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Gillette Company

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Hewlett – Packard, not focusing only on the production of computers and printers, but it broadens their market to digital cameras, scanners, servers, televisions, calculators, etc. Getting to the customer in a different way; with more products on the market to choose. Information technology information technology is defined by Bakopoulos, in the following manner: the set of material resources which are used for the storage, processing and communication of information, and the way in which these resources are organized within a system, to efficiently develop the set of assigned tasks. (Bakopoulos, 17-24, 1985). In relation to the definition of Bakopoulos It can be said that information technology includes the physical components of the hardware and software, so software enables the proper functioning of hardware and therefore communication between both parties, helping to develop various assigned tasks with efficiency. Technology information as a source for competitive advantage. Referring to term competitive advantage, Porter defines it as: the capacity that companies have to produce or market their goods or services in best conditions of quality, opportunity or cost than its rivals.

(Porter, 1980, 46-64). According to a study by Porter, the most outstanding areas that use organizations to gain competitive advantages, are as follows: 1. relationships with providers. 2. Services to the client. 3. Services of product differentiation.

4. Planning of new products. 5 Costs. 6 Segmentation of markets. Value defines the information technology as an element of the competitive strategy: opportunities that technologies information provided to obtain competitive advantages through different competitive strategies – are innumerable. Any company can make use of them to drastically change the bases of jurisdiction in a given sector, to change the balance of power with suppliers or to create new products (value, et. (1993, p 187) an example of an organization that uses information technology to gain competitive advantage over its rivals is the Gillette Company; as mentioned in the work of Laudon and Laudon (1996), this company manufactures and distributes well-known machines razor Sensor, product which has been evolving in quality and gaining more market, thanks to the use of software and design computer-aided three-dimensional linked network, which Gillette designers use to develop new versions of the aforementioned machine razors.