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Writing Tips

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We imagine to our readers and exclusively we write for them. We try to be concise without looking for great paragraphs that do not contribute meaning. And not to saturate to the reader with incomprehensible phrases. It writes with a vocabulary clear and adapted our public. Another very useful advice at the time of writing, is to pause periodically to hear what he has written.

When finalizing each section, or sometimes pages, reading them aloud to be able ” or” what is in the paper or processor of text. To this it serves us task to correct errors, to eliminate redundancies and to simplify text, among another great amount of possibilities. We must obtain a powerful writing. The power of the writing is obtained with short and nonlong words as many usually think. Short words are preferable to long phrases meaning the same, for example instead of ” once to semana” we can write ” semanalmente” , ” once a month ” we will put ” mensualmente” These short words by far meant give the E-book more power than the one than produces a long phrase. It only considers east principle and as far as possible it applies it. When writing You yourself! Positive. As far as possible it replaces phrases like ” I do not like the colors oscuros” by ” I prefer the colors claros”.

It is important to maintain in the reader a positive mood to favor its attention in the text. If the thematic one of requires it to the E-book, apyese in facts and data. It looks for real antecedents, statistics, tests or testimonies. Thanks to Internet at the moment we have access to tons of truthful information that we can consider to support our E-books. The statistics usually are a very convincing tool and it never forgets to mention the sources that guarantee their reliability. Desire that the article him has been useful and of its interest.

Social Networks

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We must be constant and to follow with our work because the moment will arrive at which we will obtain our reward 3) To be concise If not yet very we are met or leaders in the sector, nobody will be interested in reading ours ” extensive artculos”. Normally if they read to us he is because our visitors hope to obtain some type of information that is to them useful and that they can process in its own benefit, which is obtained solely using short paragraphs in which we offer quality content. We must try to divide posts in sections, using subtitles, enumeration, bolds, etc. All these elements that offer ground visual aid to the readers. 4) To be kind to the changes Never we must stop observing and to learn. Internet is one of the means in which the changes follow one another to very many speed.

At the moment we have the example of the Social Networks and the form how there are hit in our lives. Consequently, we can appreciate the birth of many blogs successful indeed because they have a thematic one related to this subject. For this reason, it is not enough with having blog, we must be kind to the development of the world of blogs. Of what it is being spoken? Which is the tendency? How are becoming moderate the commentaries? How the networks are used social in order to promote the contents? 5) To be analytical good bloggers does not live in a bubble, ignoring the world that surrounds to them. Rather, they tend to use an important part of the day in analyzing and understanding what is what blog works of his and what it is what it does not do it because only thus they will be conscious of its reality. They at great length study its statistics, they analyze which are the most popular subjects, the used sources of traffic more, the key words that they more attract its readers, etc. This way, are up-to-date of the state of its situation in relation to the others in everything moment.

Digital Calendar

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It is already less so that Christmas arrives and surely much people are nervous because they do not know what is what they can give. In these cases always I like to recommend that most important it is not the price of the gift but the originality of the same.To give something original is not far from easy and often it supposes a frustration for many people. When we spoke of an original gift, we are thinking about which leaves the standards, something that cannot be found easily (even impossible, imaginaros for example some manualidad) or about a customized gift. personally always I have liked all that with the photography and for that reason my gifts always have gone of the hand with this art. Between my preferred original gifts they have been all those that I have been able to personalize to assure to me that who receives it does not arrange don’t mention it equal.

Until now always it had chosen to create and to give a photo digital album. For that reason today I would like hablaros of an ideal gift and very original for these Christmases, she is a totally customized calendar of photos. We will be able to select and to modify almost any special aspect of this calendar, photographies, dates, content. Surely, the power to begin the year of this form to many they will like and it will remember to them, month after month, that is people who worry about them. A good detail next to this gift could be to include in the same some interesting phrase that made reflect to the person since, we consider, that will watch with relative east frequency calendar. What seems to you my proposal of gift for these Christmases? you create that to much people it will like? Original author and source of the article.