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Resource Planning System

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Decurrent organizacionais changes of the implantation of a system ERP the organizations of today come appealing, to each day, the Integrated Systems of Management called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). These systems have the objective to join and to disponibilizar information for all the organization. For the constant profit of importance, happened of the great interaction that the system acquires, permeando all the informacional base of the company, becomes interesting, to investigate, technological, structural and mannering, decurrent the changes of the implantation of the system, a time that, this needs a bigger interaction between the diverse sectors that compose the organization. Dimensions as Technology, Structure and Behavior do not run away to this rule, modifications in one of these dimensions finish for affecting excessively. The proper implantation of a system ERP represents a technological change.

Of the point of view of the technological platform, significant modifications are necessary, as update of the hardware, acquisition of new computers, and software, represented for the change of the data base. This technological update causes a reduction of the dependence of reports printed matters and an increase of the interaction of the people with computer science. Computers are seen with more frequency in the organizations, arriving until the o plant soil, allowing bigger speed in the access the information and greater trustworthiness of these. The transformations most significant, in what cerne the technological changes, are in the techniques of management and processes of work. How much to the management techniques, it is observed incorporation of techniques used for the proper system (Best practices). How much to the work processes it is verified I redesign of processes and its rationalization, that is, unification of fragmented processes and elimination of redundancies. The integration of processes before broken up allows a greater rastreabilidade of possible errors and a joint participation in the resolution. Changes in the organizacional effectiveness and the qualification technique of the people also elapse of the technological transformations.

Circular System

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This work will demonstrate to the elements of formation of the circulatrio system since its embriognese to the adaptations sugestionadas in the adult life, moreover, it looks for to elucidate the main mechanisms of pathogenic diffusion in different agencies of the body by means of this saw sistmica. Relative the odontolgicas occurrences to the bacterial infections can be closely related to the circulatrio system for this reason some Prophylaxis techniques have been managed, in order, minimize the effect ocorrentes of patologias of difficult clinical treatment such as the periodontite what it becomes, therefore necessary to the surgeon dentist the ample agreement of this system as saw of this dissemination for different happened regions of the organism of unsatisfactory verbal conditions, being necessary, to adopt adequate procedures to the necessities of each individual for the control of the infection. Word-key: Circulatrio system, long-distance infection, techniques of Prophylaxis. Introduction the circulatrio system understands in a vast net of vases and arteries capable to irrigate through the blood the different agencies and fabrics of the body in order to take oxygen and nutrients to supply its physiological necessities and to deduct from same the products of its excreo such as sweat, tear, piss, excrements beyond the hormone transport of a place to another one, guaranteeing the homostasis of the teciduais liquids and the good cellular functioning of our organism..

Piratiao Of Brazil

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Brazil, country with bigger diversity of beings livings creature of the planet, suffers with the exploration of its natural resources, since 1500 when the Europeans had disembarked here. Theoretically the exploration project would have findado in 1822 with ' ' independence poltica' ' , sad illusion, therefore today beyond the exploration of the wealth, has it appropriation of the knowledge of the people and the monopolizao through patents and of the right of individual property. It would biopirataria it, it is consequence of the globalization and of the development of the biotechnology, beyond it is clearly of the lack of fiscalization of the government, and the defective and weak educative system that causes the deficiency of Brazilian researchers, studying our biodiversity. The Amaznia is the ecosystem more reached by would biopirataria, test of this affirmation is stories of Xanxerenses that had visited that region affirm that: Brazilians cannot adentrar the forest without previous authorization of Europeans or Americans, aboriginal tribes keep in its villages American flags asteadas believing vehemently that the United States are its country, are easy to find researchers of all the Europe, North America and Japan in the region, difficult exactly is to locate a Brazilian. A great coincidence also was told, the existence of 16 constructed American military bases, next to the points of bigger concentration of genetic and mineral biovidersidade, of the forest. These information by itself are alarming, however she is necessary to point out that the breaking rock, used medicinal plant for males of the urinrio system, already it has its I begin asset patented for the Americans, cupuau is mark of the Japanese, and the most impressive Swiss multinational Novartiz, tried happily without success, to patent the exclusive right of exploration of the biological diversity of the Amaznia. It seems incredible ahead, that of ' ' saqueamento in mass of our resources and ours cultura' ' , the governing are matenham immovable, the great press it does not divulge, and the society remains of vendados eyes and crossed arms. Our country this being ' ' consumido' ' , for the capitalist society, we are adentrando to a way without return of disequilibria of ecosystems and extines of species, which had the withdrawal in surplus of the resources without it has time for replacement. We live in a time where the settling of the popular knowledge and the intelligence of the Brazilians, is so intense how much of minerals and vegetables, and remains immovable, occupying our thought with crucial subjects as soccer and carnival.

The Manuscript

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The confection, as the name already says, is the transformation of fabrics and meshes in parts of clothes, bed, table and bath. It is where if it all perceives the benefit of the work of science in the creation and developments of products directed to the textile market. It is asked: where science enters now? The confection has a special characteristic, therefore as a transformation industry sufficiently requires workmanship hand, each part, since its conception, obligatorily passes for diverse processes until being total ready. in each one of these processes the key for the success is the manuscript, that can be made by hands human beings, even so sufficiently developed the confection technologies, is only necessary an individual touch in each part. Considering current practical it in the confection, the main processes are the following ones: creation and estilismo, modeling, cut, would print and/or embroidering, sews and finishing.

In the department of creation and estilismo research of fashion trend is made, defining the models that will be launched. In the modeling the articles are defined to be used as well as the models that will be manufactured, it is that each part is tested e, after some archetypes there is approved for launching in the market. After the release for the modeling the parts of the collection go for the cut, between the cut and the modeling the main used technology is the automation of the molds through specific programs (CAD). When they arrive in the cut, with the maps (drawings of the incased molds taking in account width of fabrics and better exploitation of material), are mounted the enfestos that can be manual or through enfestadeira (automatic and half-automatic), after the mounted enfesto follows for the cut properly said (it can be manual, manual or automatic machine of cut), before the sewing the parts that will form the part passes for a preparation, depending on the model are directed the print, embroidering, or simply daily pay-mounted to facilitate the sewing process.