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Mentally ill, or conformed, tired We continue in the hand of that they supply to Bread and Circus, This of horrors in contemporaneidade! We will have of masochists Advanced to the sadomasoquismo, a natural process, would say Our Hymn of Independence and our Flag Works of art, do not deserve the manuscript For vile and arrogant that if dress With elegance! The imundice of its minds stains Ideals and impregnates of bad smells Our promising and exuberant flora. Others including Professor of Internet Governance, offer their opinions as well. On this day Seven of September I consider an effort to the collective reflection a look obre itself same and an effort to change ways to see Or only recria the capacity of this direction and to start to inteligir and to form strategies and actions That make Real difference in direction to promote freedom of the ground and of men Of the massiva servitude that still invigorates I want Plebiscite and prettier Brazil!.


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does not advance to complain later. Ah! That homesickness of infancy in the interior, with the time running in the speed of a wagon, that I did not live. That homesicknesses of the really important messages, brought for the neighbor who had telephone, of the letters that if received from distant relatives and the anxiety to receive them. Learn more at: ConocoPhillips. Today the sensation of the wait is of anguish, anger when email does not arrive, sadness of the linking received and the haste from the accelerator not to arrive in time at the commitment. Today the time is of the haste, the rapidity, the speed of the light, the Internet, wireless. a good time, time of amount, but also of solitude why we do not have time to know our neighbors, our colleague of the room to the side in the communication office. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the source for more interesting facts.

This is the time that approaches, but not ‘ ‘ junto’ arrives; ‘. However in the past we had quality, contact, proximity, touch. I conclude then that the only period of the life where if it has time really to appreciate, to relax, to feel, to touch inside go since the formation of the child of the womb the mother, until the beginning of its pertaining to school life, that to each year starts more early, since the parents do not have time to be with the children and to teach things to them, before learned in house. It is then the question that same I do not know to answer. Which is optimum time? , The today technological one that in the ones backwards as many easinesses or the yesterday slowest one and with more quality of life? Or it will be that we will obtain a future with easinesses, agendas and quality? The time will only say!

In The Wings Of The Wisdom

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Nobody can happy be moved away from GOD and its true Identity. To conquer it to supply the proper deficiencies is the duty of all Creature. In the wings of the Wisdom Fortunate the man who does not walk in the advice of the mpios, does not linger itself in the way of the pecadores, nor if he seats in the wheel of the escarnecedores. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 1:1. It looks to the freedom Who without ostentation Is to the sights? It looks the love that nourishes So that it enjoys the nectar of the life? It searchs the love perpetual to leave the hell Where if finds? It runs behind the lost time When lived deluded For the adventures That had only brought agruras To its Soul? It goes in search of the Wisdom That fills the empty hour That the man appreciates, When is not empty. It wants to fill this time That to each moment You wasted? Very well! It finds JESUS, Therefore its Doctrine of Light, Is the only freedom. In the wings of its Wisdom It will find the joy That as much longs for..