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Internet Movie Database

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Also on the cast of can be evaluated by our personal interests with respect to one or another actor. For example, this actor I like very much, and the only reason I watch this movie. Or conversely, I can not stand this actor and this film respectively download and watch will not. Well, if we see our familiar producer, which we know of other interesting films, we conclude that it is accurate and will not let the movie will be interesting. Rating the movies.

A very important part in a cursory evaluation of any film. Most global rating is the IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). It global rating, this is where most of the films give an estimate of Internet users. Rating is a ten-point scale, there is a Top 250, which represents the 250 best movies according to Internet users. We immediately can see if the number of votes rather large (that is, that on this basis can make an adequate assessment) and a relatively high rating of the movie, this movie should take into account, as it likes the majority of film enthusiasts. And conversely, if the rating is low, and the number of voters is high, it is likely that this movie is not worth paying attention. The concepts of "low" and "high" rating, and each relative the user will interpret it differently, but the essence remains the same.

There are a few minor symptoms. For example, look at the date of the prime minister. I noticed that if the date of world premiere and the premiere in Russia differ significantly, the film is likely a good one.