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Metal Doors – An Inside Look

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Despite the fact that the modern construction market represented a wide variety of metal doors, both imported and domestic, the main difference between them – is the price. Futurist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Metal doors – With regard to manufacturing technology manufacturing technology door is not seen too much difference. The basis of any door, usually rectangular frame is made of metal profiles, reinforced by internal stiffeners. Moreover, the larger the size of the door, the more are the ribs. This frame is welded steel sheet. Sheet may be welded on both the outside and inside, consensus on this point. According to the proponents of bilateral plating frame, this technology allows you to further protect the door from skewing during operation, and a second inner sheet is extra protection against opening.

For sheathing is recommended to use sheets of thickness not less than 2 mm. Foreign manufacturers of steel doors used primarily sheets of thickness 1.5 mm and smaller domestic producers for covering the frame is metal 2,5 and 3 mm. As a result – domestic metal doors, as compared with imports, have a heavier weight, and accordingly, the load on the hinges more. Door loops are of two types. The loop consists of a standard type of pin, which is the axis of rotation for the second part of the loop. Most of the doors equipped with loops of this type. It should be noted that in the process manual door bearing part of the loop begins to fade, there is the creaking of a door begins to touch on the threshold and poorly covered. The best option – the use of loops of the second type, in which between the rubbing parts placed ball.

Such loops do not require frequent lubrication, do not creak, and the life they have much longer. Number of loops on the door depends on its weight. If the door has a weight of less than 70 kg, costing two loops, with greater weight is recommended to install three loops. To make the steel doors outdoor aesthetic form, it can be upholster artificial leather, decorative sheet of hardboard or wood paneling. The internal space between sheets filled with sound-and heat-insulating material. If the old door is, the space between the sheets can be left blank. Filler can be a foam, wooden beams of pine or special backfilling. For insulation foam and timber are virtually identical, but the foam less purely ecological. Backfilling, though cleaner, but making the wrong door can cause failure Door lock device. Currently, as a filler manufacturers have been widely used mineral wool, which is environmentally friendly, nonflammable and has excellent heat and soundproofed. Most often the door is opened by cutting the loops. That the door could not open the way, establish a special lock is locked in a three or four sides. Moreover, open or to close such a lock can in two ways. In the first case Pushing crossbars is a rotating door handle or an additional key, and locking is the main key. In the second method crossbars nominated and blocked with a single key. It should be noted, in this case, the code of the castle is experiencing the entire load, and usually has a short lifespan. The problem of cutting the loop can be remove and cheaper – to install on the opposite side of the door lock with respect protivosemnye pins. During the closing pins are included in the nest, located on the door frame and door, thanks to this, securely.

Steel Doors

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Steel doors are: construction of a steel door steel door construction consists of metal frames, stiffeners, frames (door frame), steel sheet, heat insulation, lock and hinge-block, as well as fittings and finishes outside and inside. Basic models of BASTION – C: Castles good door should have security locks. A correctly designed locking system provides 50% reliability of your door. To your attention Locks are offered well-known manufacturers: CISA, Mottura, Kale, METTEM. Cylinders Cylinder locks (sometimes called the English) are the most common.

Locks of this type are convenient in that an unfavorable confluence circumstances can change its main parts – the larvae (cylinder): namely it is a code lock mechanism that controls the movement of the bolt. Offered to your attention cylinder mechanism known manufacturers: CISA, Mottura and Laredo. Fittings to the door fittings are: armored plating, decorative plates, door handles, latches and peepholes. Decorating a steel door look no small door. As is known, but the reliability and durability, the door should have a presentable appearance. It depends on the finish you choose. Company Bastion-C offers the following types of finishes on steel doors: Exclusive steel doors Separate discussion will undoubtedly zasluzhivayuteksklyuzivnye steel doors. These steel doors are designed to show the consistency and good taste of the owner, our company uses in finishing materials such as natural solid oak and other precious wood of the highest class, as in the production of exclusive steel doors are used forged items.

Finish precious woods by the light texture of the material and fiber direction. Modern production technologies allow to save this kind of finish on the negative factors inherent in the products made from natural tree – warping, rotting or drying out, so – steel exclusive door will serve you reliably for many years. How to order steel doors Steel doors can be order by phone, online via the order form, a manager at an exhibition .