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Storage Systems

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Automation solutions by ROWA Westphalian Lippe pharmacists day visited more than 1,200 pharmacists, pharmacist and PTA on March 14/15 Westphalian Lippe pharmacists day 2 (WLAT) in Munster. Under the auspices of North Rhine-Westphalia Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann had the Chamber of pharmacists Westphalia to a Conference on the future of pharmacy pharmacy of the future”invited. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ray Kurzweil on most websites. Well-known companies and institutions with their offers presented in the accompanying trade exhibition. ROWA exhibited a picking machine as one of the sponsors of the event as the only provider of automatic warehouses for the pharmacy. The visitors could live as one system packs a – and outsources. Using videos, Pro log was also on the system supplements such as the fully automated storage and the consulting and tax Terminal visavia noted.

ROWA presented itself as a strong partner of the pharmacies. With the consulting and delivery terminal visavia ROWA offers pharmacists the Minister Karl-Josef Laumann in his speech required interest-independent, quality-assured and professional drug supply around the clock”. With this system established before local pharmacies can offer a round the clock service (depending on the set), without that staff in the pharmacy must be present. The advice can be done via a video conference from another location. The ROWA presentation on the Westphalian Lippe pharmacists day was a real magnet for visitors. Many pharmacists from the region took the opportunity to inform themselves locally via the innovative system solutions of the market leader for automated handling of goods in the pharmacy. At the same time the opportunity to speak at the ROWA stand with a long-standing ROWA users and to draw on its experience with an automated warehouse offered them.

Precise Laboratory Analysis

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A micro-nutrient analysis of blood as the basis for a targeted micro-nutrient therapy for a good mental condition requires the interaction of all the nervous system-related micro-nutrients. These include amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Micronutrients are precursors of nerve Messenger substances such as serotonin or GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid); they are for energy metabolism required and of course also construction material of every single nerve cell. Missing certain micronutrients, which can precipitate directly on the mood. Restlessness, exhaustion, depression, anxiety etc often are the result of a micronutrient deficiencies. The concentration and memory performance may be severely by a lack of micronutrients. It leads to back the missing amino acids, vitamins and co. Perhaps check out kevin ulrich for more information. the metabolism, that can affect immediate positive impact on the nervous system.

But must the dosage of the micro-nutrients to the needs of the Metabolism just be reconciled, which is possible only on the basis of a blood analysis. The DCMS-neuro-check is a proven laboratory analysis of all mental ailments. This laboratory analysis determines the required for the metabolism of the nervous system micro-nutrients in the blood. The result of the analysis is the basis for a precise and target-oriented micro-nutrient therapy then. The micro-nutrient therapy is a gentle therapy without side effects on the contrary, it strengthens not only the nerve, but is conducive to the overall metabolism. DCMS GmbH more info: Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH Lowenstrasse Stone 9 D-97828 Marktheidenfeld Tel.


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Sensitive gut? Sensitive digestion? Intestinal flora products from NATURA: 3 proven for a healthy bowel everyone has this been experienced: unhealthy diet, medications, stress and diet can upset the delicate intestinal flora. Irregularities in the digestion are the consequence and sensitively affect the quality of life. And the immune system is weakened when the intestinal bacteria from the clock. But with the intestinal flora products from NATURA, you can easily do something for a balanced intestinal function and a healthy immune system. Already a spoon daily of unflavored powder supplies the intestines with important lactic acid bacteria and support so a normal digestion. The advantages: The powder must not be refrigerated. It is very rich and contains particularly high dose active cultures.

It is also ideal for people who eat no dairy products or to tolerate. Three varieties are available all scientifically tested exclusively in the health food store and perfectly matched to the different Living conditions: intestinal flora plus for strong defense forces every day intestinal flora plus travel to protect against foreign bacteria travel restore intestinal flora helps during or after an antibiotics 1 intestinal flora plus: intestinal flora healthy every day. Supports the intestinal function, strengthens the immune and facilitates digestion with lactose intolerance. Stir in easy daily in the Musli, yogurt, cottage cheese or cold drinks. Contains the special strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis with Prebiotic FOS, in order to strengthen the good effects of the active cultures with rice flour, to the reduction of aggressive stomach acid while to promote the passage of the stomach and in the intestine to protect the lactic acid bacteria free of lactose, gluten, yeast and also excellent for children matched high doses. Special offer in March: 200 g Tin with 10% more content free! 2. intestinal flora plus travel: healthy intestinal flora on trips for the whole family.


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To deal with health insurance, send then just the billing agreement – which you print out online can – by fax to the DMRZ and confirm that that the German medical data center must send your invoices electronically at the outlets of the cost object. Tips for quick settlement Anders as often claimed can account some providers several times (except for the AOK Bavaria) in the month and get their money faster. Who so quickly on whether money wants to come, which can create also individual invoices. Also at the Porto providers should not worry. High postage costs not incurred from the electronic self billing.

