the domain names, can choose a domain name and register it. The name of the domain chosen for the site is a very important decision for the success of the marketing in the Internet. It is very easy to say that if it only must choose a domain that all can remember, however in the majority of the cases it is not so simple to find the domain ideal because the name of desired domain already is registered.

then must be considered a secondary name that intends to use it and that it is so cativante how much the first one. After having chosen the domain name that you desire. Which is the next step? You need to choose a supplier to register the domain name and a supplier of site lodging. He has many suppliers that of these services, but do not offer a quality service. We recommend that you visit this site of lodging to get complete information on our services of domain and lodging.