Systemic Crisis

On the Crisis in Locomotive does not say just lazy. After a protracted series without winning, of course, there was talk about changing the head coach. But then there's the new president appeared at the club, which dissatisfied with the results. There are about something to think about. In place of Yuri Semin already predicting and Valery Gazzaev, Andrei Kobelev and even Byshovtsa Anatolia. Recently, these names have been added the name of Yuri Krasnozhan. Like, will finalize the season in Nalchik – and Lokomotiv.

Meanwhile, season Vladimir Maminov finish, as the acting, it is not the first time. There is still a pause in the championship, during which certainly will have a serious talk with Smorodsky Semin. And how they agree – is unknown. Especially, that is seeping into the press dissatisfaction with the same Semin why Odemwingie sold so early, why Ignatiev gone? Why do Kuzmin was allegedly sold at night. And in response, he receives the President of discontent: as necessary to account for football players who have come from and why 40 people can not choose 11 worthy? Such talk is not just to good will bring. Semin side – the fans, his regalia and the ability to win.

He proved his professionalism is needed. But newcomers president Smorodsky yet to win credibility and how it will come, as will defeat the very crisis that struck the locomotive – it depends a great deal. Begin with, will destroy, change coach – maybe throw the club even further. Able to prove himself a rational leader who is willing to compromise – it will give the result. For the crumbs of information that are digging out in the interview Semin, and the same Smorodsky, it is clear that on many levels and in many services the club, there are constant disruptions and nobody is ready yet to answer why. The organism, called a football club – works somehow. And we know how important in football all the details, right down to the smallest detail. After all, it builds up and eventually produces a result similar to what we see today in the locomotive.