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PCE Germany GmbH

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Infrared thermometer allows a very fast temperature measurement and excellent features of this are its ease of use. With the infrared thermometer PCE-FIT 10 PCE Germany GmbH presents a further interesting instrument. “Not just now to the looming pandemic (H1N1), often called swine flu” is known, are thermometer asked, with whose help everyone capable of is especially fast contactless temperature measurements on persons.Today’s infrared thermometer work with State of the art technology, so that there is no direct body contact is necessary. For the measurement they are held just several inches before the end and within a few seconds to get the exact result. This radiated heat from the surface of the skin by means of a sensor is recorded, converted to a temperature value and then to the display.

Pleasant and hygienic it is not! Every mother knows the problematic situation: you are stressed by the Quengelei of the child and would then have an exact measurement of the fever in a conventional way perform, cost nerves! Using an infrared thermometer to not notice the little ones at all. For example allows the infrared thermometer PCE-FIT 10 also an observation of temperature development, to do this, it saves the last 32 measurements. In addition, this practical helper offers an alarm function. An acoustic warning is exceeding a set limit. Infrared thermometers have reinforced now in practice. Due to the fast measurement and hygienic handling, since no protective covers or disinfectants are required, they are found now often in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Particularly suitable infrared measurement in large-scale sample checks, E.g. at the airport if infection is suspected. Thanks to today’s infrared thermometer is finally the time is over, as you had to perform a time-consuming measuring of contact on conventional type and the accurate measurement result depended on adherence to the measuring time and exact placement.

Biotechnology Industry

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Automated cell cultures are advanced technology of the startups InnoCyte affordable Munich, July 13, 2011. Cell cultures are used for pharmaceutical research and development as essential, as for the production of biotechnological products, about vaccines or complex proteins. Though cells are often required in large numbers, their reproduction is mostly manually operated until today. Reason for this is the fact that so far very elaborately automated procedures and amounts from about 150 000 euro to spend are especially costly. Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation IPA, have succeeded in developing a technology, which allows to produce cells much easier and lower cost already from around EUR 25 000. In June, the engineers with participation of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft founded the InnoCyte GmbH to the commercialization of patented technology directed by Fraunhofer venture. The base product Split.It comes in the summer of 2012 on the market.

Almost all Life sciences work with biological cells from genetic research to drug development through to the construction of the fabric. The production of biological cells is a key process for the development and approval of drugs (pharmaceutical screening) and for the production of artificial tissues (tissue engineering). The significance of cell-based experiments and the safety of artificial tissues mainly depend on the reproducibility of the cell material. The automated cell production reduces the risk of contamination and errors that goes hand in hand with manual processing. At the same time increases the quality of cell cultures, because all Central processes run according to a standardized schema. For these reasons, many of the more than 40,000 cell culture laboratories are worldwide of a standardisation and automation of production processes are interested. Previous systems of automated cell cultures are very time-consuming and costly but by robot technology, to which they are linked, and therefore most laboratories prohibitively expensive. The founders of InnoCyte GmbH has developed a technology based on differences in pressure, which enables the automated production cells for one-sixth of the cost of previous system solutions: while amounts on approximately 150 000 euros must be applied for existing systems, the solution by InnoCyte about 25 000 euros is feasible.

SKV Configurator

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After the implementation of the SKV Configurator yesterday, started full operation with the new configuration tool. SKVTechnik draws positive conclusion following the introduction of this new technology on the online shop. The introduction of the side channel blowers Configurator saves customers search time. The intelligent search function is programmed, that after the process of elimination not applicable ads are excluded from the search list. This reduces the number of found machines every time when entering a new parameter. Customers can enter following parameters: flow rate in m/h, bladder pressure in mbar, suction pressure in mbar, motor characteristics (phase), types of installation, connection types, price. How did the introduction? After initial problems with the performance of the server, the provider could not establish a satisfactory performance of the configurator.

