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Scandinavian Auction

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Now every day more and more popular are the various Scandinavian auctions. At these auctions, every Internet user has the ability to buy household appliances, various gadgets, gaming consoles, phones, laptops, and many more at very cheap price. Usually, when such purchases, the savings is 70-90%. A tempting offer, is not it? And of course the question arises as to whether it is lies? To answer this question, let us look at the logic of the work, this turned his attention on a typical Scandinavian online auction. Bet you can do one of three ways 1) SMS – you need to send SMS-messages in order to make a bid.

2) Manual rate – the rate by pressing the bet. 3) Avtostavki. Avtostavki is something like a macro (function) that is given you, and that makes for you to bet while you are doing something else, such as running. An example of bidding: Let's put up for auction a new phone, a market value of thousands, commercials, and eight. At the beginning of the auction price will be set to 1 ruble, the auction step – 25 cents. The board is one step auction (fee rate) is 7 rubles. In total, the auction was made 623 bets, one participant made eight X rates, the eighth – the last in the whole auction, respectively, he won.

At this point, the auction price rose to 156.75 rubles (1 + 623 * 0.25). In the end, the winner receives his prize for 212.75 rubles ($ 156.75 – final price of goods at auction, and rates plus 8 to 7 rubles). And it's not cheating, now all becomes clear in the following example. Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120 Gb Black. The market value of 18,200 rubles. Usually sold at auction in 1500. Step rates – 0.25. That is actually equal to the number of rates 1500 * 4 = 6000. The average price rate for this auction – 6.5 rubles, but at first all buy small packets rates for seven and a half rubles per bet. Let us take for 7 rubles per bet. 6000 rates, we multiply by 7 rubles, we get that profit auction = forty-two thousand rubles. Subtract from this the market value of the attachment, we get about 24 thousand rubles of net profit. What may have different commission, which will drive profits to 20,000 rubles. Benefits and auction, and the one who bought it. And the rest who put – a lot of money and usually do not spend. So there is no deception, and very well thought out business idea. Turn on the logic and wit, and register for online auction Catch-priz.ru! Luck is on your side!

The Correct Density Of Keywords

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You just need to evaluate the algorithms of search engines. What we are now and will certainly be my idea and the wrong, but it is at least as it is based, rather than the mythical 5-7%, which is correct, the facts no one can confirm. My opinion is based on the following principles: – except for employees of Yandex and Google no one knows what 'necessary' density, so that does not make sense for several years on the forums to ask a question to which no one right answer is not – PS have always been for naturalness and natural – PC today are much smarter than a few years ago, they probably understand that a combination of words, repeated several times in each paragraph – it's black techniques optimizers. Concluding, we can say that I am when I write an article, do not pay attention to the density of keywords is not. My opinion – this is an outdated method of promotion, which brings benefits as much as a social run. Bookmarks, that is, zero.

Therefore, publish articles, as if PS does not exist naturally and natural. PS algorithms are constantly being improved to ensure that sites are seen through the eyes of ordinary users. Publish these texts that will be informative in the first place people, and be assured that you will automatically favor poluchete PS. Finally, I want to give some advice on how well all the same to write articles – write a title keyword, let the visitor to immediately understand what will be discussed – the first paragraph should be without poetry, informative, so it was immediately clear whether or not to read the article – Highlight important points in bold, not keywords, namely, the important points – if a word often repeated, gave him a synonym. In fact, it's everything. Sticking to these simple recommendations will make the text readable and useful, especially for men. I recommend not to fool their brains expecting some interest, but just think about the readability of the text and you will thank the search engines.

SEO Hosting

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But few know that such personal sites can still make money. Even if he made the 'template' site builder and free hosting available on the WEB-master, having no idea about WEB-programming and SEO-technologies. And if we approach this issue a bit more responsibly, then pretty well earned. The basis of such earnings is 'charging' 'rental' fee for posting on its website links to other Internet resources. Building a personal website on free hosting ucoz allows the deployment of such 'rent' links automatically. The main instruments of such earnings are so-called exchange sales references.

