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Printing Requirements

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Must take into account the fact that the printer does not make claims to quality printing, if the layout were made following the customer's errors and errors: spelling, image defects, not corrected by the customer in the process of preparing the layout of given to the press printing (printing screen, dust and scratches on scanned images, poor cutting along the contour, etc.) used in layout, incorrect fonts. In the printer will not accept claims as to the difference in color like colors on a variety of print materials without the customer approved color proof for each material. Proofing is done on-demand zakazchika.1. Digital media layouts printed products for print media are accepted for the following: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM. milar insights. The media should be kept only models, designed for printing with an application to the media their color or black and white raspechatok.2. File formats for printing large format printing Printing, as a rule, does not accept files available in the color models RGB, CMYK, Lab, HSB, HLS, YIQ and color palette PANTONE Solid Colors. Accepted for printing bitmap files in CMYK color model: Adobe Photoshop, TIFF – no compression, layers, alpha channels, paths, effects; CorelDraw 9-11, CDR – fonts in curves, without DROP Shadow, Lens, Blend and PowerClip; Adobe Illustrator, AI – attached to external bitmap images; EPS – fonts krivyh.3. Resolution poster, which will get a printing house, more than 10 m, it is necessary to increase the resolution by 10 times, and reduce the size by 10 times ** If your poster contains a bitmap text with lettering not less than 8 mm, their readability somewhat better at compound C-75%, M-68%, Y-67%, K-90% total percentage of CMYK colors other than black should not exceed 200% .5. Technological limitations for large-format printing technological limitations that should be taken into account when preparing files for large format printing are: the minimum text height 1.5 cm threshold in the colors of low intensity not less than 14%, the minimum thickness of the printed line (outline) for all print modes – 0.706 mm.

Interior Office Design

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Mobile structures used in the interior design of office space, play an important role – is not only a modern piece of interior design, the main point, namely that they can be used to ensure that every expert separate from other workplace. In this light design will not "strangle" the space, reflect light well and easily parted. The system allows mobile structures in an instant to turn individual jobs into one large meeting room, or vice versa – delimit office space for individual jobs. Modern mobile partitions – multifunction designs that are not used only for the zoning office. With their help you can 'hide' the building engineering services – heating or ventilation ducts – which are carefully hidden, but nevertheless easily accessible. At the base partitions is aluminum or steel profiles, through which mobile design always keeps the hardness, and thus it is easy to disassemble and assemble.

The panels themselves are made from different materials – laminated glass, frosted or tinted plexiglass and. For the opaque partitions using MDF panels, laminated chipboard. Using indoor mobile office partitions, you can always competent and, most importantly, floor space. With his personal workstation, which apart from a constant hum, as well as equipped with all necessary communications, your employee will be able to work in the relaxed atmosphere that several times to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Thanks to a truly impressive selection of colors and materials, mobile office panels can be selected to any interior design, and most importantly, no necessary for this purpose to do a full repair facilities. Mobile designs can be made 'to order' non-standard sizes, build countertops. In emergency situations the panel supplemented special floor stabilizing devices. The use of mobile partitions in an office environment will save you valuable time and storage space will make the job more professional functional, but, for example, modules made from a combination of glass, will help to feel part of the workforce.

Subscriber Service Technicians

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What is a subscription service of computer equipment? Subscription service is a regular diagnosis and prevention of your office equipment. Routine maintenance can prevent most of the possible problems and ensure smooth operation of the computer park. Being a long time on the market for providing these services, we can confidently say that it is much more efficient and more profitable than a one-time challenge the master. Specialist, who saw the first faulty equipment, the diagnosis may spend up to 50% required for troubleshooting. – Daily free advisory line Equipment – A utility company is already familiar with all the features of each computer unit maintained equipment, which also reduces the risk and downtime.

– Also, our specialist can regularly check your computer viruses, software malfunctions, clean registry Windows. Pros subscription service obsluzhivaniyDeshevle – since broken office equipment and prevention do not happen every day, and pay system administrator will have full-time – over 22 working dnya.Administratoru need to allocate a separate workplace and need a powerful kompyuter.Sistemny administrator – a man, he might get sick and go on vacation, the service center with you 365 days a year, no matter chto.Nayti specialist serving the office equipment that is equally well-versed in software, Internet, LANs, can configure the server to upgrade (upgrade) your computer, help with accounting work in the 1C and so on, probably impossible, or a specialist is a firm-wide revenue for the month. Passing the comprehensive subscription service, you will immediately see the difference between a regular call to the master and long-term cooperation with the time-tested partner. Highly qualified personnel could have a whole range of services in information technology and .