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If you use your phone to surf the Web, view photos, videos, or movies, fullscreen style is recommended, if you are a more focused user productivity you need answer many emails a day and edit spreadsheets and documents, one that has included Qwerty keyboard suits you. Conclusion as it relates to the design of the equipment, it is important to make a reflection about the importance of the design aesthetic and define what will be the main uses, for example, If you want to take photos at parties, so easy what do a self-portrait? It has a mirror to see you or screen double to frame the photo? If you write many text messages, is com the keyboard? are the keys small? is it easy to use? It has functions of auto-complete text (T9)? You can write messages with one hand?, if you’re going to surf the internet, do need a stylus (feather screen)?, among others. Music playback, with regard to the reproduction of music there are two main formats, used by iphones and MP3 for everyone else. In my personal opinion, I prefer MP3 files for compatibility that have become the standard market format, although there are format converters, you lose a little of the sound quality and long time when are considerable amounts of information. It is important to analyze if the computer has playback options appropriate to our needs such as: equalizers, lists of reproduction, sort folders, play audio books, as well as audio fidelity. Capture pictures: this point is simple, the more mega pixels have a camera, better is its definition except, in the case of cameras that use digital interpolation. A pixel is the smallest unit in which decomposes an image (a point), a mega pixel is equal to one million pixels, therefore, the amount of pixels in an image, is related with its quality and the level of distortion that present to make an enlargement (pixelation), therefore, if someone is going to enlarge an image to print a poster, or publish a magazineYou will need to take photos with a more mega pixels camera that someone who is going to print size photos photo frame or that is going to send an email, but in the case of a camera with interpolation digital (as it is the case of low-cost with many mega pixels and a small lens cell) what they do is simulate a larger image that in reality they take, using a computational program that fill in gaps (gaps in the image) pixels with colors that are appropriate according to the surrounding pixels, thus takes a picture, enlarge it and fills in the holes to make it look like an image of higher resolution (more mega pixels), outcomes are generally good, but not as much as a real resolution camera. .

The Wise

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-To see if I understand, be in the circle makes you unhappy. -So. – And he is not. -So. – And how it came out? -Never came! Which circle is that? -The circle of 99. -Really, you don’t understand anything.

-The only way to understand it, would prove it with facts. -How? -Making the page entering the circle. -That, force to enter. -No, Highness, nobody can force anyone to come into the circle. -Then will have to trick him.

-Does not lack, Majesty. If we give him the opportunity, he will go alone, by himself – but he not will realize that this is your unhappiness? -Yes, you will notice. -Then you will not enter. -Do not you can avoid it. -You say that he will realize the unhappiness, which will cost you to get into that ridiculous circle, and anyway enters him and he cannot escape? -As is, Majesty. Are you willing to lose an excellent servant in order to understand the structure of the circle? -Yes. -Well, this evening I turn it to search. You must have prepared a bag leather with 99 gold coins, or one more or one less. 99! -What else? I have guards just in case? -Nothing but the bag of leather. Majesty, until night. -Until the night. So it was. That night, the Sage went to look for the King. Together is they slipped up the courtyards of the Palace and hid next to the House of the page. There they waited for the dawn. When the first candle was lit inside the House, the wise man grabbed the bag and attached a paper saying: this treasure is yours. It is the award for being a good man. Enjoy it and don’t tell anyone how you found it. Then he tied the bag with paper in the door of the servant, struck and returned into hiding.

Industrial Revolution

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Representations of the Tarots were found in ancient Egyptian temples. Some scholars argue that this mancia was born there, under the protection of Hermes Trismegisto. Others claim instead that had its origin in India or China, since fine barajas Oriental thousands of years old have been found. There are tarots based on Kabbalah or the Celtic calendar. But without a doubt, the people most linked always to the mysteries of this practice, has been the Roma people.

The Gypsy tarot perhaps confirm this mancia Hindu origin theory, because Gypsies arrived in Europe around from 1417 de La India. In his eternal vagrancy, however, known that they used to pass through Egypt. Nothing is certain, thousands of possibilities surround the origin of the tarot. It is known with certainty that this free, lively and rebellious people was the first to carry the tarot to the West. The Gypsy tarot fascinates Europeans in such a way that shortly after his arrival the Gypsies because they have a reputation for great cartomanticos. The Roma people has been very frequently persecuted and despised by their particular way of living, but the Gypsy tarot has always aroused a huge interest. His wisdom, in tune with the Gypsy customs, is eminently practical and oral transmission.

There are no treaties of Gypsy tarot. Simply, the daughters and granddaughters have grown up watching their mothers and grandmothers pull letters. And each one has brought the knowledge of their own experience, in a string of incalculable wealth. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the Gypsies were considerably reduced their chances of earning a living, and the practice of tarot intensified. It was a somewhat dark age for the Gypsy tarot, because not everyone had with necessary knowledge and preparation. Today, however, the Roma people has returned to the splendor of its cartomantica tradition, which says that only the best can practise it. Today, the Gypsy tarot is back in the hands of those wise women who call letters tarot cards, and treat them as to one member of the family. With the confidence of a daily treatment and direct that teaches more than any book. And that ensures that the cards, knowing is heard and respected, be offered to those who see most valuable for your present and your future tips and predictions.