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Thai Massages

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Usually, when the Thai massage uses no oils and creams. Only occasionally can be used by special herbal extracts that enhance the effects of massage. The main results of the patient feel on a spiritual level. Harmonized nervous system, restores the internal balance of rights. Due to exotic, like all eastern, Thai massage unique technology in some cases gives a much better recovery than classical massage techniques. To see this, just look at Chinese and Japanese women to adulthood that looked like young girls.

Usually a session lasts a full Thai massage from two to two and a half hours. But, in a shorter period can be made effective massage. In the case of a time limit, it is better to massage the parts of the body and make the most impact on them. To start need to master the basic techniques of Thai massage and do not perform complex tricks to mastering basic. You can not over-stretch the muscles, it can cause damage. Each person has their flexibility and sensitivity, their pain threshold.

Some patients with deep you feel only slight pressure, the other at the same you are experiencing pain. Massage therapist is very important to understand the extent to which you can apply pressure on body of a patient. Must start with a light massage pressure and gradually increase it as too sharp pressing always causes pain. If you monitor the condition of the patient, can be easily understood when effects should be discontinued. Kneaded massage therapist himself must speak, not too strong it seems to impact.

Clinic For Plastic And Aesthetic Surgery

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International Clinic of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – one of the few private clinics in Russia, which operates with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The clinic provides a full range of high quality medical services in the field of plastic surgery and transplantation at the present level. Permanent director and head of the clinic, Oleg Dubovik Putin has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals to provide maximum efficiency and safety of medical interventions, to achieve successful results guaranteed. C the opening of the clinic and to date has accumulated enough experience and tested technology, which until the inception of the clinic was only known abroad. The idea of creation came into being during training and the work of Dr. Dubovik in foreign clinics in Norway and Germany in the early 2000s.

At that time in our clinic treated only famous people – actors, singers and politicians. Since then and until today they are our regular customers. Chief medical officer and CEO of the clinic Dr. Dubovik is a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS), a member of International Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), a member of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (SPRAS), candidate of medical sciences in the field of transplantation own hair. Main Dr.

Dubovik advantage – a technique for incision and suture, which is hardly noticeable, as well as new opportunities for the placement of the incisions in the eye to reach the ground. Quality guarantee service and individual approach to each patient – that features blades Dr. Dubovik. Safe and high quality transplants and hair transplant – is the main credo of our clinic. Permanent director and head of the clinic Oleg Dubovik, assembled a team of highly skilled professionals to provide maximum efficiency and safety of medical interventions for guarantee a successful outcome. Since the opening of the clinic and to date has accumulated enough experience and tested technology that until the establishment of clinics have been known only for abroad. The idea of creation came into being during an internship and work of Dr. Dubovik in foreign clinics in Norway and Germany in the early 2000s. At that time in our clinic treated only famous people – actors, singers and politicians.

Malignant Neoplasms

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Malignant neoplasms, most people think of the verdict. For all those with advance disclosure and prompt treatment, the potential for effective treatment of specific diseases is approximately 70%. In features, the same result gives medical treatment in Israel. A diagnosis offered in Israeli hospitals, to assist the detection of cancer ailments in the earliest phases of their. Diagnosis of cancer in Israel carried out by non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques such as MRI, PET CT, blood tests for tumor markers, biopsy, and so on. This definition reveals the signs, only began to develop disease, with almost absolute precision. In the treatment of cancer in Israel used a comprehensive range of ways. This may occur as ionizing radiation treatment, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and any similar methods, and surgical intervention.

When surgery is employed as the norm, endoscopic methods, allowing the operation of the least traumatic deyat way. These ways to reduce and rehabilitation period, and make less postoperative discomfort. In the treatment of cancer in Israel puts into circulation in most leading medical technology and developments in this area. For example, the excellent results of treatment of liver cancer and liver metastases, allows selective, internal radiation therapy – a method of SIRT. In applying this technology, radiation kills cancer cells 'Delivered' directly to the tumor without affecting healthy tissue the patient. For treatment in Israel of cancer, should consult a medical clinic, where staff will help you get to highly qualified specialists, oncologists, will provide you with support and assistance of an interpreter. In addition, members of the medical clinic will take care of renting the right home for you, ought to period, and provide you met at the airport, transport to travel for medical purposes, and help resolve other issues so that your stay in Israel for treatment was the most convenient and efficient.

