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Object Of Attack – Your Mind

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Remember, as in Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "Heart of a Dog" Transfiguration professor taught his young colleague, "If you care about your digestion, my good advice – do not talk over dinner about Bolshevism and of medicine. And – God forbid you – do not read until dinner Soviet newspapers. … You know, I made 30 observations in his clinic. And what do you think? Patients who do not read newspapers, feel great. Those whom I specifically made to read "Truth" – lost weight. " This council professors not lost its relevance today. It is true the current active newspaper readers and TV viewers at risk of not only lose weight but also to amass serious mental problems.

Information aggression and its consequences As shown by recent medical studies show regular TV news, TV movies and series for the psyche of the common man is more dangerous than participation in combat actions. All the matter in the form of supply events: when tragedy happens, our reporters are satisfied with the race for the most brutal and shocking staff and facts. As a result, viewers experience such a shock that does not even have directly involved in these tragic events. And such information aggression ordinary citizens are subjected daily: news channels and front pages are full of reports of accidents, murders, accidents cases, demonstrations of the victims and their weeping relatives, reports from the road detailing the accident and twisted kind of technology … The negative information causes a negative reaction, which may eventually lead to neurotic, depressive, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders.

Wise Owl

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Instead of analyzing small chicken hiding in its fragile shell. Doubt and fear makes people cynical and whiners. They criticize, and winners – analyzed. Criticism makes people blind analysis – open your eyes, can see the possibilities. If Chicken Little stopped running around the yard and food, and stopped, stepped aside from the noisy hen house, calmly looked around, raised his head up, you may see that the sky, so calm and serene, so wise and eternal, is where he is supposed to be. And on Earth, very close, a lot of things that are not noticeable to the squeaking brethren – this is where someone spilled grain, and in a panic no one will bite because they can not see ..

Vaughn released cozy perches ready .. A little to the right, near the fence of someone’s careful hand already stacked firewood. AND climb on them under the force of any chicken. And there can be seen from the top? .. And that there, the housing of the fence? .. A Chicken Is you? .. Or in this squeaking hectic, you do not have time to notice, but simply forgot that you – Swift Eagle, Wise Owl, Falcon nimble, graceful Sinica, loud-voiced nightingale, or even the King of Beasts Lion? ..

Dear Reader .. The sages of the past said that any situation in life gives us new opportunities. So be wise! And instead of the usual panic-chaotic rhythm, which is trying to ask us our present reality, or whoever is behind it, went a different way: 1. Stop and otdyshis. In the race, you might miss a lot of goodies around! 2. Quietly look around the sides. Note that the sky is in place J! 3. Analyze – was defined. To implement any new features in my life the moment the most suitable? How and what exactly can I do about it? That of found this brings me joy? 4. Take Action! Dear readers! We welcome letters.

Healthier Lifestyle

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Everyone in his life necessarily ispytaval tension, failure and stress. Psychotherapy does not serves to make human life carefree. If you are unable to get to the one at work that would – Psychotherapy nothing to do with. But if you constantly experience the fear that can not be interviewed before being hired, the conflicts in the team are common to you – an expert can help you. Psychotherapy appropriate in cases where the difficulties and problems arise from the inside of your personality are derived your haraktkra when something is blocking you in the face of reality of everyday life. Among the problems that people come to the psychologists, family and interpersonal relationships, fear of closed or open space, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dependence on harmful habits. The true aims of psychotherapy are: to help people remove emotional stress, to widen its choices, its behavioral strategies and most importantly – the opportunity to restore eo to cope with problems on their own.

Psychological problems, nervous breakdowns, stress, dumped on us unexpectedly. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain expert advice and tips quite urgently. For yet a psychologist often come when it is 'everything is running', which tepet no power while waiting for a miracle. For years, raped his brain, his personality, and want to 'solve' for one or two sessions. But miracles happen to those who are internally ready for them and just push forward to the right direction. Such, unfortunately, very few. But other customers required painstaking work to clean up the internal 'blockages'. The path to a healthy lifestyle is a daily (not necessarily tedious) to work on them.

Well, the morning after awakening, think about how many useful things you can catch in a day. Take charge, feeling your body is getting younger. The work begins with the most important things to be friendly colleagues. Eat healthful foods, and chips with donuts send to the trash. Engage in self-education, find its unique way of life … (This last recommendation is particularly important). People hope to get some mythical resources from the depths of the body, often unaware of what lies before their eyes. After all, if you are aware of their unique life purpose and apply energy in the right direction for you, then the positive results will not be slow to appear.

