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Hedron Infotainment

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“Hedron home Infotainment system now for iPhone lovers more interesting families Infotainment box multimedia cow” and the multi-room solution from Hedron are extended to a possibility of remote control via iPhone and iPod touch. No matter whether a single box for the living room or the solution for the whole House who no longer wants to give his iPhone on the loved ones out of hand more has now another reason. The functions of the home Infotainment devices such as live television, recordings, archives of videos, music and photos, as well as Internet can be operated via iPhone. The remote control functions, as it is, also recorded on the iPhone can be started and managed. According to Petra Diamonds, who has experience with these questions. In addition, the recording if necessary directly on the iPhone can be viewed. The music stored on the home entertainment box or server you can on the iPod also call and play.

These opportunities offer the user more freedom and flexibility in where and when he will consume its entertainment and information would like to. The manufacturer provides additional information about the Hedron Infotainment system directly. Investors can obtain a free, no-obligation live online presentation at the time of your choice from home with personal advice.

TuV Service

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Warranty system equipment celebrates five year anniversary with Roadshow – Roadshow from October to December in four German cities – successful certification of the guarantee system equipment – beginning of 2011 special warranty solution for quantities up to 1 t Berlin, October 15, 2010 – the guarantee system equipment of BITKOM service company celebrates five year anniversary. With the introduction of the registration requirement for manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment on 24 November 2005, the BITKOM service company has the guarantee system equipment developed. About 1,200 companies the subsidiary of the Federal Association BITKOM has in the past five years in the fulfillment of its warranty obligations supports and attained market leadership in the area of warranty status. This system was expanded in 2008 with development of the registration service and the procurement of disposal conditions. In June 2010 the quality management of the guarantee system has been officially certified equipment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Futurist has to say. The TuV hm the certification according to the DGVM criteria (Deutsche Gesellschaft for association management e.V.) and DIN/ISO 9001:2008 before. Processes in the areas of warranty position, the implementation of the registration service and the mediation of disposal conditions have been examined.

“The guarantee system equipment is not only a manufacturer-friendly cost structure, but can documented now by the TuV also reliable quality at the highest level official certification”, says Anja Olsok, Managing Director of BITKOM service company. To specialize in the needs of manufacturers with low sales volumes and hence startups market entry to facilitate, the BITKOM service company from beginning of 2011 offers a special warranty solution. This collective insurance system aimed at manufacturers who make less than one tonne of waste electrical and electronic equipment per year in traffic in all types of equipment. On the anniversary of the five-year history of success, the BITKOM service company organized a road show. Because the electrical law throws even today in affected Taking questions on. Together with speakers of 1WEEE practical knowledge is imparted in the framework of the road show services and the environmental law firm Dr.

Rhein, to support companies in the implementation of the WEEE directive (waste electrical and electronic equipment) target-oriented. Also, the road show offers the possibility to ask the local experts. Details about the events in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover and Munich can be found on in the downloads section. The dates: October 21: Berlin, BITKOM Convention Center October 26: Frankfurt, BITKOM Convention Center November 18: Hannover, IHK December 14: Munich, Chamber of Commerce of the BITKOM service company mbH: the BITKOM service mbH is a company of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media Association (BITKOM). The Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V. represents more than 1,300 companies, 950 direct members with approximately 135 billion euros turnover and 700,000 employees. These include providers of software, IT services and Telecommunications services, manufacturer of hardware and consumer electronics and digital media companies. BITKOM is committed in particular for better regulatory frameworks, a modernization of the education system and an innovation-oriented economic policy. Press contact: Daniela Daniel range line WEEE-FULL SERVICE BITKOM service company mbH Albrechtstrasse 10 d-10117 Berlin telephone: 030.944002-13 fax: 030.944002-77 E-mail: Web:.

