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Internet Defense

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For the author, the globalization can be understood through four defined situations, to follow: 1. The globalizado localismo, that if constitutes in the historical possibility of powerful countries central offices and to impose as many local phenomena as global to the peripheral countries and with little power. A great example is the dissemination of the English language as global language. 2. The located globalismo, as being the social impact that one determined region suffers in consequence of the globalizado localismo as, for example, the influence of the English language in the daily one of the Brazilian. 3. The cosmopolitismo, that consists of the actions of the diligent classrooms and sectors organized in the perspective of these classrooms, which looks for to use of the mechanisms of contact and information created by the world-wide system. As example, one has the communication nets saw Internet, the syndical movements and international feminists, and fruns world-wide of defense of human rights.

4. The common patrimony of the humanity, who consists of the set of subjects that only earn sensible when treat as global subjects. For example, the ways that guarantee the defense of the life, the defense of the environment, among others. For Boaventura de Souza Saints, the globalizado localismo and the located globalismo are globalizations that the elites favor world-wide, which represent the great bourgeoisie proprietor of the capital. Already the cosmopolitismo and the common patrimony of the humanity are the result of the fights democratic and moved by the diligent classrooms, or of the sectors compromised to these classrooms. Thus, the globalization is an controversial concept, therefore in such a way it can indicate movements of defense of the popular interests as it assigns the forces of the capital against the life. It is treated, therefore, of the world-wide population to fight and to make use of the new technologies the service of the life, and not contrary it.

Malparado Credit

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If it has problems with I credit malparado the following ideas could very be lucrative for itself. Perhaps already it has failed in the payment of the installments and knows how much this it aggravates our levels of stress. If it will be in a situation where it still does not make the minimum idea of as it will go to eliminate these you divide, then worse. For times we are guilty them of the situation delicate where we find in them, but also unexpected situations exist and that they can put any one of us in panic. An unemployment situation is enough unexpected or of one medical occurrence to seem that the world goes to fall down on us. This is a very common problem nowadays and that she is necessary to help to fight so that if has a society more ‘ ‘ saudvel’ ‘.

It is moved away from the credit cards. This step is most important, and seeming intuitivo, if was fulfilled certainly many people would live better today. Exactly that it does not pay interests for using, it is become accustomed it, and knows that after if accustoming it will be much more difficult of to yield. From there until starting to make purchases on instalments it is a small step. How much paid for management of the banking account? Many of the accounts the order in the market are gratuitous, but also in many others are pleased monthly taxes. It examines if it is not to pay for services that does not usufruct it converts for a gratuitous account (regularly the accounts commanded are). It makes a new planning of credit liquidation.

It makes a survey honest cash and of how much and when it will be able to pay its credits. It speaks with its creditors and it displays its situation, many of them will collaborate I obtain they will help and it, reducing temporarily its installments. It is important that it does not leave to pay completely, if to continue to pay same that it is little and establishing dialogue with the creditor, its image will continue to be of a trustworthy person, and will have much more easiness in deciding its situation. It reviews its trade bill banking it looks for of possible deceits. In the age of the digitalizao also errors occur, it inquires its banking monthly trade bill carefully and confirms if all the operations of debit really had been carried through or authorized by itself. It will be able to have that to make a manual register to be able to compare at the end of the month, but this is one system that will take it more time hardly and it will continue. It gives time to the time. This process does not happen of one day for the other. It has that to wait that the previous measures start to give a new course its life. Good luck.