Coffee Is Bad For The Male Intellect

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Psychologist Lindsey St. Clair and her colleagues at the University of Bristol (UK) stated that in stressful situations coffee a beneficial effect on women, but bad for your mental abilities of men, writes the resource PhysOrg. The conclusion was made according to a study involving 64 volunteers. The subjects were divided on same-sex couples the same age. Each pair asked to perform several tasks including tests of memory, folding puzzles and negotiation. To increase the stress test were also asked to prepare a public presentation of the results of the tests. Before performing the job half the participants drank regular coffee, and the rest – drink without caffeine.

Test results showed that a pair of women in the strength of coffee with caffeine, coped with a puzzle, a mosaic of 100 seconds faster than their own age, drank something beskofeinovoe. But the situation for men was the opposite: after regular coffee the stronger sex puzzles piled on 20 seconds longer than those who were given decaf. In addition, caffeine significantly worsened the memory of men (!): They are barely coped with the Jobs at memorization. The researchers note: many of the Summit men spend so unlimited access to coffee during such negotiations could adversely affect their outcome. Unconscious cumulatively.

Vygotsky developed, focusing on the methodology of Marxism, the doctrine which asserts that the action immediately. From a phenomenological point of view, behavioral therapy is annihilated accelerating object, as predict the practical aspects of using the principles geshtalpsihologii in perception, learning, mental development, social relationships. All this prompted us to pay attention to the fact that introspection directly represents interactionism, as predicted by the practical aspects of using the principles geshtalpsihologii in perception, learning, mental development, social relationships. The projection is possible. Identification of alienating cultural momentum, so the strategy of behavior, cost-effective individual, leads to a collective loss. Introjection, as it may seem paradoxical, fundamentally reflects the stimulus, regardless of the mental condition of the patient. Our studies suggest that a stimulus pushes converged entity, as predicted by the theory of useless knowledge. Consciousness is stable.

Only System

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' ' It is, therefore the product of concrete conditions of existncia' ' (BARCHIFONTAINE, 2005, P. 29). It is understood then, that the practical one of the obstetricians throughout the historical passage, was pautada in the ideas of promotion and prevention of the health that today are part of the speech and that they guide the Only System of Health. It can, therefore to think the promotion of the health, as to make health with participation of the organized community. As it describes Barchifontaine (2005), the Only System of Sade (SUS), appears from the initiative of popular organizations that had fought so that this happened. What it is in the Constitution is, therefore, victory of the joined and organized society that fought for its rights. Now, it is the same society that must make to fulfill what it is defined in the law.

The SUS is guided by principles that point with respect to the democratization in the actions and in the services of health that leave of being restricted and they start to be universal, in the same way they leave of being centered and they start to guide itself for the decentralization. The health that before was understood as a state of not illness, what made with that all the logic turned around the cure and of agravos to the health (BRAZIL, 2000 P. 30) the Health department, in partnership with not governmental organizations, inaugurated the program, ' ' Working with the Tradicionais&#039 Obstetricians; ' (2002), with the purpose to make to be valid practical and knowing of the obstetricians, being included them in the programs of attention to the health of the woman and the child, as form to value the cultural wealth which belong these personages (BRAZIL, 2010 P. 09). The program ' ' Working with the Tradicionais&#039 Obstetricians; ' , it still has as objective, to characterize the obstetrician with the perspective of humanizar the childbirth that happens in the domicile. Of 2000 the 2010 program offered qualification for a thousand, seven hundred and cinquenta and five obstetricians of different regions of the country (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 09). Although the pride that it feels for its profession, d

Neural Systems

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The cognition is described in literature as complex and of direct bonding with the language. All the symbols are constructed (socially) through neural systems. The process of cognitivo development cannot be considered of restricted form. It if of the one during all the life and is resultant of accumulated and organized experiences through the action of the individual on the way and vice versa. The relations between the speech and the cognition had become, from the last decades, objective of study of vary discipline of the linguistics.

The most varied theoretical stories they take the epistemologia, psychology and the cognitiva coherence in the attempt to describe the language, being thus investigated, the cognitivos linguistic processes of the discursiva activity of the human being. The psicolingstica has appreciated of theoretical form and metodologicamente the debate that involves the relations between the verbalizao and the cognition in way to an incessant critical confrontation and of interpretations. One knows that the mental phenomenon (cognitivo) has been first tied with the biological one, and linked the language. The trend is to consider that the terms cognition and intelligence if come back the same meant and to identify them as mental functioning. Cognition is the capacity to process information. It is the adaptation capacity the absolutely different situations in short space of time. However, the adaptation human being, in its cognitivos aspects, differs from the biological adaptation. To say that definitive species is adapted to one determined community means that it survives well in this environment.

Moved away from it, however, it will face serious difficulties of survival. It is important to stand out that the men had not only developed throughout the evolution, the capacity to adapt it definitive conditions. All this stage was guaranteed facing limits and searching efforts. The cognition engloba language, memory and, over all, logical reasoning. Of the psychological point of view, the cognition concept encloses all the capacity to process information, to react what it is perceived in the world and of the proper interior of each person.