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He could not inherit lands of its husband in case of this falecer, and in the temple of Jerusalem, he could not go beyond ' ' patio of mulheres' '. We do not know which the theological preparation of Maria, more still today, in some Jewish synagogues, the preparation given to boys are different of whom he is available its sisters. In accordance with this historian, the women of the main families of Jerusalem, in the time of Jesus, very rare leaves the house of its parents. After only married he is that they had authorization to leave the street and exactly thus, they came with the covered face and they tried to only pass unobserved being able to speak with somebody by means of the permission of the husband. However, the woman of the agricultural ways, for necessity to help its familiar ones in the agricultural works, had freedom not to leave its house. In this in case that we perceive the courage of Maria to if directing to the Angel being in a masculine form, without distrust or some type of intimidation, where for its type of temperament she is difficult to believe not to have been a participant woman in the education of its adoptive son. One another sufficiently interesting point if finds in Lucas.2: 40,49-52; in versculo.40 we read that Jesus grew and if fortified in spirit, full of wisdom. However in versculo.52 the ticket informs in them that it grew in wisdom and in stature where in vers.40 the favour of God was under it, however no longer vers.52 it grew in favour. More after all what this everything wants to say? The key for this our understanding is in the word spirit indicating with that if Jesus when growing already it loads itself obtains in including way the full inherent understanding of its deity then would not need as versculo.40 informs in them to grow and nor if to fortify spiritual of gradual form, therefore in its proper natural formalizao Mr.


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Without faith it is impossible to please the God! Without faith and love we cannot please the Mr., is not possible! But you think with its buttons, right now: I already have accepted the Jesus Christ as my only slavaodor enough and also already I have conscience and agreement of that It is the Unignito Son de Deus, I clamo It already makes time sufficiently to receive reply on a situation who I search correction, for which reason, then, It answered not yet me? He does not lose the peace exactly, with the desperation that comes for that they are in the world, but in Christ we already are more than what winning! It discovers which now is the reason of you not yet to have received the blessed manifestation from Christ in its lawsuit. ' ' E, arising itself from there, was for the terms of Shot and Sidom. E, entering in a house, did not want that it knew somebody it, but could not be hidden; Because a woman, whose son had a dirty spirit, hearing to speak of it, was and launched it its ps.' ' Landmarks 7:24 – 25 Fale de Jesus, therefore when they hear of the miracles that It is capable to carry through, launch it and clamam-It at one’s feet the resolution of its case also! You also have that to call the attention the people of this world for Jesus Christ. He speaks of Jesus to awake the attention of them, declares: I knew of that is ddaquilo, but Jesus is present nowadays also, stops helping in them. ' ' this woman was Greek, sirofencia of nation, and supplicated to it that it banished from its son demnio.' ' Landmarks 7:26 the Greeks were part of the elite, strengthened the wisdom, but in its heathen customs of the fencios! Although this woman to be integrant of this elite Greek, it won the barrier and clamou Mr.

The Attitudes

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It evidences which to you is our set of attitudes before It, that is, if we are opened searchs it or we leave if It of side, from there we harvest the consequences of our attitudes before It, are they which will be. You walk losing the peace? He is overwhelming for not getting divine answers? If he feels insane and he is spreading these feelings with its words and attitudes: care, that is one indication of that it is lacking the hand to it of God, therefore it only is that in it grants supreme wisdom to them for our procedures before our contacts in the world, is they in our family, in our work, our friendships, at last, in any place! If it does not discourage, but it takes conscientious and definitive the attitude to come back to search the orientaes Mr., therefore Its mercy stops with each one of us, if it renews to each morning! ' ' You it is with you, while you stays with it, and, if searching you will find, it; however, if leaving will leave, you. Israel was per many days without the true God, and priest taught who it, and law. But when in its anguish they had come back Mr. Deus of Israel, they had searched and it had found, it. in those times did not have peace, nor for what it left, nor for what it entered, but many disturbances on all the inhabitants of those terras.' ' 2 Chronicles 15:2 b-5 Which has been its sincerity to search the Mr.? It only makes it to serve of example to that they are to its redor or it makes it with all its joy, confidence and animation, exactly when is facing situations that would discourage to the others? Or it is so well that the Mr. ignored the importance of the intense search? Redoubled attention, therefore the attitudes that we have reflect accurately what we have kept of respect the God, supplier of everything! ' ' had sworn the Mr., in high voice, with joy and trumpets and horns. .

