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Best Sewing Machines

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Sewing machines and equipment available in a wide choice of models from mechanical to computer and machines. Sewing machines, the latest models are able to perform many operations that sometimes confuses beginners seamstresses. How can buy a sewing machine that not only copes with the tasks, but will last a long time? Sewing machines on which we want to draw your attention on the right are some of the best, and you can just see this. Sewing Machine Brother. Many sewing machines have a computerized menu and are able to create many types of stitches. They are fairly easy to use, so You do not make great effort to understand the sewing machine. Sewing Machine Family. A distinctive feature of this brand is that sewing machines are fairly simple to use, despite the fact that the feature set of all possible options.

Many sewing machines are automatically filled in the thread, but it offers the type of stitches. Built-in menu allows you to make sure that you've chosen all the settings and always warn if something is wrong. Easy to use and a wide variety of functions make sewing machine one of the best on the market today. Sewing Machine Janome. If you want to buy a sewing machine with high-quality a variety of options at an affordable price, while sewing machines Janome-this is what you need. Machine sewing machine will help you turn into reality their ideas! It should be noted that the firm Janome is a leader in manufacture of sewing machines.

This fact is explained by the fact that, unlike other brands Janome sewing machine only produces. That's why so Janome sewing machines have succeeded in the market. Despite the huge variety of models and brands of sewing machines, typewriters above are considered to be the best. If desired, you can always see this.


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If the room is radiating appliances, you need to throw half of their power consumption. If you frequently open the windows and doors can be easily throw another 20% to the resulting figure. For example, for twenty-meter office, where the two computers are constantly running two people need air conditioning capacity (2×300 + + 100h20 2×100) = 2800Vt. But this figure is only approximate! It is desirable that the calculations still do a professional. In the case of an error in the calculations, the air conditioner will operate at full capacity all the time or stay-activated – both negatively affect the service life and quality of work. There is no need to fear large numbers of power conditioners: the real consumption of electrical power is three times smaller. The fact that the air is cooled mainly due to the colder air from the street so air conditioners can be easily included in standard electrical outlet and do not be afraid of that knock out plug or ignition occurs wiring. What are the different brands of air conditioners air conditioners can be divided into types depending on the type of design: split systems, window, portable and semi-industrial.

Windows have low prices (for example, LG W05LC worth only $ 125), as well as they are easy to install. At this end pluses in this category: These air conditioners occlude part of the window, they are not so easy to build in the window with double-glazed, and they make noise during operation. This makes the window model unsuitable for use at home (well, in an office where people work constantly, their place not worth it).

Titan – Metal Hi-Tech

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Titanium for strength is not inferior gland. However, it is almost twice as light iron. Being only slightly heavier than aluminum, it is three times stronger than its specific strength for any of the known metals can not be with him sravnitsya.Neobychayna titana.On heat resistance begins to melt only at very high temperature – 1725 degrees, while steel melts at a temperature of 200 nizhe.Titan has another invaluable quality – corrosion resistance. In this he does not concede even platinum. Corrosion, as we know, the real scourge of the metal. After all, it kills each year about one-fourth of the entire world production zheleza.Bolshuyu value is the resistance of titanium under normal temperaturahprotiv every surrounding influences of the environment. He quietly opposed the strongest corrosive substances, various acids, bases, salts.

Against the "aqua regia" – a mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids – can not resist, even gold and platinum. They are not the strongest acid, and in "aqua regia" they melt like sugar in a cup of tea. At the same titanium, this "hellish mix" does not act in any way. Under the influence of strong organic acids – Vinegar, wine and lemon stone – polished titanium surface is not even tuskneet.Velika resistance of titanium in sea water, which is highly corrosive to other metals. Being under water for five years, titanium, like other materials had grown mussels and underwater plants, but even traces of rust on it was not obnaruzheno.Kazhdoe of properties of titanium, which met wonderful in itself. How great value of this metal, if it so happily united nature of all these qualities together! In this combination, and is the true superiority titana.I yet titanium is used in the technique is currently very limited kolichestvah.V than the point? Maybe its a little? A long time he was considered a rare element. But it turned out that in fact titanium – one of the most common metal on Earth This is his superior in structural metals only aluminum, iron and magnesium. Stocks of titanium in the earth's crust are immense Him more than copper, lead, tin, nickel and other precious metals combined. But perhaps the titanium contained in the rocks and a very diffuse form and its can not produce in large quantities? Premium long prevailed and this delusion. And now in the world found a lot of rich deposits of titanium ore.

Semiautomatic Devices

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It is now widely used mechanized welding. This is due to high mobility semi-automatic, the ability to weld in confined areas. Mechanized welding is widely used in conveyor lines in machinery for welding housings of all types of vehicles and construction of structures in their pre-assembly and welding, etc. Semiautomatic devices for arc welding with consumable electrode classified according to several criteria, in accordance with the standard. By way of protecting the arc the following classification of semi-automatic: – active in gas-shielded (F) – in the rare gases (I) – Submerged (F) – open arc (G). By way of controlling the speed of wire feed are available with semi-smooth, stepped and combined management. Semiautomatic also distinguished by the method of feeding the electrode Wire: Pushed, drawing, universal. By way of cooling the burner producing semi-burner with natural cooling (up to 300 A) and with forced cooling (500 A).

