Cisco Catalyst 3750-X 3560-X series main features: 24/48, 10/100/1000 PoE + and non-PoE models optionally four Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and two SFP uplinks 10 GbE SFP + network modules Industry first PoE + with 30W of power for all ports in one rack unit Two modular redundant power supplies and fans media access control security (MACSec) hardware encryption IPv4 and IPv6 routing, multicast routing, quality of service (QoS features), and security USB type-A and type-B ports for storage and out-of-band Ethernet management port. In addition to the above features, the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X so offer: StackPower: an innovative feature for the first time in the industry to share power among the members of the technology stack Cisco StackWise plus for ease use and resilience of 64 GB / s throughput investment protection with support for all other models in the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Switch all models can be configured with four optional modules GbE or two 10 GbE network modules. Models are available with base LAN or IP base feature set. In addition to IP-base and IP services feature, the Cisco Catalyst 3750-3560-X and 3750-X series are supplied with a new LAN base feature set. The role of three groups available to all Cisco Catalyst 3750-X, X 3560 series switches are the following: LAN Base: improving Intelligent IP services baseline: IP Services business services: Business services Cisco StackWise plus technology has built a great success, StackWise technology is a leader in the industry, which is a premium stacking architecture optimized for GbE. StackWise technology is designed to respond to additions, deletions while keeping the performance constant. Stack operates as a single switching unit that is managed by a master switch elected from the member switches. Master switch automatically creates and updates all the switching and optional routing tables. The working stack can accept new members or remove existing ones without service interruption.