A New Standard For Inspecting Leaks In The Short Cyclic Operation

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The PHOENIX L500i helium leak detector new dimension of productivity and reliability with the new helium leak detector PHOENIX L500i Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum offers an innovative and contemporary solution for leak testing of components of all kinds. From this leak detector draws in addition to an attractive exterior with numerous inner values”. High-speed leak detection, reproducibility, reliable leak detection and an absolutely novel operating convenience thanks to iPad control are just a few of the special advantages of the PHOENIX L500i. The PHOENIX L500i is a mobile unit on locking casters and may change the site at any time without problems. He improved the accuracy and reliability of your inspection business – when assessing a large number of products, as well as at individual tests – series and thus directly provides for cost savings. The PHOENIX L500i will be presented at the Hannover Messe COMVAC 08-12.04.2013. A fast running up time as also adjustable sleep and wake-up times allow a Readiness for measurement, adapted to your needs and work times. The speed of the system is unprecedented for a mobile leak detectors.

So the system for a 15 litre sample reaches a leakage sensitivity after less than 10 seconds from < 3 x 10-9 mbar l/s and after 20 seconds, less than 5 x 10-10 mbar l/s at a response time of < 1 s. At the inlet, a helium pumping speeds of up to 50 l / s is achieved. The smallest detectable leak rate of < 5 x 10-12 mbar l / s. The exclusive, industrial design of the PHOENIX L500i and a variety of special features enable a simple, trouble-free operation with long service life with low operating costs. Monitoring and control is done wirelessly over WiFi via iPad (included). After the simple system setup, you can set the desired operating mode. The measurement and the reading of the data is done via a USB interface, or can be sent in the form of a test report directly to your printer. An optional bar code scanner completes the perfect Documentation of the test. Is operated intuitively via the TFT touch panel of the iPad. This is either installed directly on the leak detector or attached to the ergonomically designed L500i iPad mount. Wireless operation is possible in a range of up to 50 m and allows maximum flexibility. The ergonomic start-stop button in combination with the red and green LED strips allow easy operation with optical good / bad evaluation. Typical applications can be found in the quality of components from many industrial areas, but also in research and development.

PET Bottles Helpers

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Thirst without remorse – EASIBACK brings bottles away idea a world novelty – so return your PET bottles easily and cleanly in the recycling process. Again this mess…! Everyone knows this messy, to be brought back often sticky wet pile of PET bottles, which yearning, the pawn machines. Is money after all. If only the annoying trappings were not… Here EASIBACK helps quick and clever: EASIBACK is a new, unique, ecologically and creates order in the collecting, transporting, and returning empty PET bottles. The specially designed shape of the notches to EASIBACK fits all standard bottles 30-40 millimeters in diameter. For more specific information, check out Professor of Internet Governance.

EASIBACK is made of food-safe plastic, is stable enough to keep the bottles during transport, and elastic enough to simply remove the bottles on the return from the bracket. The material is food safe and health completely harmless. (Similarly see: Kevin Ulrich). And: EASIBACK is exclusively in Baden-Wurttemberg is produced. The applications of EASIBACK are numerous: home of clever everyday helpers ensures clear and stable sorting. An EASIBACK range for seven PET bottles. The thirst was larger, can be several EASIBACK -elements fit together. With a handle so all bottles, not falling out or foraging cooing bruising label provide difficult reading of recycling at the mortgage machine to transport more possible, a thing of the past.

After the bottle return EASIBACK can be flat and compact in the shopping basket drop and the disposal of sticky bags or the washing of crates etc. dropped without substitution. In the RV or on long car trips EASIBACK provides good services because also here an uncontrolled prevents foraging roles of bottles. EASIBACK is there currently in the trend colours green, orange, white and black. More information and ordering see EASIBACK – EAsy SImple BACK just!

Month Refined Wisdom

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An Anusara yoga workshop with Jim Bernaert 1-3 October in Munich AIRYOGA tip of the month! “Refined Wisdom The Highest Truth” an Anusara yoga workshop with Jim Bernaert 1-3 October in AIRYOGA Munich wisdom in their diversity plays in yoga a central role. We learn how exactly we can develop and cultivate, in this workshop under the guidance of Jim Bernaert. Jimmy”is renowned for his clarity, his precise instructions and his generous and warm way. In addition he has like no other a deep knowledge of Anusara yoga, because he is one of the first Anusara yoga teacher, certified worldwide. In the 4-part workshop dedicated to Jimmy of not only the wisdom of the body, but also supports us, to recognize the wisdom of the spirit and the heart and maintain. Anusara means “flowing with grace”.

