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Vertical Windows

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Bay window – a serving of the house, which allows you to give it a unique look, it increases the area of the interior, improving lighting, and insolation. Bay windows are also often serve to contain the vertical Communications – stairs, elevators, etc. In addition, they enrich the shape of the building and serve as a means of forming an architectural scale and composition of the facades of their metroritmicheskih segmentations. Sometimes the bay windows are used in combination with loggias and balconies, giving even greater compositional and functional benefits. Typically, bay windows have simple geometric shapes – a semi-circular, triangular or rectangular. Although there are more complex designs.

In Depending on their functional purpose of a bay window can be glazed or wooden windows with glass in their vertical faces. Max Schireson is a great source of information. The process of glass bay windows not difficult, however, need to know some of the features associated with the installation of plastic windows in the bay window. Typically, design consists of individual plastic boxes, linked by special connectors. Very often, the glazing of the bay used by the connecting pipe. It allows you to install windows from a tree under the required angle with respect to each other.

There are also special sliding design, flexible structures, suitable for glazing semicircular bay windows. The cost of glazing bay will depend directly on several factors, including the amount of demolition work, the state of the window opening, window size, complexity of installation, the need for mounting sills and flows. Moscow often possible to meet the lattice, fences, gates and garden gates, made back in the 18-19 centuries, is not a clear indicator of reliability forged products? And because the technology of forging metal has not changed since then, and modern products will serve you no less! The main function of this window – it's to save the maximum amount of heat. It is for this reason, modern producers are looking for ways to produce its maximum heat-saving glass. This effect, seeking his deposition on a thin layer of metal oxides.

Executive Design Bureau

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Handrail – something for which we keep going down or up the stairs. Counter (sometimes called a "banister") vertical stand fixed in the stage or the floor. Top of the rack rail is fixed, parallel rails on the rack are prokidy (Beams, strings) to fill the space. In the case of childcare facilities for security reasons horizontal prokidy not install (that did not work like the ladder on which a child can climb), and establish several racks of smaller diameter (the fence) on which the top rail. Some differences of quality and correct stair railings: pipe is thin wall, the handrail is continuous, the number of crossbars 2, all welds zapolirovany to a state of homogeneity of the metal. Removed the color tint, appearing on stainless steel during welding. If the stairs can – racks walled. Prokidy and handrail in the field the end of the ladder guard will block, and should be on the line edge of the last stage.

Sometimes, for the stiffness, handrail gone into the floor. If the distance between the marches, more specifically, prokidy also continuous (tied) or put an additional rack. Standard and most common fence: handrail o50mm, o40mm stand, prokid (bar) 3pc o12-16mm. Rack-rail connection – through the "finger" o10mm, stand-prokid to welding. Stand in the walled stage. Rail connection to the welding of the most reliable, less reliable (but satisfying the requirements) on the mechanics (via Bochenko). Fencing (railing) with a connection through Bochenko, according to many, much richer and looks interesting.

If the crossbar (prokidy) bolted to the rack with screws – it's a bad fence. Preferably, choose an organization able to meet the maximum number of operation for the production ladder fences (rail) on its own manufacture to installation on site took the minimum possible time. The more so that usual mounting rail is carried out after completion of construction works. Ideal – a fence made sections, on-site installation and connection, welding, final polishing. Note that properly welded stainless steel with argon, so if the work is carried out on the street during installation is tied to the weather, wind or rain interfere argon-arc welding. Naturally this requires precise measurements, which produces the organization itself and the design study. Preferably, the presence of the Executive Design Bureau.