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Andres Apeloig Holocaust Survivor

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Andres Apeloig survivor of the Holocaust had the opportunity to know and treat hundreds of Holocaust survivors. Each of them has a space of my own being. With them I learned incredible things. You should sometime write some of them, for thus their experiences can serve as support to other generations. I’ve noticed and this what I have tried to share, that this people, was made of a mode and a very special commodity. All of them demonstrated a strength, intelligence, strength, will, desire to live, and above all a very special attitude. I am thinking no doubt that managed to survive to a systematic persecution, a permanent harassment and widespread Madness with which entire peoples were provided to this ignominy.

I am convinced that this, was not due is the result isolated from one of luck or think that it can be any miracle work. Does not fit in my mind, the possibility of a divine Act of being responsible for those who were spared and therefore trying to simultaneously consider innocent of the seven million were slaughtered, as also of the hundreds of millions of descendants who by this Act, had no chance to be born. I am sure that Dios may not be tainted with and by these actions. Keep a topic like this, without going into details, without advancing the sadness that results in me, which I can ever separate me without having to mourn inward, it is impossible for me. Therefore, although I have mentioned some aspects of that sad part of the story of world that not lived me thank God, but if I affected and continues to affect me as a human being and second and main as a Jew, today has an explanation and a reason for being. My father-in-law, Mauricio Motek Kramer Adler Z.L. will make about twenty years when died, had spent four years in concentration camps, where killed her six sisters, parents, uncles cousins, he was completely orphaned, his story was one of many that were lost, not counting.