Anusara yoga founded by John Friend in 1997. It is based on Hatha Yoga and combines simple and effective biomechanical principles to the alignment of the body with a deep spiritual understanding of yoga. Currently, Anusara yoga is worldwide the most popular form of yoga. Learn more about Anusara are also available at. Jim “Jimmy” Bernaert practiced Yoga since 1984. In 1996, he joined the Anusara yoga, and was the founder of Anusara yoga henceforth intensively taught by John Friend. In 2000, Jim gained certification as Anusara yoga teacher and trainer.

His teaching style reflects his deep love for yoga practice and make it clear that yoga is not limited to a physical practice, but represents a way of life. Jimmy currently lives in Hawaii, where he taught classes and retreats. He teaches in teacher training, retreats, and workshops in the United States and Europe but also time and again. More information workshop taking Anusara yoga with Jimmy Bernaert is held on following days AIRYOGA, Blumenstrasse 6, 80331 Munich. Friday, October 01, 2010 from 19:00 to 21:30: A variety of yoga asanas the wisdom of the body Saturday, October 02, 2010 from 14:15 to 16:45: Huftoffner and arm balances the wisdom of mind Saturday, October 02, 2010 from 19:00 to 21:30: prevention, Rotary postures, pranayama and meditation the wisdom of heart Sunday, October 03, 2010 from 13:30 to 16:30: backbends and reverse poses the eternal wisdom of the Anusara yoga workshop is suitable for all levels. Jimmy taught in English. All workshop / 4 sessions: 170 (early bird booking & payment up to 17 Sept 10: 150) individual workshop session: 50 (advance booking & payment up to 17 Sept 10:45) registrations please email to the number of participants is limited. From 1 to 3 October 2010 the Anusara yoga pioneer Jim Bernaert from Hawaii is again hosted by AIRYOGA Munich.

Technology GmbH Friedrich

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Will it be a bit more? “Bergisch Gladbach – dual technology”, DT, is available on the new MicroSpy Topo’s fries research & technology (FRT). These two letters indicate the particular strength of the versatile surface gauge: the combination of a spinning disc of confocal microscope with a white light interferometer. Thus, minimal as well as more structured samples can be measured without contact, destructive and within a few seconds with micro – and nanometer resolution. The optical measuring device for users in research and product development, as well as the accompanying production control for example to measure has been designed by 3D-topography, surface roughness and contour. White light Interferometry for a wide variety of sample surfaces minimally structured sample surfaces such as lenses, glass or wafer measures the white light Interferometer in the phase-shift mode. The 3D-topography does this typically over a large area with sub-nm resolution in less than 10 seconds in a field of up to 7.1 x 5.3 mm.

She generated Topography is the starting point for more precise geometry, roughness or smoothness analyses to the measuring computer. Mirau mode, the maximum interference contrast of a focal plane will be evaluated in contrast to the phase-shift interferometry so reliably measured even more structured surface structures in 3D. In both modes, convinced the variable field size without loss of resolution, as well as the high measurement speed. Wide lens range offers a high degree of flexibility for confocal measurement the integrated confocal microscope, because here the variety, developed for light microscopy lenses can be used. The Optional long distance lenses for large working distances are an example of this.

Sophisticated overall concept thanks to his objective nosepiece is the MicroSpy Topo DT able to record up to six different lenses that can be changed quickly with a simple turn. The positioning of samples via motorized table and CCD camera. The compact Single-sensor system from the House of FRT is built on a high-quality granite base, enabling maximum system stability and metrologisch traceable results. Visit FRT in the Internet under: fries research & Technology GmbH the measure of precision the Bergisch Gladbach company fries research & Technology GmbH (FRT) offers surface measuring technology from research to production control. The innovative devices measured topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear layer thickness electro- and destructive etc. for companies from the sectors of automotive, semiconductor, Microsystems technology, optics, solar/photovoltaic, and many others. The company has subsidiaries in the United States, China, and of Switzerland, a sales and service network in the United States, Asia and Europe, as well as a branch office in Munich. The customers include well-known companies such as Bayer, Bosch, Daimler or Infineon. Press contact: Jens Bonerz FRT fries research & Technology GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 51429 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02204 842430 E-Mail: Dr. Oliver schillings Alpha & Omega PR of 47 mill mountain 51465 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02202 959002