Since the introduction of electronic billing, billing data by E-Mail at data collection points will be sent. The regulations themselves no longer go to the individual funds, but are grouped together document receiving Office according to, for example, in the DMRZ. Because most service providers with the same funds account incur no more than 4 or 5 letters per settlement. The required invoice slips are in the solution of the DMRZ by the way, already automatically addressed. You need include only the regulations. Shipped as a normal letter. The risk of loss by mail or at the cashier-side processing you hedge against the best by making a copy.

Electronic billing is better electronic billing are many benefits providers. The money is already after 14 days on the account and the billing via the Internet, as the solution of the DMRZ, is no longer a problem in practice. The new procedure is also cheap: instead of trying an expensive settlement Centre providers themselves can settle and hit save. In many cases even several thousand euros a year. TimeToPrint publishing GmbH & Co KG Rene GELIN Prinz-Georg-str. 47 40477 Dusseldorf phone + 49.211 40 588 11 fax + 49 211 82 84 609 email gelin@dmrz Web:

Advanced Alera Family Is Experiencing Wide, Positive Response

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Roadshow by ReSound and Otometrics presented new fitting options for wireless listening system wide interest and much positive response took to the road show, which ReSound in cooperation with corporate sister of Otometrics in March by twelve German cities. A variety of new fitting options for the Alera family were presented here. Thanks to the even more powerful chip generation of ReSound range sound processor, Alera offers an excellent sound and precise location of the room. The outstanding quality of the feedback suppression DFS ultra as well as of the SituationsOptimizers the visitors could convince based on objective measurements with fitting technique Aurical FreeFit presented the Otometrics on the Roadshow. Praise and recognition paid a total of more than 200 visitors also the innovative standard Nanotech coating of Alera, as well as the different wireless options that can be optionally purchased and used in all designs and in all performance classes. Our “Hearing ReSound Alera is now no longer just as a behind-the-ear solution with paged handset available”, so Dieter Fricke, Director Audiology of GN hearing GmbH, during one of the events.

Alera is adjusted as flexible BTE instrument with thin sound tube or listening angle, which allows programming flexibility as standard or power solution. Also we now offer Alera as In-ear system with paged microphone.” All designs of ReSound Alera is available in three price ranges. The diverse solutions enable the audiologist to numerous individual customer wishes. Thanks to the even more powerful range of ReSound chip Alera secures the hearing aid wearers in any everyday situation a top sound, very good speech intelligibility and directional hearing. In addition, Alera offers reliable and discreet connections to people and modern communication technology. Accurately detected and visualized you were during the presentations Functioning of the new feedback DFS Ultra, of SituationsOptimizers and of the noise reduction with help of metrology Aurical FreeFit, who presented the ReSound group sister of Otometrics.

Jorg Chrapek

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Another test was the novel Nanotech layer, with the housing and inner workings of Alera be protected from moisture. With obviously great efficacy; during the events, the system easily survived an approximately one-hour stay in the filled glass of water? Audio video projector, phone clip and remote control usable aroused interest all wireless components for all types, once more the wireless technology of Alera, allows the excellent wireless connections with TV, phone, computer and other communication devices. Whether audio video projector, phone clip, or remote control can any wireless components of Alera for all designs and used in all performance classes. Depending on individual needs, the carrier can they ewerben individually. “Many Roadshow visitors expressed their appreciative about the event and the innovations presented here: was first very informative, secondly super well presented both ReSound and Otometrics”, ruled about hearing care professional master Gerhard Muller of EYEsenherz optics from Berlin. And hearing master Jorg Chrapek, owner of AURIBELL, added: I think ReSound has done his homework. Well, I think that this time all products are now also available.

And I was pleased that ReSound now has a Managing Director with Mr. Kerschek, who has many years of industry experience.”the presentation was really very good” meant, for example, hearing care professional champion Dirk Hollstegge of Rheine. It has clearly noticed that ReSound wants – again positioned in the market and brings not only good, innovative products, but strives increasingly to his clientele.” Editorial Note: as one of the ReSound is known as technologically leading companies of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany. Press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, fax: – 63, mobile: (0177) 625 88 86, eMail:,

Prof Aesthetic

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Wide range of lasers and applications in Hofheim, March 2011. According to current estimates of the German society for oral and maxillo – facial surgery (DGMKG), aesthetic Laser Medicine is one of the most common procedures of all aesthetic operations. The areas of application in the face range from wrinkle treatment of targeted areas or the entire face over removal of age spots and other benign unsightly accumulation of pigment in the skin to scar correction, removing warts, benign skin lesions and tattoos. For this purpose, various laser devices and techniques available are the experienced oral and Maxillofacial surgeons. Due to the variety of applications and laser devices is essential”a careful training and training of the attending surgeon and experience, Prof.

