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In his book entitled 59 seconds Professor Richard Wiseman exposes self-help myths and presents scientifically proven techniques that will help us to achieve our objectives and goals in less than a minute. From the character to memory, persuasion to procrastination and laziness in relations; in this book we can see the new science of rapid change.Wiseman discovered that there are mainly five types of writing that affect happiness: expressive writing – did an experiment with a group of people talking about negative experiences and another group writing about them. The difference was huge. It was found that writing about a problem or thinking elevates the self-esteem and happiness. The process of expressive writing helps you put an end point to what you’re feeling. When the thoughts swirling in our heads are constantly raiding us, without allowing ourselves to relax. Write about them with pencil and paper is the best way to switch off and forget about them. Journal of gratitude – although it may seem silly, it is scientifically proven that keeping a gratitude journal will make you feel much better.

Spend at least 15 minutes a day thinking about all the good things in your life and giving thanks for them will help you to appreciate all the good things you have and how lucky you are. All us adapt quickly to changes (good or bad), it will therefore keep us focused on the good things that we have make us better appreciate the things. Description of the perfect self: Dr. Wiseman CITES experiments show that people are happy when they write and describe a happy situation of the past. Recalls once when things your were extraordinarily well and pon that experience in the paper that you will relive that experience and feel wonderfully.

Writing affectionate: A study from the University of Arizona proved that people were happier When writing to someone that they loved and were told them what they meant to them. Progressive review: Write everything that is good. As human beings, we focus more easily on the things that are wrong rather than on which go well. So we create a flow of energy and negative comments which makes no sense. Write all the things that are good and the progress you’re making. It is important to focus on where you’ve been and when you have progressed to build confidence and positive thoughts that will help you reach the goals you’ve set.