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January and June – the most difficult months in the lives of students, it's time to the period of sessions. As soon as they are not trying to take exams. They are doing the cheat sheet, and carried through textbooks, and use the internet on your mobile. For obtain a good estimate many of the students even pay bribes to their teachers. But not everyone knows about such an invention, both earpieces. This device is a small, sleek rectangle ranging in length from 7 to 15mm, which easily enters the ear and practically invisible.

There are only three of the micro variety. Their separation is the method of connection. The first type – the headset is connected to the phone via a special headset that attaches to the neck. A significant disadvantage is that you can not leave a cell phone nearby. Another type of headphones also use a telephone, but the headset is not directly connected to it, and using Bluetooth, so you can leave the phone about yourself or delay at all. This option is perfect for those occasions when the exam all the things you need to add up when you exit.

Use as such earpieces too often do not, by reason of the fact that they strongly put your cell phone battery. Many people think that these headphones can accidentally connect to another phone, but it is not, after all, when you connect You can set the password, then to you no one else can connect. The latter type of headphone uses a slightly different principles, since it uses no telephone, and radio. But to use such earpieces uncomfortable, because must have a radio with him. An important advantage is that these headphones can be used in places where there is suppression of cell phones, for example, in the state finals. It must be remembered that all, without exception headphones are connected to the telephone or the radio via the 'mediator' – a wired headset, which should be hidden. Value of all the micro range from 150 to 500 U.S. dollars.