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Digital Libraries

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For years, educative institutions and organisms deprived public and worry to transfer works, articles and contained forms to the digital format. The projects of digital libraries are outlined like one of the instruments that will help to universalise the knowledge. From 2007, it is possible to be consulted of gratuitous way and through Internet all the bottoms of Spanish historical legislation, from Cortes of Cadiz of 1810, guarded in the library of the Congress of the Deputies. Of this form its public access, its preservation is guaranteed and care, since the physical manipulation of those most valuable documents is avoided. But the intention to unite the knowledge with the new technologies does not remain here. The EU tries to create a digital library, that in 2010 will have six million books at the disposal of all the citizens.

Of parallel form, and from 2006, UNESCO it is working in a similar project, a species of World-wide Digital Library. It is tried to create a deposit in Internet, frees and gratuitous, of materials cultural ” frequent and nicos” available in multiple languages. The digitalization is the second step, after the introduction of the new technologies in the management and operation of the public libraries, a recent phenomenon. To thus it shows to the report the Public Libraries it in Spain. Dynamic 2001-2005 of the Foundation Germa’n Sanchez Ruiprez. Four years ago, only one of each two points on watch of the public libraries used these tools for the cataloguing of their bibliographical bottoms; 37% hardly had an automated catalogue and available in format Web and the same proportion they lacked a service of access to Internet for the users of the libraries.


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This is associated with obtaining permits for the purchase of the War Department in Izmir and the Chief Cadastral Management in Ankara. Being in essence a formal act, certifying that the land does not belong and not used by the state and military officials, the procedure for obtaining this document from Izmir lasts from 3 to 8 weeks. After receiving the declaration, the formalities of registration and registration in the Land Registry management rights property, subject to inventory the book and the issuance of the deed, cross-legged 'TAPU', completed in one day. "02/06/2006 introduced a new procedure for the documentation procedures for purchasing real estate by citizens of Russia in Turkey Republic. Certificate of ownership (Title Deed) for the Russians are now issued with a residence permit issued for a period of not less than 6 months (previously it was not required).

The residence permit is issued in local Directorate of Security, the Department for working with foreigners in declarative manner. When applying for and obtaining a permit to a private client presence. After its receipt, you must not later than than 3 months to provide a copy of this management Tapu, or a certificate from the Cadastre management that the property acquired, but the documents at the moment are on clearance. Otherwise, view permit will be revoked. Documents required for application: – acting for a period of at least 6 months passport – 4 color photo 3,5 x4, 5 cm – extract from the account of any Turkish bank on the availability of the sum of not less than than 1200 dollars or 1200 euros (or certificate of conversion of the sum of the Turkish lira) – application form (issued on the spot).