The service life of semi-automatic welding adopted five years with the change of the welding torch through every six months. In poluavtomatax mechanized only feed the electrode wire, which is fed into the combustion zone of the arc through a flexible hose pustotelny, so these semi- called the hose. For welding of low carbon and low alloy steels consumable electrode in an environment of carbon dioxide in all positions except the ceiling, are widely used semi-Series PDG. Stabilization of output parameters of power supply in conjunction with the stabilization of the electrode wire feed speed allows you to receive high-quality welds. Semiautomatic this series consist of feeder, the DC power supply or a pulsed power source, welding torch, gas equipment and connecting hoses. The package includes semi-automatic welding torch type GDPG.

Management of semi-automatic descent control unit by a special unit-2 (control semi-automatic welders). In adjustment mode control unit performs the following operations: the inclusion of the gas supply to adjust its rate or dosage unit set wire feed speed, the choice of the operating cycle for welding long, short and spot welds. In the welding control unit ensures that teams start completion of welding. When you receive the command includes the start of welding gas supply, power supply and then by 0.5 turns of wire feed. If you receive a command to stop the weld off the motor feeder and it is braking off shielding gas supply and power supply, the control circuit returns to its original position. Semiautomatic welding-type PDI provides a pulsed mode. Semiautomatic CDP-516 (FS-13) can be welded solid steel as well as flux cored wire. For welding in different spatial positions, some types of semi-automatic series are equipped with knee-PDG turning device. These devices allow you to increase the productivity of welding operations as for fixed installations and mobile. In connection with the unification of the basic units semi Bole widespread are semi-universal (fast reconfigurable). One of these is the semi PN-112. Semi-automatic welding is used for self-shielding and flux-cored wire, but is easily and quickly reset to the welding carbon dioxide solid wire. In these semi-automatic with a special control unit is provided by a programmed welding current dependence on the type of electrode wire, its diameter, the welding conditions. This makes setting up semi-automatic. Welding conditions can be given a change of control knob voltage. Cassette unit and a control unit located on the chassis of lightweight construction. Semi-automatic comes chetyrehrolikovym feeders such as "IZAPLAN."

The Main Advantages Of Plants For Decontamination Of Water And Runoff

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All plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” have the characteristics of the irradiation of microorganisms in line with international standards for more than 40 mJ / sm.kv that provides a high degree of disinfection virtually all types of microorganisms for the next 30 years, taking into account the ongoing adaptation of microflora to ultraviolet radiation. Really starting irradiance in plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” 65-70 mJ / sm.kv. All companies in Russia have the worst performance. 2. The real cost of installation for disinfecting drinking water and wastewater “Lazur-M” with comparable doses of UV radiation by 1.5-2 times lower than that of the LIT, EGA-XXI Age, Lapek etc. 3.

Warranty period plant for disinfection of drinking water and waste water for at least 2 years, including all interchangeable elements: ultraviolet light and ultrasonic emitters and hosts. This is significantly higher than that of any company. 4. Simultaneous operation of UV (ultraviolet) and U.S. (ultrasonic) devices in the housing systems for disinfecting water and wastewater can reduce to 5-6 times the amount of chemicals if they are used by technology (Eg, swimming pools or other water recycling systems) .. And with the location of bactericidal plants after introduction of the disinfectant in place of the secondary chlorination significantly reduce the amount due effective despergirovaniya deziinfektanta ultrasound.

5. Plants for the disinfection of water and wastewater does not require chemical cleaning, which is important for disinfection of wastewater with low transparency and high amount of suspended solids. Installation of LIT need for transparency over 60% at 1 cm from UV radiation and no more than 2-3 mg / liter of suspended (ie, installing carbon filters, such as in Bratsk), and only if they are washed rare, but it is a very high cost. 6. Ultrasonic transducers effectively kill giardia cysts and oocysts kristosporidii (see parasitological MU 3.2.1757.03) and with UV light to ensure complete sterilization. At disinfection of wastewater by ultraviolet radiation only the required minimum dose – more than 65 mJ / sm.kv, and for disinfection of natural drinking water of at least 45 mJ / sm.kv. 7. Plants for the disinfection of drinking water and wastewater ultraviolet and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” are lightweight and compact. They do not require special foundations (as in LITA), because the weight of each module, high performance water does not exceed 250 kg (LITA 4000 kg). 8. The modular design of the stations and waste water disinfection units of 500 cubic meters / hour economically more advantageous, because standby has a lower price than LTL. Also, if you reduce the amount of water at night can disable some modules Azure, which results in significant savings of electricity consumed. 9. All modules for disinfection of water and waste water with ultraviolet light and ultrasound, “Lazur-M” assembled from easily replaceable units, which in Basically you can not even change completely disabling the installation. 10. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” have been thoroughly realistic certification in Russia and abroad, as evidenced by the relevant records and documents. Production Company “Svarog” certified under the international standard ISO 9001. 11. Production buildings, lamps, cabinets, etc. zadublirovany and equipped high-performance technology, which ensures short lead times. 12. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation from the use of ultrasound on the production run thoroughly tested in the assembled form, which ensures high reliability with minimal time expenses in the start-up mode at customers’ facilities.