Object Of Attack – Your Mind

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Remember, as in Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "Heart of a Dog" Transfiguration professor taught his young colleague, "If you care about your digestion, my good advice – do not talk over dinner about Bolshevism and of medicine. And – God forbid you – do not read until dinner Soviet newspapers. … You know, I made 30 observations in his clinic. And what do you think? Patients who do not read newspapers, feel great. Those whom I specifically made to read "Truth" – lost weight. " This council professors not lost its relevance today. It is true the current active newspaper readers and TV viewers at risk of not only lose weight but also to amass serious mental problems.

Information aggression and its consequences As shown by recent medical studies show regular TV news, TV movies and series for the psyche of the common man is more dangerous than participation in combat actions. All the matter in the form of supply events: when tragedy happens, our reporters are satisfied with the race for the most brutal and shocking staff and facts. As a result, viewers experience such a shock that does not even have directly involved in these tragic events. And such information aggression ordinary citizens are subjected daily: news channels and front pages are full of reports of accidents, murders, accidents cases, demonstrations of the victims and their weeping relatives, reports from the road detailing the accident and twisted kind of technology … The negative information causes a negative reaction, which may eventually lead to neurotic, depressive, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders.

Foot Care

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Planar interdigital septum used in the compression of the toes in a narrow shoes without deviation of the first finger, the deformation of the nail plate, and a significant difference in the length of the fingers (in this case a finger nail short rubbing the skin long), the deformation of the toes (hammer toes or crossing). Antimozolnye caps and sleeves are made from a gel and are recommended in the presence of calluses on his fingers. Caps are used for problems with nail phalanx of finger (abrasions, calluses, ingrown nails, nail compression hammer toes) joints – in case of problems with other joints fingers (toes in the finger joints, compression joints to form abrasions, etc.). Inserts under the forefoot. Of silicone gel and a specially made flat or molded inserts for the front office. Thin plate of flexible material reduces the load on the same shape forefoot.

Often inserts are additionally equipped with cross instep arch, which further normalizes the anterior for flat and problems with the foot. The liner in combination with good instep relieves the foot, corns and prevent the emergence of the deviation of the thumb. The small thickness of the product allows you to wear them in the model and narrow shoes, shoes with heels, when the transverse arch and the base of the fingers had the highest load. When the deformation of fingers, with deviations of the thumb outward ear combination can be recommended, in designs that combine interdigital septum and insert anterior. With hammer and fingers crossed recommended gel ear loop that fits over a deformed finger and putting on shoes adjust its position. Bursoprotektory. This term represent a group of products used to protect the defeat of the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the friction of shoes. "Stone" on the leg, known to many women, while squeezing into narrow shoes can cause severe pain feelings that prevent walking.

Wise Owl

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Instead of analyzing small chicken hiding in its fragile shell. Doubt and fear makes people cynical and whiners. They criticize, and winners – analyzed. Criticism makes people blind analysis – open your eyes, can see the possibilities. If Chicken Little stopped running around the yard and food, and stopped, stepped aside from the noisy hen house, calmly looked around, raised his head up, you may see that the sky, so calm and serene, so wise and eternal, is where he is supposed to be. And on Earth, very close, a lot of things that are not noticeable to the squeaking brethren – this is where someone spilled grain, and in a panic no one will bite because they can not see ..

Vaughn released cozy perches ready .. A little to the right, near the fence of someone’s careful hand already stacked firewood. AND climb on them under the force of any chicken. And there can be seen from the top? .. And that there, the housing of the fence? .. A Chicken Is you? .. Or in this squeaking hectic, you do not have time to notice, but simply forgot that you – Swift Eagle, Wise Owl, Falcon nimble, graceful Sinica, loud-voiced nightingale, or even the King of Beasts Lion? ..

Dear Reader .. The sages of the past said that any situation in life gives us new opportunities. So be wise! And instead of the usual panic-chaotic rhythm, which is trying to ask us our present reality, or whoever is behind it, went a different way: 1. Stop and otdyshis. In the race, you might miss a lot of goodies around! 2. Quietly look around the sides. Note that the sky is in place J! 3. Analyze – was defined. To implement any new features in my life the moment the most suitable? How and what exactly can I do about it? That of found this brings me joy? 4. Take Action! Dear readers! We welcome letters.

