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Municipal System

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With the purpose to detect spaces or phenomena that represent risk to the health and the life. From a situacional diagnosis it is possible to prioritize action, to define objectives and programs, to organize resources, to articulate with other internal sectors and external actions and taking of decisions with the focus in taking care of the necessities of health of a population. The traditional performance of the sanitary monitoring if has summarized to the attendance of the spontaneous demands, that is, without planning nor programming. What it is very little ahead of its paper of promoter of the health and prevention of damages. It is basic to think a Sanitary Monitoring that has the diagnosis of its area on the basis of profiles epidemiologists, with potential defined risks, objective and goals, standardization of activities and inspections, systematic evaluation of the results. To get good results and to fulfill to the paper of promoter of the health and prevention of damages, the sanitary monitoring must organize practical its by means of programmatical priorities; beyond taking care of the denunciations, questionings and claims, that allow to give an adequate reply to the real problems. Moreover, a well elaborated plan of action must include the fiscalization functions not only, but also of educational character and awareness of the population, involving the community, the rendering of services, producers, professionals of the health and all those that are involved in the programming of action of AIMS AT. The envolvement of the basic unit of health with action of education, monitoramento of the problems and solutions the local level. city of Divinpolis (MG) is in the condition of Full Management of the Municipal System for NOB 96, what it means to say that the city is qualified to offer services of low, average and high complexity. Although the autonomy of the city to develop its action, is important the participation of the State in joint activities of assessorship character technique and contributing for the knowledge transference technician for the city.

Harold Cybulski

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The right to the life is inviolable, nobody possesss to be able enough to finish with the life of somebody. The euthanasia? word that assigns ' ' good morte' ' it is one practical intolerable and condemnable one in some countries, used to speed up the death of a person who is in terminal state, or, that it does not have more physical reasons, functional and still mental to live. Such procedure more aims at only the suffering to the families and, therefore, it must be punished with the most severe measures. The euthanasia is had as an usurpation to the life human being. ' ' It is chocking and until ironic evidencing situations where the same society that denied the bread it human being to live, offers to it higher technology to it stops? to die well? ' '. In this phrase, the camiliano priest Lo Passini condemns the attitude of the society in finding new technologies for that he does not aim at to a good, but, a greater ' ' carga' ' of sufferings. What few know is that, unhappyly, in Belgium and Holland the practical one of the euthanasia is legalized. However, countries where this legalization was not allowed, the practical one for any individual can cause arrest with penalty of 12 the 30 years, however, the penalty can be reduced stops of 6 the 20 years, a time that the practical one is carried through with the assent of the patient.

To be in ' ' state vegetativo' ' the euthanasia does not mean to be subject to. Medical researchers had carried through numerous studies to determine how many people in called ' ' he eats irreversvel' ' , in fact, they had come back of this state. One of these studies showed that of 84 people to who the doctors consider to be in one ' ' vegetative state persistente' ' , 41% had inside recouped the conscience of six months and 58% inside of three years. An example of the above-mentioned fact is the case of Harold Cybulski, that already was discredited by the doctors, for being in one eats considered irreversible. Already they were ready disconnect the devices that kept it living creature. But, when its grandson entered in the room and cried out ' ' Vov' ' , Cybulski sat down and caught the grandson in the col. Six months later, were taking a normal life completely. The life is our well biggest one, a gift of God. Doctor assent of or relative cannot be destroyed by. If we do not accept the death penalty, do not have, therefore, to accept that if it takes off the life of a human being, for thus, as it is thought, saving suffering or diminishing expenses to the government. The euthanasia is a crime and must be punished exemplarily.