Dr. Dr. Hans-Robert Metelmann warns of the quorum of the training course DALM (diploma in aesthetic Laser Medicine), University of Greifswald, on the occasion of the practice management seminar of the DGMKG from 25 to 27 February 2011 in Frankfurt. The basic working principle of the laser is based on the selective Photothermolysis (destroyed by heat) for melanin (complementary pigment to the staining of cells), hemoglobin (oxygen transport protein), intracellular water, or outer pigments. The big advantage of a laser treatment: A targeted approach, in which adjacent tissue is not destroyed. In addition, the laser can be used in selected fields of application as efficient scalpel. Laser types: Who does what depending on tissue structures and applications differ expert 3 laser systems: fabric can be with the wavelengths of the surgical Laser cut and wear off; This group includes inter alia the CO2 laser and the erbium: YAG laser. Vascular laser work on hemoglobin, including as a dye laser or neodymium YAG laser with a long impulse of exposure to. Pigment lasers have the appropriate wavelengths for melanin or for outer pigments (Ruby Laser, KTP laser and Alexandrite laser or) Diode laser).

Lose Weight Naturally

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Healthy weight loss has a direct relation with your diet. Natural way of removing healthy weight loss has a direct relation with your diet. A poor diet can add more fat to your body and a proper diet can help you to lose weight. Losing weight requires not only great effort, but also a control of your eating habits. Losing weight is not as hard as it looks, if you a diet recommended table by your nutritionist. Remove the healthy weight is decreases the risk of developing serious health risks such as diabetes.

Natural and healthy weight loss requires manipulating your habits and adapting new lifestyles. A lifestyle the for a not necessarily for more effective work can. But there are some general rules to lose wait. These rules include change your eating habits, heart cardiovascular exercises, no jumping every meal. Your dietitian can help you much better to lose weight. Obesity has many diseases so it is very important to lose weight. Diet can help in this matter. Follow any diet that your counterpart is following, because it would not always necessary that the same diet for you work.

A good dietitian may recommend a diet plan that will certainly help you, is to lose extra kilos. Today many people are around more towards the gym, slim and healthy. Instead of the bulky exercises can go on the diet. This diet is not only slim, but adds more charm in the face. Health consciousness has the people to conventional medicine for an instant and effective results, but most people are known the side effects of these drugs. Continuous application of these drugs can ordinary these medications with you a lifetime. Several times meeting free consultation are by the Government organized, more and more people aware about healthy and unhealthy Nutrition. Diet with proper exercise is one of the most important keys to losing weight. The body is to slow changes, not always trying to lose weight now with the help of medications or bulky exercises. To comply with always on a healthy diet, it will take some time, but certainly lose waiting to start. So if you recommended looking for healthy weight loss than diet by nutritionist, can act as a master key to. Dietitians don’t recommend using unnatural method to lose weight. After obtaining the slim body believe that you don’t need diet, in this case you are gaining back weight. Your health is precious to worry about. Chandan CHATURVEDI) is an expert author and editor of news for slimming Tipps.


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Hair transplant by the gentle r & d method now considered Turkey the land of hair transplants and cosmetic surgery. This is the case, because medical tourism is a booming industry in Turkey, which grow. The tourists made a not inconsiderable part in addition to the “normal” tourists, who come for a hair transplant in Istanbul or in General a medical treatment in Turkey. Eye laser treatment, LASIK surgery s, plastic surgery, General, dental treatments, heart surgery and IVF fertility treatments are particularly popular operation in addition to a hair transplant. For the above operations, it attracts each year more than 100,000 people in the only country on two continents. Also, the Ministry of health of Turkey supports the industry and subsidised hospitals and clinics. At the Istanbul hair transplantation, the patient has two major advantages.

The hair transplant cost is quite low, compared to other countries, and the modern r & d technology is a Hair transplantation is usually applied. The older method, in which a strip of skin is surgically removed from the mind of the patient, is only rarely applied. The r & d is also referred to as single hair transplant hair in their naturally growing units or groupings are removed and transplanted technology. This result still very small mini scars, which are hardly visible after a few days. As soon as the hairs on the back of the head a few millimetres are, nothing more is to see a hair transplant. The hair that is extracted from the back of the head and sides are then inserted into the bald areas of the patient and start to grow. The final result of the hair transplantation Istanbul then eventually is reached after about a year and is distributed to hair of the ‘normal’ no longer distinguish.

The FUE hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) is performed now for about 15 years and WINS from year to year due to their minimal invasiveness in importance and popularity. This technique which was at the beginning of internationally, hair specialist Dr. Woods recognized applied. This is regarded as the inventor and pioneer of the single hair transplantation. In the following years this technique to practice started other surgeons. In Turkey, the r & d is used since 2003 to extract hair in the context of a hair transplant. Continue the process of hair transplantation does not differ from the other technique, which is known as the FUT Strip technology. This means that after hair removal, the openings of the hair grafts are cut and then the follicular hair units can be inserted or implanted. In the metropolis of Istanbul, there are particularly many sick houses, clinics and practices that offer hair transplants. However, it should be taken care that an experienced doctor performs the operation.