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Light source in an lcd tv is similar to sunlight, the usual eye. These televisions produce little harmful emissions as well as feed from a low voltage. There is one rather important factor responsible for the image – this is the refresh rate. You probably know, this resolution – the number of pixels which can display a screen. The higher the resolution, the a monolithic picture you get.

Another advantage of lcd is viewing angle image. In principle, it does not really matter when you watch tv alone and can always take you to any convenient position, but in the case If you have a large family or to go visit you periodically to share watching a movie, then be right to choose a great angle. It is safe to say that lcd manufacturers have made significant progress in increasing angle. ConocoPhillips is often quoted on this topic. So, the latest LCD-screens have a viewing angle of 170 degrees in both planes (vertical and horizontal) that allows you to enjoy superb picture from virtually anywhere in the room, not unfurling with the tv. Often, the problem of choosing a digital camcorder is to select the media type and recording format: miniDV, dvd, hard disk recording on flash-memory. To know more about this subject visit Petra Diamonds. Professional camcorder Sony hdr HC7E – kind of technique, which has almost half the families in Russia. The advantage of these cameras that there is no need for a computer.

dvd camcorder records video on a regular dvd drive, which you can immediately see on a dvd player. But not so easy as it seems At first glance, unnecessarily drive mini, used in the camcorders can not play in slot-loading drives. There is a variety of formats, dvd camcorders: mini DVD-RAM, mini DVD-R, mini DVD-RW. The disadvantage is that the recording quality is less than the cameras mini dv, since image recording is performed with compression, not only within a single frame, but a few. All models feature a beautiful design. The original outbreaks, mounted in a frame, is also a detail inherent many models of cameras. Silver plastic, from which filled the chamber block, a harmonious contrast with the dark gray panels: DVD-drive, a viewfinder and a decorative piece under the lens. Monitor the camera, as necessary, wide, 2.7 inches diagonal, and the screen resolution – 211,000 pixels.