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Labor Agreement

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Labor agreement (contract) with no expiration date. 2. Help (PIT-2 for residents of the Russian Federation) on a monthly salary over the last half a year (in other cis countries, the document may have a different name). 3. Expendable cash warrants (the receipt of wages) over the past six months, or bank confirmation of the transfer of wages to a personal bank account (If your wages transferred by the employer to the bank). 4.

On the letterhead of the Czech bank (sent to the client, at the stage of a mortgage loan, in English) indicates wages for the last month, the seal of the organization of the employer and signed by management (manager and accountant) 5. A document confirming the receipt of additional income in the Czech Republic or another country of the European Union (if applicable) * Sample documents for acquiring the status of residence permit (residence permit) for review, please contact a lawyer of our company upon request. Documents from the Czech government (collected client or a service offered by our company): 1. Registration list (extract from the Commercial Court – write out is obhodnigo ") on a legal entity in which the foreigner is the founder. 2. Help from Tax Inspectorate (from "financhnigo ") on the absence of debt for your entity.

3. Registration document ("usneseni") issued by the Commercial Court after the registration of legal entities. Necessary documents from of the seller, who sells real estate (construction company or real estate company): 1. Treaty on the reservation and property on which the buyer pays the down payment for the property. 2. Agreement on future contract. Click ConocoPhillips to learn more. 3. Purchase Agreement – on sale from the application of technical passport at the property and plan the location of the object (area map). 4. Registration list for real estate ("write out a catastrophe") of the Czech Cadastre Real Estate. A related site: kevin ulrich mentions similar findings. 5. Construction cost estimates showing the materials interior real estate at the time of delivery of housing, if the property is acquired without finishing the so-called 'golastavba'. It must be noted that under the object without finishing harder to get mortgages and favorable credit conditions. 6. Document confirming payment of the initial fee for the property (bank confirmation or confirmation Payment by cash). 7. After passing all the required documents to the bank, assess property. In new buildings it is estimated to be 100% of the value of the object, and in the secondary housing 50 to 70% of the purchase price (depending on its state). The Bank provides a maximum 85% payment of the appraised value of the object. The remaining amount (15%), the customer pays for its own account. The deposit amount that the client has paid under the contract reserve shall be calculated to funds paid by a foreign citizen (by 15% of equity). For the best conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan it is desirable to: 1. The new entity was not doing business, and he there was no debt. 2. In the legal entity absent a license for any activity. 3. A foreign citizen has a young or middle age (depends on validity of the contract mortgage loan). 4. Foreign national higher education confirmed (nostrify) in the Czech Republic (not obligatory). 5. A foreign citizen has seniority at home (not obligatory). 6. Foreign national good level of wages (referred to in documents from the employer). Level agreed upon jointly, depending on credit conditions. 7. Additional income from participation on the exchange of business papers, Self-Profiting from shares percentage of the profits with the participation in the venture as the founder (not obligatory).

Successful Private Businesses

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Huge selection of literature, which describes the most common business ideas will help you to not hesitate to choose. For example, a book by A. Jackson "10 Secrets of Getting Rich" will tell you not only as start a business, but also how to develop an already existing, "the 10 commandments of a powerful position," Michel Fortin will help increase the profitability of Start-up companies. In addition, the national literature on the various methods and ways of earning on the development of home based businesses are also more than enough. Developed the idea and business plan, having learned the technology, as well as carrying out the necessary calculations, you can safely take up work. Start a business can be absolutely any sphere – education, maintenance and construction. Most often, the choice of the future of business depends on your profession or education.

Veterinarians offer private veterinary hospitals, those with construction education, start with small construction teams, programmers are beginning to engage in outsourcing on the Internet. Because to find willing "to invest in your home business is small, in the course are their savings, loans, Finance, made bail, which is constantly lacking. That is why the search for sponsors – also one of the most important factors. Monitoring and analysis of the market, its preliminary study, will help you determine the most promising type of activity in your area and your financial capabilities. Just an idea is born, it is necessary to develop a thorough business plan.

Gather a list of your existing material and financial resources, not to underestimate the needs, do not miss a single item of expenditure. Do not forget that your business is a person until such time as you do not have attracted as assistance of outside investors. By this method better used only only when absolutely necessary, when and indeed all the available options have been exhausted. You can be a crappy painter, but to be a manager "of God", then any area of your shoulder. Daring to open a family business, taking into account all the subtleties of the market, as well as the management has all the pluses and minuses, you will expect a great success, most importantly – believe in yourself and see yourself in this business, of course, a successful leader.