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To always excuse appropriate clinical cares to each situation, promoting update and training of the nursing team, to carry through neurological the physical examination by means of the necessity presented for the patient, with emphasis in the evaluation of the level of conscience, pupils and motor force, whose intention is to detect signals of neurological deterioration precociously, deriving of the aggravation of the intracraniana pressure. As well as, the level of conscience concerning the mental state, that can be gifts or to disclose itself decurrent of the diminished cerebral perfuso. Soon, it has necessity to keep the gratings of the high beds objectifying itself to prevent the possible injuries in the patient, as the fall of the stream bed. Another very important action of nursing is evaluation of the respiratory standard which had to the risk of the patient to need orotraqueal intubao and ventilation, for compression or injury of the respiratory centers. The monitorizao of the digital hair glicosimetria for evaluation of the glicemia standards that must have lesser interventions if that 80mg/dl or greaters that 150mg/dl. as form to follow the possible effect of the used process of nursing stops with the patient, in order to stabilize its health and to make of its attendance in the sector of free emergency of damages extra-situacionais, fitting to the nurse to see and to analyze the results of the laboratoriais examinations, together with the medical team (18-20). FINAL CONSIDERAES the performance of the nurse in the room of emergency in the assistance the patients with AVC are necessary scientific knowledge, as well as, the evaluation and the correct understanding of the signals and decurrent symptoms of the AVC. Knowing itself that from the neurological evaluation, we must lead in guideline that the clinical manifestations of the patients are unstable, that is, citizens the instantaneous alterations that can confer certain importance as gradual worsenings of the conscience level and functional comprometimento of form to become irreversible. .

World War II

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The crochetagem was established by the Swedish physiotherapist Kurt Ekman, who worked in England to the side of the Dr. James Cyriax during the years that had succeeded World War II. Frustrated had to the palpatrio limit of the conventional techniques, also of the deep massage transversa of Cyriax, Ekman gradually elaborated a series of hooks and one technique of specific work. Its reputation was developed after getting success in the treatment of algias of the nerve of Arnold, rebellious epicondilites and tendinites of the tendo of Aquiles. Its technique had a direct and aggressive, being thus, painful boarding. This harmed during much time the application of the technique. P.

Duby and J. Burnotte if had inhaled in the concept of muscular chains and the philosophy of the osteopatia and had developed a softer boarding, through diafibrlise percutnea, technique this, that was perfected with passing of the time. The material used for its applicability is a steel hook, with two extremities, an extremity with a bigger bending and to another one with a bending minor, for better if adapting the structures to be treated. Each bending finishes in a spatula that has for objective to reduce the pressure exerted on the skin. Each spatula presents a convex external surface and a plain internal surface.

The function of the plain surface of the hook is to improve the interposition of the spatula enters inaccessible the deep plans tissulares to the fingers of the therapist, allowing the crochetagem of thin conjunctive staple fibres of the fibrosos corpsculos in sight of a selective mobilization. The technique is painless, and is divided in three stages: digital palpao, instrumental palpao and fibrlise. The digital palpao consists of the compression of the skin with the left hand on the area to be treated; the instrumental palpao is carried through with the hook, where, depending on the area, optimum side of the hook will be chosen to be used (bigger or lesser), spatula of the hook next to the left-hand indicating finger is carried through placing it; fibrlise is one complementary traction made with the hand that insurance the hook.

Dental Literature

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Other sources can be used such as ' ' Describers in Odontologia' ' (DeOdonto), ' ' Index you the Dental Literature' ' ' ' International Nursing' '. In case that they do not be situated describers who express the content can be indicated consecrated terms. The illustrations (drawings, photographs) must be cited as Figures, with its legends in separate and numbered leves, consecutively, in Arabian numbers, after the references. The graphs are represented by the graphical word. Each type of illustration must have the sequential proper numeration of each group. The photographs must be black and white and with contrasts.

Colored photos will not be published, not to be in cases of absolute necessity and the criterion of the Publishing Body, being able to be defrayed by the authors. The position of illustrations must be indicated in the text. Photographic images must be submitted in the form of digital archive in format TIF, with minimum dimension of 10X15 cm and 300 resolution of dpi. They will not be accepted applicatory inserted images in of text (Word) or presentation (Power Point). They will not be accepted images it are of focus. 3.5 The tables and pictures must be represented by the words Table or Picture, be numbered, consecutively, in Arabian numbers, the order where they appear in the text. The legends of tables and pictures must be placed in the superior part of the same ones. In the assembly of tables to follow ' ' Norms of presentation tabular' ' of the IBGE.

The tables are opened in the laterals, elaborated only with horizontal lines of separation in heading and the end. The pictures are closed. The explicativas notes must come in the baseboard of the table. The tables that had been extracted of published works must have permission of author and must in writing be mentioned the origin source.