Modern Society

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We arrive at the point where already it is not being possible, for some, to discern between fiction and reality. In the same mat they follow those that already do not obtain to discern the certainty from the wrong one, therefore everything seems only one question of philosophical positioning. Also already it is not possible, for many, to discern what it is wisdom of what is madness. The instaladoTudo chaos this is the result of the molding of the global thought practised by the modern thinkers and approved as goal of the ONU for all the peoples, manipulating the opinion of the masses and taking them it the common sense of tolerance and convivncia. The courses of leadership in the evanglicas churches, by the way, are given on the basis of these lines of direction they will transform and them into arm of social action, breaking its main ministry: of evangelizao and of the education of the Word of God. Through this molding of thought all the barriers will be destroyed and substituted by the global thought of peace and harmony between all the peoples, of which the ecumenismo is the predecessor.

The resultant philosophical chaos of the shock between the truth and the lie is establishing a regimen of generalized madness. Moral questions already are something passed it and today everything is allowed. All luck of aberrations is bombando in the medias and what it is certain true are today only conjecturas, therefore the final truth is the result of the mathematical average between the certain the wrong one, false and the true one, so that all can coexist in harmony, exactly having contrary opinions.

Searching The Wisdom

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In time and are of time, must in them relieve Mr. Deus, therefore it does not have another one, is only worthy of honor and Glory, for what it is and will always be, God Saint, Fort, Friend and other attributes the holy ghost for its magnitude, excellency, sanctity, we must always adore it! To praise the Mr., cheers our spirit and our soul, to obey that wonder, we are awarded more and more by it, but in this time ahead of as many processes, valleys, tests, deserts, many they only want exactly is to ask for, to request, with its mere interests others, of wanting to show what it is not, but serving the Mr. of all heart, many does not want, therefore it has that to be humiliated, if to submit, if to abstain, to renounce and many they do not want, want to suck and to explore dons of the next one, without also honoring, without mercy, therefore they want the blessing, despite the retaliaes come to its next, without natural affection, them conquering it is what it matters, without love stops with the others, we must in them relieve always the Mr., for whom it is, to serve with fear, availability, to serve as voluntary soul, many wanting to make alliance with others deuses, we must respect more and the things Mr. Deus, church is hospital of the wounded, then we must give the cure, of the assistance, we are vases Mr., we are chaplains Mr., therefore to each one God distribue its dons and ministries, the headings are important to who had honor, must honor, but to make alliance with the headings, alliance affective, to go the church for only see the brothers, the church are not a social club! Alliance we must make with Mr., to have more and more communion and commitment with it, must share with the brothers, following the peace with all, as it is good for having good relationships, people of character, sincere, honest, or because not to say to have unit of faith, in one alone thoughts, one alone hope to grow spiritual, without envy spiritual, the bible says: It walks with scholars who will be wise (13 Sayings v. 20) also having wise direction the people does not fall, but in the multitude of council members it has security (11 Sayings v.

14), church is conjunct house, then we must adore the Mr. and pray the Mr. to exempt of whom it does not glorify the name of it in us, God wants that let us be wise, therefore it says: who does not have wisdom has asked for the Mr., then that let us can analyze, to meditar in the word night and day Mr., so that let us can know, that we must search the kingdom Mr. in first place, so that the too much things come to our lives, it is in the peace and it remains firm in the promises.