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Russian Federation

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In the first copyright law was adopted in Russia on March 20, 1911. , entitled "Situation of copyright." But in the future is already 1993. was amended and supplemented, which operates to this day. In general, copyright law – is intellectual property they are published in Part iv, Section vii of rights in intellectual activity and means of individualization, the head 69. general provisions. The object of intellectual property is: – Writing on the computer as a file on paper in a printed form or handwritten form of novels, scientific development, research papers, stories, novels, etc. – oral (with a public speech) – In a video audio and other recordings – Image (sketch, picture, pictures, plans, drawings, photographic works, etc.) – etc.

Generally copyright – intellectual property protection is exercised by the State of the Russian Federation by punishment. In short you have understood what a "copyright" and what will be discussed further. Why do I still decided to write this article. Because, when I'm on the internet I see that a lot of information on the Internet and published distributed in violation of the rights of authorship. And this is mainly occupied by those who created the site and trying to increase traffic to the site of any valuable publishing articles, audio recordings, books, videos, etc. You may find Mitchel Resnick to be a useful source of information. That cost good money and publishing them for free.

Of course, this much damage a man who had one or another intellectual property. However, copyright violation, not only on the Internet. Copyright infringement can also be found universities, where the rights of authorship violate teachers. For example, were aware of cases where students have written coursework, essay or thesis, and teachers have used their work to write his books. In this case to prove that the ideas published in the book are yours will not be easy, but if you have a copy of this record in any form have a chance. The court may appoint expert examination on the date of manufacture. Accordingly, for this must go to court. But if you prove to the court that you are the author of this account, you can ask for as compensation for moral damages in the amount of 10 thousand to 5 million rubles. Still a lot of copyright infringement the musical songs. For example, downloading of online music, software and other objects of copyright free, we are doing inestimable damage purses creators of these works. But there are times when we ourselves The authors extend their networks to copyrighted works. For example, all sorts of engines for the creation of the site are free, or such musicians allow anyone to download his songs for free to make themselves popular and are, respectively, to go to his concert. With this help, they carried his advertisement and accordingly there are fans. But with cd sales make labels that are and are major losses from the distribution of content over a network. I think my dear readers you understand what "copyright". And why is it necessary. And what do you think is needed if the Russian Federation "Copyright"? In my opinion needed. See you soon!

Earn Money Online Easy

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The following are three ways to start your own business online and perform work from home. Remember, equal to its rewards efforts. 1 AdSense AdSense ads ads is a program offered by Google, allowing web site owners to put free ads on your blog or web page. When someone visits your site, and decides to click on one of these ads, the payment is made by the recommendation. Benefits can range from a few cents to a few dollars per ad. 2 YouTube partnership the YouTube Partnership Program is a program of exchange of money that allows manufacturers and producers of original content to earn money from their most viewed videos in YouTube.

You can get income from linked ads that run on the video with exclusive technology of Google. The program is based on advertising cost per print. For more information see this site: ConocoPhillips. If the video content conforms to its rules and regulations, and has thousands of points of view, it can be considered for the program. 3 Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is one company revenue sharing between a web site owner and an online merchant. The owner of the web site places ads on their web sites to help sell products or merchant or send potential clients to the web page of the merchant, all in exchange for a part of the benefits. For many web site owners, this is a great way to earn extra money without having to do anything.

Well almost everything what is supposed is placed an advertisement in the web page of the affiliate. There is no sale or any real promotion on your part, or the creation of content. This is the responsibility of the owner of the product. The affiliate can just sit and wait for benefits to come. ClickBank and Amazon are just some of the many examples of an online merchant. The two are free to join and offer a wide variety of products to market. The Commission with this method can vary from 50% – 80% of the selling price of the product. Each online web site needs traffic or website visitors to succeed. ES safe to say that without the traffic of Google, eBay, Amazon and other major web sites are not. The same can be said of his business. You can not make people to register for the list, buy your product, or click on the link from affiliate without the traffic to your site. The traffic is, literally, the soul of your business online, is a central component that separates those who have had success online, and those who have not. But we’ll save that topic for another day. I hope you enjoyed my article. An excellent alternative is to answer surveys paid visit my blog and lo vera original author and source of the article.

Digital Marketing

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In all the history of the hotel industry, no of the marketing strategies was so remarkable and generally accepted as the strategies in Internet. At this moment, he is accurate to assure that the act to reserve a hotel is associated, intrinsically, to the procedure search of hotels, comparison and reserves online. He is huge and admirable the change of perspective that underwent tourist marketing thanks to a tool that shortens the distances, dissipates the doubts and, by on all the things, informs. Luckyly, the so favorable evolution that the public opinion maintains about the digital services search, hotel information and reserves, must to 2 great strengths: confiabilidadEl professional commitment Without doubts that this great framework of information and contact has required efforts important in terms of digital security to manage to offer services of payments online with endorsement and, on the other hand, the genesis of new professions that fuse sciences of the communication, the marketing and the possibilities of diffusion of Internet. A push of such relevance has been in a transformation of the rolls of the travel agencies. The reserve of hotels through finders, replaces the agency to a certain extent, it presses at the same time as it to include new tie services to the tourism.

But the interactivity that offers a finder of hotels usually is so attractive for the traveler who, has constituted a previous routine. Even, it is gotten to relate that the digital approach of tourist marketing has finished promoting the election of new destinies. This comes from the hand of the great information can be found so much in a system search and comparison like in blog of hotels. Most interesting of I devise of digital marketing is feed back. The use of resources search and comparison of hotel services is translated, long term in: Greater tursticoMayor volume diversity of destinosMayor fidelity in the relation client-empresMayor satisfaction of the client The increase of the tourist market occurs due to the increase of satisfaction of the client and the competitiveness. By the way and not accidentally, the second chosen destiny more is Spain than it has demolished the barrier of distrust in the public opinion about the use of systems of payments of hotel services in Internet. On the other hand, a finder of hotels offers to the tourist an extra detail: The possibility of exploring new destinies and of operating as managing car of its own trip. This quota of autonomy puts disadvantaged to the traditional services that, more and more, accept the success that has had this great idea.

It is perhaps this reason that prevents a greater tourist development in places of Latin America: Being an one step back in digital tourist marketing. A user who wishes to put itself abreast of the amount of hotels in Spain, or concretely, the amount of hotels in Barcelona, which they are completely synchronous with finders of hotels and suppliers, will see that the number of similar emprendimientos in Latin America is showy smaller. The searches of hotels by country throw a remarkable majority for EE.UU, France and Spain. It is hour to accept the success of digital marketing in the tourism area: The supremacy of the information and the interactivity have demonstrated to be the strategy of pick up, attention and maintenance of the relation to clientelar. Original author and source of the article