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Environmental Education

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It should enhance cooperation and coordination between local authorities, to exchange more information and experience among local authorities. Need to change and improve existing institutions dedicated to increasing the capacity of local authorities and local environmental management. Local authorities are an important factor for the achievement of program objectives and establishing policies for the improvement of planning, dealing with the operation and maintenance of economic infrastructure, social and ecological, and more importantly, are instances of authority work closer to people. For Orestes Valdez, 1996, incorporating the environmental dimension in primary education is undoubtedly a great step forward, represents a qualitatively higher state of the process of environmental education in the national education system, as it is in multiple subjects, have a character and approach the resort, guide students to research the causes and effects of problems through the activity, and for recognizing the environment as abiotic, biotic and socio it.

Environmental education is an educational process, is a dimension, perspective and is an alternative education and pedagogy, to be developed primarily in the school, the social custom of this is afforded in the preparation of children , adolescents, youth and adults for life and is a political, economic and social development. Chapter XXXVI of the Agenda XXI, “Promoting education, training and awareness,” states: “Education is critical for promoting sustainable development and increase the capacity of people to address environmental and development, and must deal with the dynamics of physical and biological environment and socio-economic environment and human development (which may include spiritual) development, integrated into all disciplines and use environmental problems and enable, by their conduct, active participation in its improvement and protection.