On the Internet there is a sufficient number of Internet resources that fall under the category of the Exchange sales links. And they are all different, both in terms of requirements to accept websites and on your own criteria performance for the most WEB-masters, such as profitability, ease of interface and functionality. The first and most important criterion in our case is 'loyalty' exchange buying and selling links to sites hosted on the free web hosting. There exists a group of exchanges that have frank 'allergy' to free hosting. The second most important criterion is the suitability of the exchange itself to work with hosting ucoz. The remote code by is hosting ucoz allows you to place links on the site automatically, some of exchange is 'too tough'. Place the same links in the manual mode on these exchanges – a big 'headache' for the WEB-master. In addition to a large and ineffective hassle order would get the so-called 'flash' link.

Pathetic attempts of some exchanges to combat this phenomenon is not producing tangible results. Such exchanges, in principle, could be left somewhere 'in reserve'. But the presence of a sufficient number of exchanges and do not suffer from this disadvantage can still not be considered exchanges that do not support remote code execution. By the way, not all free hosting providers have at least a function. Exchange purchase options remaining after 'cleaning' in the first two criteria, it can be used. The only question is: where and when? Therefore, the third criterion that the remaining exchanges can be ordered are requirements of the exchange itself to the SEO-parameters of the proposed sites.

Learn Seven Important Steps

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How much time “walking” across the expanses of the Internet and visiting various sites, you asked yourself the question: “Why do I have that? Am I worse than others? What prevents me to create something like that? “? The owners of these sites have huge number of friends around the world, communicate, develop, and most importantly make money from it. Then why do not you try to create your own website? But there is one problem that prevents many newcomers and immediately take him to create: they lack the technical knowledge and skills. Without this knowledge, anywhere. The site can not occur by itself. Of course, you can entrust all the technical stuff to a specialist, but do you know how much it will it cost? To find out, enough in any search engine (for example, Yandex) typing of the two words “book site” and look at the existing rates. I will give you an approximate figure, that you present yourself, how much money you need will lay out. To create a website of several pages (site-card) to pay about $ 500! Do not believe me? I do not believe it at first, but it is easy to check, type in just two words “to order a website” and you are in this sure. If you have that kind of money – no problem, you can assume that the site you already have and you need not continue reading this article.

Well, if the opportunity to give $ 500 you do not have, and create a site still really want it, this article written specifically for you. In this case you’ll get all the technical problems for themselves and get to work. In this article I want to tell you how I solved the technical problems. I had to go seven important steps before than get results.

Color Table

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Clicking on pley can see the result. For more high-quality animation in the gap between them can cram more pictures (as I usually work) or make an animation automatic button and click ok, we will make 5 internal staff – transitions, giving them each time to 0.2 seconds and admire, clicking on the pley. 4.2. Adding decorations and originality. And the ornaments can be practiced as to paragraph 4.1 and after. Technical side, I will not reveal here, because, unfortunately, it takes a very long time.

Let me give a couple of offhand improvements: add your own inscription, the inscription can be changed with each frame, and also may change color Palette items can distort and podriosvyvat etc. 4.3. Properly store. Remained significant milestone – to save. Do not underestimate him, because through proper conservation can save in weight to i ten / i again! A quality will not change. Proceed.

Click on the tab above the avatar – 'Optimized'. So really your avatar will look after you save, the bottom is, how much it will weigh. You need to reduce its size and the number of colors until, until you reach an acceptable weight. Colors change right in the 'Color Table'. Driving in to the desired result, choose 'Save Optimized as' Avatars and ready! 5. What is good and what is bad. Good master their unique avatars, but ill knock down someone else's authorship. You ring a bit modified avatar – this is not bad, but its author at the same time you did not. Not very good to take someone else's avatar in the forum / portal and use it immediately, on the same site. Not well set in matyugi avatar – you are not decorate, but may alienate. Guys, let's just get along:)! 6. I do not want to learn, but I want to Read the instructions and tired to the point that has ceased to exist a desire to something do? Nothing can be done later, when there will be an inspiration. And now can look at my author's avatars for forums and blogs:).