Diagnosis Appendicitis

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Diagnosis begins with a thorough survey and inspection. Patients often a fever and is usually painful (from tolerable to very strong) right in the lower abdomen when the doctor pushes there. If the inflammation has reached peritoneum, often a "rebound" tenderness. This means that when the doctor presses on your stomach and then quickly removed his hand, suddenly becomes a pain, but only slightly stronger. Counting of white blood cells to the presence of infection, number of white blood cells in the blood is increased.

In the early stage of appendicitis, before infection develops, it may be normal, but more often observed at least a small rise of white blood cells early enough. Unfortunately, appendicitis – is not the only condition which causes an increase in the number of white blood cells. Almost any infection or inflammation may lead to an increase the number of white blood cells. So just increase the number of white blood cells can not be regarded as direct evidence of appendicitis. Urine Microscopy Microscopy of urine – urine is under microscope, which allows detection of red blood cells, white blood cells and bacteria in the urine. Urine tests are usually changed when the kidneys or the bladder has inflammation or stones, which sometimes can be confused with appendicitis. Therefore, changes in urine indicate a pathological process in the kidneys or bladder, whereas normal urine microscopy results are more characteristic of appendicitis.

Abdominal X-ray oral X-ray of the abdomen may reveal the coprolite (hardened and calcified piece of feces the size of a pea, occluding the output of the appendix), which can be cause of appendicitis. It is more common in children. Ultrasonography Ultrasound – a painless procedure, which uses sound waves to see inside organs of the body. Ultrasound examination may reveal an enlarged appendix or an abscess. However, appendicitis, the appendix is seen in only 50% of patients. So you can not see appendix for ultrasound does not exclude appendicitis. Ultrasound also helps to exclude the presence of pathological changes in the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, which can simulate appendicitis. Computed tomography In nonpregnant patients computed tomography of the appendix is performed for diagnosis of appendicitis or an abscess periappendikulyarnogo, as well as to exclude other diseases within the peritoneal cavity and pelvis, which are symptoms similar to appendicitis. Laparoscopy Laparoscopy – surgical procedure in which a thin fiber-optic tube with a camera is inserted into the abdominal cavity through a small hole in the abdominal wall. Laparoscopy allows you to see the appendix and other organs of the abdomen and pelvis. If appendicitis is found, we can immediately remove the appendix. No study, except laparoscopy, with which to diagnose appendicitis sure. Therefore, in cases of suspected appendicitis tactics might be: the period of observation, research (see above) or surgery.

Healthier Lifestyle

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Everyone in his life necessarily ispytaval tension, failure and stress. Psychotherapy does not serves to make human life carefree. If you are unable to get to the one at work that would – Psychotherapy nothing to do with. But if you constantly experience the fear that can not be interviewed before being hired, the conflicts in the team are common to you – an expert can help you. Psychotherapy appropriate in cases where the difficulties and problems arise from the inside of your personality are derived your haraktkra when something is blocking you in the face of reality of everyday life. Among the problems that people come to the psychologists, family and interpersonal relationships, fear of closed or open space, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dependence on harmful habits. The true aims of psychotherapy are: to help people remove emotional stress, to widen its choices, its behavioral strategies and most importantly – the opportunity to restore eo to cope with problems on their own.

Psychological problems, nervous breakdowns, stress, dumped on us unexpectedly. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain expert advice and tips quite urgently. For yet a psychologist often come when it is 'everything is running', which tepet no power while waiting for a miracle. For years, raped his brain, his personality, and want to 'solve' for one or two sessions. But miracles happen to those who are internally ready for them and just push forward to the right direction. Such, unfortunately, very few. But other customers required painstaking work to clean up the internal 'blockages'. The path to a healthy lifestyle is a daily (not necessarily tedious) to work on them.

Well, the morning after awakening, think about how many useful things you can catch in a day. Take charge, feeling your body is getting younger. The work begins with the most important things to be friendly colleagues. Eat healthful foods, and chips with donuts send to the trash. Engage in self-education, find its unique way of life … (This last recommendation is particularly important). People hope to get some mythical resources from the depths of the body, often unaware of what lies before their eyes. After all, if you are aware of their unique life purpose and apply energy in the right direction for you, then the positive results will not be slow to appear.

