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Weissbach MHM

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On 26 March, the 18th exhibition starts building and garden 2009 in the exhibition gallery in Fulda. Pfronten Weissbach, March 2009 the future of the building is wooden and comes from local forests, where more wood grows than is recommended. Wood has a uniquely natural and resource-conserving energy balance as a building material. And not only with the heating. A solid wood wall (MHM) needs less energy from power plants or furnaces and also no further insulation films as similar stone walls in their production. Who builds with an MHM, invested in a long-lasting real estate, which is funded according to energy class. The inventor and the Managing Director of MHM development GmbH, Hans Hundegger, realized his idea: he developed a massive and low-cost wooden wall without glue and steel from Virgin wood. He won many demanding clients through its many years of experience already in the first year of production.

Because the benefits of a Hmm House convince: economical, solid, stable, warm and workable with normal wood tools. The company mother Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH, also led by Hans Hundegger and world market leader in wood-working machines, with their know-how from 30 years in the wood sector contributes to quality assurance. Economically and ecologically the solid-wood wall collects advantages: no tree is felled. The solid-wood wall consists of so-called untreated page goods\”, which inevitably falls in sawmills, for example in the form of surplus wood and chips. The MHM is so economically advantageous. The costs keep the short rough times of one to three days such as single-family homes and avoid risks, save so money and nerves.

For example, crane time and rental costs reduce up to the feeder. Ecologically, the MHM scores with its positive thermal insulation properties, the long cooling times and associated, low energy consumption. In addition, that neither chemistry nor glue are used. In addition the MHM creates a self-regulating and healthy living environment, without unpleasant moisture and especially energy efficient.