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Engler German

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These attempts are made to regard as a harbinger of the emergence of the genre of electronic music in the modern understanding. Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 graciously noted that fell under the influence of Die Krupps, but the transformation of their sound can be traced in the works of Depeche Mode. Die Krupps created a new landmark in the German pop culture, combining the history of Germany with new technologies in music. Jurgen Engler provocatively calls a group on behalf of the German industrial giant, the steel group Krups, gave birth, as is commonly believed, the Nazi war machine. Their debut album Die Krupps 1981go Steelworksymphony, where ruthless metal drums lay down next to the German demonism excess, bringing the value of the release to the problems of the past in Germany, along with contemporary Anglo-American cultural colonization. The album reached the level of the plate week in the British NME. The next release Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn.

Trying to turn the factory shop at the dance floor, mobilizing the rhythm of work, making the iron clang of machines with a mixture of electronic sounds in a spectacular backdrop to the entire album. Plate received the title single of the week in NME. It was at this time Jurgen introduces a new tool called the Steel-o-phone, which adds a massive presence in metal series drums and keyboards. The ensuing album (Full Throttle) (1982) become a classic in the genre of EBM. Ralf Dorper was invited to join with the start of the concert.

British FSOL

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And there were, in Actually, wrong. Amorphous Androgynous – super-group, which appeared as if straight from the psychedelic '60s. From the old FSOL it remained very small. Concerts impression jam session with accomplices, Ravi Shankar, master computer. Their music, After only 15 years old, formally, does not cause feelings of innovation, as it was in the 90s, and FSOL and the company is no longer the messiah with magazine covers, speakers in prime time in front of crowds of tens of thousands of people. Abstracts by Timothy Leary (Timothy Leary), crossed with the atmospheric, gloomy and lazy techno, remained in the same era, which were, for example, the cover plate first FSOL, performed in a simple and angular computer graphics. On the other hand, experimental avant-garde electronics in general shifted from stadiums to clubs and not particularly spacious hangars.

Nevertheless, the ideas of the British duo will be enough to head more than one generation of experimental electronics, are attracted to the academic art. As, however, they have enough ideas and Schnittke (Alfred Schnitke) with Iannis Xenakis (Janis Xenakis). Whatever it was, The Future Sound – the same face of electronic music of the past decade, which, for example, were Aphex Twin, Autechre and The Orb. FSOL – not even so much music just as some audio-visual performance. It is equally important sounds of synthesizers, experimenting with melodic and rhythmic structures and general surroundings on the stage, even from all the equipment on it set only one big screen, which is broadcast images of musicians sitting in the studio.

Massachusetts Institute

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Robots get in packs Similar scenarios, researchers have not yet comment. They have other options ready. 'Humanized' cockroaches can lead a crowd of colleagues to lure back to where they wait for people in white coats with nets at the ready. Or they can be peaceful biological weapon in the fight against other insect pests. Then use the property insects work together, which is particularly distinguished by bees, termites, and ants. Weak individually, grouped in huge family, they achieve amazing results. Do not be traced the general pattern here? As soon as the tiny creatures belonging to the mind, master the ability to communicate with each other and form a community, it is – community! – Begins to act as a kind of intelligent being.

So maybe a lot of 'dumb' robots can form a 'clever' pack? Clarify the issue are trying to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (USA), creating a 'social' robots in the image of ants. Being a little more matchboxes, they move like miniature tanks, on two tracks. Thanks to the infrared lamps and sensors to robots exchange signals with their 'cousins' in the vicinity. Orient themselves in space to help them light and contact sensors – with their help, for example, robots react to the collision. Behave artificial ants in many ways – as scientists have programmed.

Some, for example, dutifully follow the leader, while others try to create something 'catch'. Sometimes they are grouped together, and then wander alone. There is even a certain critical 'density of robots. " Once this is achieved, the robots, like a flock of teenagers go together somewhere 'walk'. Scientists hope that with time and ability to roam the crowd will be able to draw in benefit. So imagine our artist one possible construction robotic mine detector, designed for operations in the coastal strip. As the basis of the bionic used native of these parts – crab Squad of robotic engineers carefully, five by inch, will examine the mined areas. Finding a metal detector, mine, everyone will stop by her side, waiting for further commands. When all the deadly weapons is found to connect people. Each robot will store explosives, which the operator using the remote control can undermine, destroy the mine, and – alas! – A robot, or get the last set firecrackers near the mines, and most retire to a safe place. Possible, though difficult to realize option when the robot detected a mine and dig gently take her to a location for destruction. Publication on foreign sources prepared by S. Slavin