USA Products

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There are several ways to buy online when you know to buy from United States and can make those purchases in the USA are sent to an address in the United States. Many web sites do not allow shipping to an address outside the United States, so you will need to have a U.S. address can stay products purchased in that northern country online stores. This is true beyond living in Latin America, France or Switzerland. You can perform a search for web sites that offer this type of services. Of course, some web sites have reciprocal shipments with other countries by what Web sites you can achieve that shipping is direct to your door. How to buy on the Internet from the outside if you live outside the United States also can buy in United States and ensure that products are shipped to an address in that country.To make purchases in the United States that must carry out is connected in sites of search and enter the product you are looking for.

If don’t know the word in English You can use an automatic online translator by typing the word and clicking on translating from the Spanish into English; You will see the correct word that should enter in search engines in English and so may buy from United States, get products and do they released them. How to use search engines website when looking for a specific product and enter the product name into a Web search engine, you can view a list of web sites retailers offering that product for sale and purchase in the United States. . Once you enter the correct web site, you can then make purchases of products you want. An address in United States to make purchases in some cases, when you make the transaction that made from the United States may be that, while web site is responsible for the Office to your home, shipping prices are too high.

You may want to consider having a domicile in the United States to be able to save on shipping costs. This procedure is used in particular when the product you buy is very heavy or you request many different products that are shipped by different sellers. How to send products purchased to another nation when you are out shopping in the United States can achieve that they released packets that bought a home in the United States that is convenient and you’ve assigned. Because when you want to go shopping in the United States and that the products are released him to his home located in another nation, the service is associated with which it will made the purchase in USA and will dispatch the products to the residence that has chosen. Therefore, you can buy in USA and send him packages directly to your home. Buy products in USA Web sites and receive packets in your country, is now easy, fast and safe, visit us: shopping in the United States. Buy from Latin America in the United States, visit online shops: buy online in the United States.


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"Goodbye, cyberspace! Hello, blogiverse! Blogosphere? Blogmos? "Then – September 10, 1999 – the joke, said Brad Graham (Brad L. Graham), was the starting point – the beginning of a new era of the Internet – Internet2blog version (as we call it so ). Blogosphere (from the English. Blogosphere) – a collection of all blogs, scattered megasoobschestvo reflecting interest, attitudes and trends of society. The blogosphere is heterogeneous, but carries in itself maintain the integrity and relevance are clearly reacting to events in the life of the world community. Blogosphere.

Statistics Statistics search engine Technorati now in the world, there are about 76 million blogs (blog). In the Russian blogosphere blogs about 2 million. I will cite a few interesting iconic figures and facts about the blogosphere Runet. Every hour there is average about 260 new Russian Tea blog. Approximately 40-45% of this blogs LiveInternet.ru. LiveInternet daily audience of about 170 thousand people, and LiveJournal comes to 600,000. The average Russian-speaking blogger (blogger) – a Muscovite in 1921, a student in University. 64% of Russian-speaking bloggers – women, 36% – men. The average age of the author's diary varies markedly depending on blogoservisa: the average user Livejournal.com – 26 years, and bloggers with LiveInternet and Diary.ru – 19 and 20 years respectively.

Good Website – Good Incomes

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Relationship between the quality of the site, the number of possible customers who visited this site, and the popularity of the company is quite obvious. All this, of course, grows into a company's earnings. Particularly attractive look, these income, taking into account the fact that the website brings benefits far more than any, the most detailed advertisement. How to create a unique website that would be beneficial and complies with all concepts of your potential customers company of the originality and beauty? In general, it is very simple: to contact the company that is engaged in creating and promoting websites. I want to say that in a good, respectful of my work web studio nobody promise you an immediate golden mountains and do not rush to make up the site with the assurance that three days are done. Creation of the original site – it is not simple, and absolutely no guarantee that you will not have to reject some primary options. Surely studio specialists want to review your service or product, production process and other large and small nuances, to which you habitually just not paying attention.