Coffee Is Bad For The Male Intellect

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Psychologist Lindsey St. Clair and her colleagues at the University of Bristol (UK) stated that in stressful situations coffee a beneficial effect on women, but bad for your mental abilities of men, writes the resource PhysOrg. The conclusion was made according to a study involving 64 volunteers. The subjects were divided on same-sex couples the same age. Each pair asked to perform several tasks including tests of memory, folding puzzles and negotiation. To increase the stress test were also asked to prepare a public presentation of the results of the tests. Before performing the job half the participants drank regular coffee, and the rest – drink without caffeine.

Test results showed that a pair of women in the strength of coffee with caffeine, coped with a puzzle, a mosaic of 100 seconds faster than their own age, drank something beskofeinovoe. But the situation for men was the opposite: after regular coffee the stronger sex puzzles piled on 20 seconds longer than those who were given decaf. In addition, caffeine significantly worsened the memory of men (!): They are barely coped with the Jobs at memorization. The researchers note: many of the Summit men spend so unlimited access to coffee during such negotiations could adversely affect their outcome. Unconscious cumulatively.

Vygotsky developed, focusing on the methodology of Marxism, the doctrine which asserts that the action immediately. From a phenomenological point of view, behavioral therapy is annihilated accelerating object, as predict the practical aspects of using the principles geshtalpsihologii in perception, learning, mental development, social relationships. All this prompted us to pay attention to the fact that introspection directly represents interactionism, as predicted by the practical aspects of using the principles geshtalpsihologii in perception, learning, mental development, social relationships. The projection is possible. Identification of alienating cultural momentum, so the strategy of behavior, cost-effective individual, leads to a collective loss. Introjection, as it may seem paradoxical, fundamentally reflects the stimulus, regardless of the mental condition of the patient. Our studies suggest that a stimulus pushes converged entity, as predicted by the theory of useless knowledge. Consciousness is stable.

Breathing Techniques

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Level 2 – a combination of movements with breathing in a certain order that uses various types of breathing. Third level – the right combination of movements and breathing with the appropriate type of inside job consciousness, which is performed on the basis of certain provisions that are available in each exercise As a result of people not only perform the exercise, and practically insoluble in it, conscious of their wholeness identity and its unity with the world. Thus, in every movement of health qigong involves all three major components of our personality – physical, energetic and spiritual – that increases the efficiency of practices compared with conventional exercise ten times. Carrying out exercises of qigong health, we do not expend energy, but rather accumulate it for our physical, intellectual and spiritual activities through daily practice. And since the amount of energy depends on the duration of our lives, practicing qigong we extend their lives. Studies from China Association Wellness Qigong in 2007-2009. the practitioners of qigong have shown that a daily 30-minute practice is most effective. Classes are 60 minutes or more showed no significant change in the energy status of practitioners.

For comparison, the fat burning effects of normal aerobic exercise classes at any kind of cardio does not occur earlier than 45-50 minutes after the start of classes. In general, qigong for health characterized by sparing regimen is exercise, even in comparison with the practices of yoga, which makes it especially valuable for people in middle and old age. Any of the exercises of qigong as well as yoga asanas polished centuries-old practice of media tradition, so do not be surprised the natural physiology of these movements to within a micron of the ideal biomechanical model of human motor activity. Breathing techniques are an integral part of each exercise, fitness qigong, helps the body build up an additional reserve of energy during practice, allowing us to be impervious to stress, less tired, always radiate cheerfulness and warmth in communication with the outside world. Working with the psyche – as an integral part of the exercises of qigong – teaches us to manage their psycho-emotional condition, to use meditation to fill every day of his life spiritual meaning. There is a myth that qigong master health can only be under the guidance of a master who, day after day will reveal the secrets and nuances practice. This is misleading.

Of course, under the guidance of an experienced instructor very well in all respects. But this is not always possible. But perhaps attend seminars, which are readily available. For example, in September 2010 All China Association of health qigong sent an official delegation, which included seven qigong masters have been trained in several Russian cities. (The report of this event can be found here). But if you arrive at the workshop knowing and having already set a minimum level of practice, you'll get much more benefit than from the ground begin to learn the exercise. In the east, saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher." Catching practice you always find an opportunity to improve their skills or to get answers to vital questions. A wizard, you can search for life and not engage. By and large this is an excuse for insecure people. Regular daily practice of qigong health – your best and most reliable teacher.