This parameter settings were necessary to the system, which regulate the load distribution of the system. In the evening, SKVTechnik which determine expected performance and the introduction of the implementation could as call succeeded. What’s new? The technology relies on the now proven system of “One Step to Conversion”. The goal of making the selection of the desired side channel blower with few clicks, will be consistently implemented. What are the customer benefits? Customers not only save money for purchasing, but also seek time at SKVTechnik.

Either the customer search cannot be answered immediately and online side channel compressors or customers having unsuccessful search, you have the possibility of finding their side channel blowers the form search. Drive the team from SKVTechnik is clearly the customer satisfaction. What will be implemented in the future in the SKVTechnik online shop? SKV technology – callback service against end of may 2013 is implemented in SKVTechnik of callback service. Problems with the installation of side channel compressors in system solutions through an online shop are not always solved. Systems become more complex and require the skills of an engineer experienced with the use of side channel compressors. The SKV applies technology callback service in action here. Let customers consult with competent partners of SKVTechnik! SKVTechnik will report.

Fraunhofer IAO

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New study identifies success factors for technology management that is closely linked with the ability, technologies to develop competitiveness of companies. This applies especially to the manufacturing sector in Germany. Against this background, the Fraunhofer IAO has examined on the basis of a survey of success factors for the development of new technologies, as well as the increase in company sales growth. Based on the study is a survey among 95 companies both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies in the industries: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive and metal. They evaluated their own technology development on the basis of 29 factors for relevance and value. Moreover, the study of regression analysis shows which of the success factors associated with the revenue growth. The by industry and size of enterprise itemized study results show that the most important success factors for technology developments in the areas of customer focus, expertise and strategy lie.

The valuation difference of the success factors is rather low compared with industry. Larger differences when comparing the SMEs with large business; they assess the relevance of the 29 factors higher than SMEs. The biggest differences lie in the areas of competence, patent strategy and trend analysis. For the initiation of technology development projects, especially the integration of market-pull, technology-push, creativity of employees and/or the strategic market growth objectives play an important role. When asked after the factors that have a positive impact on sales growth, seven success factors were identified. Mostly these are based on extrinsic aspects, such as systematic identification of target markets and rapid consolidation of partners. But also intrinsic factors, such as the formation of an interdisciplinary, professional teams have an impact on sales growth.

The companies surveyed, where these factors are stronger than in other, came with regard to their sales growth through the global economic crisis in 2009. The study is part of the third presidential project, in which the Fraunhofer researchers have explored new methods of technology management, as well as the systematic development of new technologies and the technology market. The publication appears at the beginning of April 2012 and is available at a price of 45 in the ILO-shop. It is addressed primarily to readers from technology-based industries. In particular, executives, professionals and consultants are addressed, but also teachers and students can gain valuable insights. A summary of the key findings of the study is available from the specified contact.

Patented Safety Technology

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When the Geminy key safe design meets safety and connects to the extremely hard surface to an optimal solution. The mechanical GEMINY key safe protects the inner key through the patented GEMINY double pen technology and is very easy to open with the suitably coded security key. The code key must be pressed only. Then the safe slider down moves and the deposited key can be removed. To close the safe slider is moved up again. Recoding: In the event that the key is missing the key safe, is provided. With the vault more key are supplied in addition to the primary key in an envelope sealed. The first xm1 code key is lost, the key safe with the next code key can be opened.

Only this code key opens after closing. The previous ones have become useless. Also work on the same principle other code key supplied. Loss, use of a string key picks up the functionality of the previously used code key. The safety-relevant parts be cut only from full steel.

This prevents connections cuts and edge – the material is homogeneous and has no potential points of attack for burglars. 3D-Frasungen enable the CNC milling machines used for the production of the GEMINY key safe, so even complicated contours are possible. You work quickly, accurately, precisely the same and at the highest quality level. The following after milling hardening on 64HRC and the galvanic coating with corrosion-resistant coating system provides wholly-owned stability and a homogeneous surface. So the GEMINY key safe protects not only steely, but also noble looks. GEMINY security products find application in the field of vending machine and door security. Here, they protect not only lock cylinder in the High Security Division, but also doors of private homes. Further technical details are online under available.