Only after a complete view of the enterprise is the future site design, and designers to work start. Of course, the choice is yours, but it is unacceptable for a serious company, for example, the use of cartoon characters running around through the pages of the site, screaming at random colors and pupsikov with wings. Of course, if you just do not trade these pupsikami. Approval of your design decisions will lead to job and copywriters other experts, but pleasant moment is that they work, you will already be able to evaluate directly on your already existing website. We should not think that after the "start" site work will cease its creators – you can conclude an agreement on promotion of the site (which is almost always guaranteed a high rating) and its maintenance.

Web Design

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Web design is a special type of registration, most crucial goal of the project is the creation and simulation of various interfaces for a variety of Internet sites and various Web applications. Web Design and more contains a production web portal, a selection of more appropriate colors and the whole artistic creation web pages in general. Similarly, the production structure through which committed resource management, location of the portal on the specified server, the development of different banners, registration of new resource in the available search engines and online layout of web pages. The very phrase 'web – design' comes from the English word – Web design. Generally, the concept of web design appeared in our country recently, but this activity is immediately received a lot of allies.

This is due primarily to increased interest of people to online resources. As a result, increased demand for web page design. It should also be noted that the web designer can be a person who has no design education. Since in this specialty are valued mainly new art solution, special treatment, irregularity, and so on. The task of a web designer is reduced to ensure that the project is to produce what would have enjoyed considerable popularity among Internet users. It is in this context, the site must must be an integrity of color and stylistic design of the site. However, web design also implies a change of site structure, the possibility of adding or removing pages, Control blanks web design, transformation of a section of the portal. Want to talk about that in the processing of Internet resources of considerable attention is paid to ensure that the portal was given to the following the worldwide standards of W3C, which guarantees people with disabilities access to the content of this type of site. Fairly close to the concept of web design associate the phrase Internet advertising, which provides for improvement of this site and its optimization.

Correct Logo

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Corporate most important and indispensable tool in the development of the organization's reputation. When the logo was created successfully and efficiently, he can give a professional and presentable business cards, letterhead and other materials company. The main thing is the fact that he was unique and fit within the company. Therefore, in case you want to design logos, then you need to apply for to qualified designers in the special design studio. First you need to discuss with the specialist concepts that are suited specifically for your logo.

In this case, you have to be pretty responsible, After all, with a logo you will need to work in the future all the time. Can note a few points to consider when designing a logo for the firm. They will be an important criterion when you're assess whether the expected features your logo. First – the logo should all understand what the company does. An important objective of creating a logo is kind of giving a representative for the firm.

That is, you need to make prospective buyers to understand the logo, product or service you offer. Then it is necessary to clarify if your logo looks well in different sizes. Because you certainly will need to reduce and increase. In addition, make sure it looks good for different changes. In the selection of concepts for the logo, important factors are its uniqueness and originality. Of course, you would like to see all to recognize your logo, as well as compared with only your company. Therefore, it should be interesting, unique and quality and to attract attention. It should be noted that when creating a logo is never possible hurry. If you would like this result, which you'd expect, you must wait a little longer. Do not forget, logo design requires certain difficulties, but in any case, you will overcome them, of course, if you know what you want and try to achieve their goals. Nowadays, the development of logos provided by many web studio. However, when professionals need to consider not only their professionalism, but also have whether they meet all your requirements and bring their work to the desired result. Notice the price of services, experience in this area, as well as their reputation. After all, the logo – or is the success or failure. The company's image in much will depend on a successful and quality to create a logo.