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Acacias Camino A La Reform Catholic

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With the intention of serving the truth, service to the regional media and the own Church hierarchy have not met enough righteousness; I would like clarity on the authenticity of the independent Catholic Church of Colombia, which is rooted to the Department of Meta in the municipality of Acacias and is represented by father Pedro Arnulfo Sanchez, who was ordained by Archbishop Jorge Humberto Gartner Lopez. As I have said it before the Archbishop, Monsignor Oscar Urbina Ortega and the vicar Episcopal Carlos Eduardo Quintero – seeking ties in a very divided world-, I would like to now explain step by step that the traditional Catholic Church has legitimate apostolic succession; Therefore, the priestly ordination of father Pedro is valid, participates of the legality in the light of the code of Canon law which governs the Roman Catholic Church, and in which we can read: 1024 only baptized male validly receives sacred ordination. 1025 1. For the lawful ordination of presbyter or deacon is required that, following testing prescribed by law, the candidate meet, opinion of the own Bishop or Superior competent Mayor, due qualities 1033 only is lawfully ordained who has received the sacrament of confirmation. A revision of the Code cited evidence that Padre Pedro may be unqualified how irregular to receive ordination, and also met the prerequisites before your Bishop, without incurring any impediments, since he never belonged to the Archdiocesan clergy, and above all, is sheltered under the apostolic succession.I insist on the legitimacy of the apostolic succession 1, because it is precisely this aspect that the media have not wanted to show, and the Church authorities have been unwilling to accept publicly, but privately they admit it. This silence apparently deliberate, often powered by groundless terms of those who are more called to speak with accuracy, causes confusion in the community and undermines what the canonical Code stated in canon 220: anyone you is lawful to unlawfully injure the reputation that someone enjoys, nor violate the right of every person to protect their own privacy.

The Stillness

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But There is so much out there to know, above all, to learn how to move our company, do not miss it! Open your mind and look at! 3. What put me in motion? Someone moves toward the sidewalk in front. Because if you don’t generate movement in your business, someone else Yes will be moving. Guess who? Your customer! Would you buy a company that always offers you the same?, without modify if you want to the presentation or promotion of your products? Up the brands better positioned and internationally recognized, modify your seduction strategies so that the client does not get bored and remain faithful. Get moving now! 4.

If you don’t have an idea, find it! Long ago are you thinking about starting a venture? Some time ago but do not know what? Well that not the stillness clutch it before starting her entrepreneurial life. Aim to find its idea of business. But is not only about attitude, trace a small plan of action to find it and run it! 5. If you have an idea, realize it! Do you already have your business idea? Then, what is waiting to turn it into a business? Now that you know what you would like to do as an entrepreneur, do not leave the idea loses its strength. Do not let time do you lose forces to you! The excitement of knowing what we want for our lives is a very powerful engine, but if with that great emotion we bogged us, thinking. When you need to be, will be, they will come better times for my idea, later I begin; Thus we have regressed (without even having begun). Wake up! 6. Move towards your goal! Towards where? If it has not set a target, it is time to do so. Without knowing where we are going, seguro safe we will arrive at any destination.