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The Product

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What are their ages? Financial status? The geographical location? Absolutely all the categories that come to mind, it is necessary to record. The more list, the better. Do not hurry to stop, you know that you can always have something to add. 4. Change your location in the room. This is to facilitate the change of states. Bring your list of clients.

Visualize a first client from the list. What should be the product from this point of view? Remember that now you – the customer. Write down the characteristics of the product. Therefore, you must go through the whole list. As a result, you should be like List: Client 1 – characteristics and quality of a client 2 – characteristics and quality of client 2 3 – characteristics and quality 3 client 4 – Specifications and Quality 4 customer 5 – characteristics and quality of the 5 … – … Do not be surprised if the table characteristics and qualities are not the ones you originally thought, or just altered your product.

This is a good thing. Note one thing: this is not market research. This coaching change positions perception, training of internal data collection strategies. Ideally, it would be nice to see it automatic. The existence of such mental strategies can save you from many of the original error. But that's not all. 5. You need to now analyze the plate as follows. Select the characteristics and quality of the product that you can realistically achieve. In this case, the more you grab the customer, the better. To associate as much as possible characteristics and qualities into one idea. 6. Of course, some potential customers will have to drop if they are knocked out much of "general group" 7. Now sure your idea will take a more concrete form. Here are some real examples of faulty reasoning of anti-models: "If you talk to your method, then my product nobody needs, and do nothing else, and so these arguments are harmful" – have to change the product so that it was needed, although least mentally, so as not to spend years of failure. "I primarily rely on their experience and views, and not the views of customers" – This is possible only when you are "venerable" creator (the creator), and your views are worked out long Life-to-consumer dialogue creator. "All acts of a man driven by personal ambition, creativity, not for people but for myself" – This is both true and false. Of course, you are doing for themselves, but through other people. For example, if you were on a desert island, would you want to do? I think not. But if there is still such a claim, and you agree with him, think about the people whose opinions you care about. There and send their creative energy.