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A Content Management System (abbreviated CMS) offers users the advantage of a relatively easy maintenance and updating of web content. Thus in open-source area now established some very serious solutions denVergleich with commercial systems may well take up. A problem with many CMS, however, are still insufficient to support the simple and easy indexing by the major search engines. Long and hard digestible "addresses many variables in the URLs, bloated code and little meaningful use of the usual HTML markup for headings are common problems faced by the users face. For some of these problems have modern CMS is now relatively easy to implement solutions that can be applied by users without further knowledge of PHP & Co..

Thus, there are some for the very popular CMS Joomla! plugin "OpenSEF," which provides automatically after installation for more readable URLs. More descriptive page title and a better use of headlines can be with small changes in the source code and address the use of suitable templates. It is more difficult even if you want to create a lean, possibly even tableless code. Again, there are solutions, usually in the form of so-called "core hacks", that changes in the core of the source code, which must be implemented, however, only expensive. Here it is weighed individually. There are very good examples that a CMS can also be a slightly "messy" source code very well represented in the search engine results lists, even if other important things to remember. Search engine optimization is, in most cases, therefore, for an off the shelf CMS implemented efficiently, only the measures for the optimization of the source code are usually of about larger than for static websites or individually created solutions.