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The Correct Density Of Keywords

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You just need to evaluate the algorithms of search engines. What we are now and will certainly be my idea and the wrong, but it is at least as it is based, rather than the mythical 5-7%, which is correct, the facts no one can confirm. My opinion is based on the following principles: – except for employees of Yandex and Google no one knows what 'necessary' density, so that does not make sense for several years on the forums to ask a question to which no one right answer is not – PS have always been for naturalness and natural – PC today are much smarter than a few years ago, they probably understand that a combination of words, repeated several times in each paragraph – it's black techniques optimizers. Concluding, we can say that I am when I write an article, do not pay attention to the density of keywords is not. My opinion – this is an outdated method of promotion, which brings benefits as much as a social run. Bookmarks, that is, zero.

Therefore, publish articles, as if PS does not exist naturally and natural. PS algorithms are constantly being improved to ensure that sites are seen through the eyes of ordinary users. Publish these texts that will be informative in the first place people, and be assured that you will automatically favor poluchete PS. Finally, I want to give some advice on how well all the same to write articles – write a title keyword, let the visitor to immediately understand what will be discussed – the first paragraph should be without poetry, informative, so it was immediately clear whether or not to read the article – Highlight important points in bold, not keywords, namely, the important points – if a word often repeated, gave him a synonym. In fact, it's everything. Sticking to these simple recommendations will make the text readable and useful, especially for men. I recommend not to fool their brains expecting some interest, but just think about the readability of the text and you will thank the search engines.


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Not all buyers may be high-speed Internet, a powerful computer that will lead to that photo will be a long time to boot. And this can lead to what the user tired of waiting, and he just goes with the site. But very little photos as you should not do. The buyer may not see the details he needed. This product should be embodied in different ways.

The buyer has no way to feel good, to touch and examine. So he should see a product with multiple parties in the profile, full face and fine detail. Example: Online M.video perfectly solved this problem. Any product can be virtually povertet in his hands and make out fine details. 3. Description of properties of the product plays a primary role in sales. While searching for the right product, the buyer is looking for is not even product itself, but the solution to their problems. At the same time, the description of properties of the product should not put pressure on the buyer's complex technical terminology and abstruse words.

It should be easy to read and tell what this product is needed. Example: good decisions can have podposmotret Ozon.ru and online Sportmaster. 4. The name of the manufacturer specify mandatory. Many buyers rely on certain brands, and faceless commodity simply scare. 5. Indication of the presence in the warehouse – an important selling point. Availability of necessary goods immediately catches the attention of the buyer and makes him an immediate purchase. Example: an excellent solution for the site and Ozon.ru Sportmaster.