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Crisis Affects

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Simple suggestions and practices will prevent some dangers that intimidate their capital. Then, the main risks and recommendations. If it is disorganized in the administration of your home expenses or, simply, speeding at the time of an investment by minimum that is-, may be threatening its resources. Learn the distinction between necessity and desire will be essential so that it begins to organize the finances of its housing. Apart from food, shelter and clothing, cats of health, safety and transportation, among others, will be added to this type of basic economics. Most of the wishes are routed to the acquisition of objects in relation to its material quality. For example, the implementation of advanced technology in music players, computers, phones, has opened a new commercial world within consumer society. Threats an added value that must take into account is the way to make decisions.

Generally speaking, if it is rushed or not gives them the necessary time, your expenses are increase so that it will be difficult to control them. These conditions will realize, largely, whether or not it is a compulsive buyer. Likewise, it is advisable, before making any substantial purchase according to his economy, consult different people to ensure both the reliability and the practicality of the product. Avoid debts by way of prevention, the following is a list of simple tips to end keep him away from all sorts of economic crisis – staff-: plan obligations by means of deadlines to short and long range: based on the money that will spend a month and, in turn, averaging for weeks. Once know how much you can save, estimate the amount per every thirty days. Generally speaking, these projections include a year. Unexpected situations tend to destabilize its resources, therefore, must save at least five per cent of his salary. The budget of your home should be monthly and keep it written.

Grounds For Underdevelopment Distribyutorskih Organizations

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Logistics supply chain these days one of the directions of development of trading companies in Russia should be logistics. The main fundamental problem of logistics – the optimum inventory management, information and money flows to ensure the delivery of goods or services within a short time, to the destination and with minimal costs. Now in Russia this kind of enterprise development presented very poorly, due to lack of market powerful Western companies with their technology works and those difficulties they faced on the Russian market. However, international experience shows that the distribution takes on a fairly small segment of the West market – namely, not more than 10%. The majority of all functions performed by trade and distribution companies abroad, have made powerful logistics organizations that are able to cover the entire market in the country and ensure its development throughout the world.

Our backlog of leading western logistics companies can be expressed in numbers from 5 to 20 years. Lack of infrastructure (communications, Class A warehouse and so on); shortage necessary software and information technology; a very small presence in the market "long" funds and capital investments required for development of logistics organizations; lack of market specialists in this area; impressive part of the country and certain administrative barriers; insufficient demand for these services from major retailers and other organizations because of their underdevelopment. Over all estimates, the domestic market operates from 6000 to 10 000 different distribution companies. And in the slechae if they were soon rebuilt their work, many of them will simply disappear. Already on the market today in the Moscow region is a marked decrease in distribution companies due to their improper business policies and refusal of schemes of work imposed new economic realities. Now there are several basic ways in which corporations have gone distribution: road, rail and international shipping; warehouse service; Customs services and customs transaction support; consulting services; introduction of modern information technologies; time to market and promote new brands; merchandising services; delivery of products to HoReCa; development of its retail network; the creation of own brand; the creation of filling and labeling of structures today the costs of the trading corporation is quite large and consists mainly of 6-15% of turnover.

Information Business

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So, getting a page for page usage with a potential client develops the overall picture. But if you try it once to all the "booklet", then probability of success will drop back to 10%. For such a series of letters signed by a potential client amu and he expects to get a similar way from you some very valuable and free information on the interesting subject to him. Thus, step by step, a series of letters erases Distance and credibility of the potential client to the author of letters (of course, if a series of letters made up correctly and shows the professionalism of the author raised by the topic). 2. What to write his series of letters? In the words of L. Ron Hubbard – the goal of any living organism is to survive as well. People here are no exception, and the most vivid rule.

The better you survive, the better you feel feel and the more pleasure you get from life. So, everyone wants to survive as best as possible and of course he will always appreciate any information and assistance that will help him in some areas to survive better. Actually, the whole information business is built on the fact that people who have learned to be something better and , then draw up their experience in practical management and sell them to other people who strive for greater efficiency, and freedom in their lives. So the first thing each of you must determine what it is certainly better survival than most people around them.