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KES Consumption

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Today we all want to be efficient, saving energy, reducing pollution as well as spending less money. It is already at our disposal technology that makes it possible that, taking into account our qualities and overcoming our shortcomings, appropriate decisions are taken automatically to save energy, this technology is home automation. Is it possible to reduce expenditure on energy consumption without depriving us of comfort? If possible, thanks to automation systems such as intelligent energy consumption gauges that prevent your waste, as the KES from Zennio. This system is capable of measuring power consumption as well as their economic impact, in addition to reduce this consumption taking advantage of natural lighting or weather conditions, another advantage is that they avoid that appliances which consume large amounts of energy are used unnecessarily. The smart energy meters offer great advantages. Use in smart homes allow decision making in terms of consumption, since the control systems projected monthly expenses of each device avoiding the use of high-power. Due to the combination of smart meters and home automation systems is possible the detection and elimination of unnecessary consumption such as those of appliances on standby. Zennio advancement and technology s.l. home automation..